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Alaska Memories



This was taken in the Tracy Arm, Alaska last year.  The glacier there is quite large like everything in Alaska.  We were lucky to hear and see pieces of the glacier fall into the bay.  What an incredible place!!   It’s another image I reworked.  I’m really noticing that I don’t like my older images.  lol.  Maybe I can rework some old ones while I recover.   🙂


Tracy Arm, Alaska

Tracy Arm, Alaska

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

116 thoughts on “Alaska Memories

  1. Beautiful Image. I’ll be there soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Alaska is one of four States that I have not been to – and it looks very beautiful in your image. Certainly reworking and/or sorting through and archiving images would be the thing to do during recovery. Nice rework Laura!

  3. We learn more tricks. Great image

  4. Oh Laura, that’s just stunning! The raw power of nature. What an amazing place to visit. My thoughts are with you for the operation and your recovery! I’ve been under the knife enough times myself now so I have an idea of how you’re feeling. It’s not the operations themselves that worry me so much as the recovery! As patient as I can be when photographing wildlife I am the most impatient patient 😉 Hopefully this will make the world of difference to your life and free you up from some of the pain! Good luck my friend x

    • Thank you so much Sarah. 🙂 It really is an incredible place that left a huge impression on me. And yes…sadly what you say is so true and I”m sorry you know this well. Ugh! I’m a very impatient patient as well. I hope it makes a difference for me too. Only a few more days now…

  5. This is breath taking.

  6. Beautiful Laura. I find myself doing the same thing. i go back to old images and am not please with the way they look and end up redoing them.

  7. I loved Alaska! Your photograph makes me feel as though I am there, again.

  8. Still on my bucket list and this shot moves it up the list. Glorious, Laura.

  9. You get a WOW from me, Laura. And why you don’t like your older images is beyond me. OK. So we are all growing, yes, but, see the beauty you created in that phase of your life, and LIKE it. Or, apply what you learned since then and create something NEW. (smile) Love, Amy

  10. Such a spectacular view, the clouds, mountains, and glacier… Great photo, Laura! Thank you for the post.

  11. Stunning capture! Wow!

  12. I think when you look back at old images you know have more knowledge and think, “I can edit this shot better”. I haven’t seen the original but this shot looks great.

  13. Beautifully dramatic! Love it!

  14. I do soooooo love your blog!! I do so love Alaska too! Thanks for visiting mine…going to go suck the marrow out of this most Beautimous day!!! ✌️

  15. That is really an amazing sight! And beautiful photo.

  16. That’s a very dramatic image Laura… really get a sense of massive scale

  17. Magnificent image, Laura!
    We want to go there. 🙂

  18. An impressive sense of… Hugeness.

  19. Beautiful memories indeed, Laura!

  20. Beautiful! Alaska is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever set foot in.

  21. A powerful image. I appreciate ‘reworked’ images and the skill they take – but I always prefer the natural original photo. The way of nature. My quirk. 🙂

  22. I’ve been going through all my old images one by one. Even ones that I, at first, trashed. Tastes do change!

  23. Great photo, Laura! Hope you are in a fast recovery! Take care, my friend! 🙂

  24. I wish you minimal discomfort and rapid healing, Laura. It’s no fun to be without full faculties, but it can be rewarding to be able to slow down for a while and review–and rework. I’m doing that, too. Take the rest you need, but please hurry back!

    • Thank you so much…I think I do need to slow down for awhile. Unfortunately it’s this way but in some ways it will be good for me. Good for you to review and rework! I have one more post scheduled for MMC but I won’t be around to comment. I’ll see you back soon….

  25. A beautiful piece Laura, original or tweaked a little it doesn’t detract from the scene.

  26. Gorgeous. Stunning etc etc ….. Hey guess who I met this morning?

  27. The clouds coming over the top of the mountain contrasted with the blue of the ice glacier is fantastic. While you might not like your older photos, we do. Keep posting them!

  28. One of the reasons I shoot in RAW is to give myself an opportunity later to rework shots with new software or more knowledge. Very nicely taken.

  29. I’m hoping to be able to visit Alaska some day. Hope everything goes as expected tomorrow for you.

  30. Nice! I’ve been here, my most amazing trip to date. I MUST visit again, this time venturing further north. It’s also populated with many, many extremely talented artists many of whom shared their creative process, inspiration, techniques etc. with me. Such a cool treat.

    • Thank you! I really loved it there…so majestic and expansive and beautiful. I’d like to go back too. And yes I did notice amazing art around. And I can see why with such inspirational surroundings.

  31. alaska is one of my dream vacation spots. hope to go someday.

  32. Beautiful, colorful, – and dramatic 🙂

  33. So beautiful.

  34. This image is wonderful! I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest surrounded by mountain ranges and forests yet I still crave adventure when I view images of other beautiful places. I keep reminding myself not to grow complacent about the beauty that surrounds me. Finding and sharing that beauty with others is the primary purpose for my blog. Thanks for sharing your part of paradise.

    • Thank you so much Bob. I really appreciate you being moved to make these comments. I’m in the bay area but I know what you mean about the Pacific Northwest. It’s just incredibly beautiful there! I couldn’t BELIEVE the incredible beauty and majesty of Alaska. It absolutely blew me away.

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