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Sunset From the Back Deck


The other night my husband and I were sitting out on our back deck enjoying the view when I decided to get my camera and use whatever lens was already on it to take some pictures.  Low and behold my macro lens was on.  Shocking I know, lol.

Since my movement is quite limited at the moment, I took pictures from my chair and never moved except for the direction I was pointing the camera.  It was kind of fun and challenging.

It’s taken me a few days to get to the images, but here they are.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

121 thoughts on “Sunset From the Back Deck

  1. Wonderful. Especially the second one.

  2. So… This is what paradise looks like! Beautiful…

  3. Glad to hear you are getting better and again taking stunning photographs!

  4. Amazing sunsets Laura, so beautiful 😀

  5. I love the mood and colors!

  6. Breath Taking 😀 😀 😀
    The limitation creates the Master!
    Herman 😉 (that ‘cool guy’ remember)

  7. Wow, fantastic photos! The colors are excellent. Glad you are doing better now. 😊

  8. The second shot is especially dramatic, but I also like the muted tones of your fourth photograph.

  9. Wow…you got these images with a macro lens!! Just gorgeous.

  10. Hey Laura .. Your photos are always amazing .. My fav is the last one! All moody and gorgeous. Hope you are feeling better 🙂

  11. Great views you have! Perfect for recuperation 🙂 Love all the shapes and tones in the skies!

  12. That’s the way to rise to a challenge. Keep up the good recovery work, and continue to keep your camera handy!

  13. Beautiful. There is no view behind my house.

    • Thank you. We are very lucky and I am in love with our view. Every morning and evening, we go out and sit and listen to the myriad of birds and drink in the view. Thanks Ron.

  14. I’m really glad you’re on the road to recovery, Laura. I’m sure images like this are helping you heal, they are beautiful. 🙂

  15. Your back deck is stunning! I love the clouds in these photographs, I think the last one is my favourite and I’m very glad to hear you are getting better 🙂

  16. I will never get tired of sunset or sunrise, they offer tge best colors

  17. Hello you. So glad to see you with camera in hand again and feeling a bit better.
    Gorgeous sunset and beautiful captures. I love the challenge you gave yourself here. Always fun 🙂

  18. Amazing Girl! Your photos make my heart smile! 💜

  19. Very pretty. I have taken portraits once before with a macro lens. I loved how it cropped in.

    • Thank you 🙂 I love using that macro lens! Maybe not my favorite for distance shots but it’s still such a fabulous lens. And yes, for portraits I have seen it works beautifully!

  20. These are gorgeous, Laura. I am so happy for you that you are with your camera again!!!! Love, Amy

  21. PS (smile) So you are understanding that you can use a macro lens for other then closeup. So am I! xx Amy

    • Oh yes…I actually love this lens. I think I’m addicted! 🙂

      • LOL So am I!!!! I prefer my macro lens over any of my other lenses! Tee hee …. Did you HDR these photos, Laura! They are astounding how they look!! I wish I knew how to make some of my photos look like this. Love, Amy *sigh* SO much more to learn …..

        • No HDR believe it or not. But lots of tweaking. They might not be my best because, after all, I am severely under the influence LOL.

          • No, Laura, these are awesome!! I mean it!! The colors in them and the absolute clarity are stunning! If you are under the influence, it does not show in the least. I’m glad you showed these photos and I am even happier that you are doing what you LOVE ….. being attached to your camera.:-)

          • Aww thank you! My husband got about two weeks of me not talking about photography hahahaha….whew, I’m cracking up !!

          • ROFLMAO! My husband has given up! Hehehehehehe Every chance I get I’m talking WP or photography. Too funny. He no longer is trying to change the status quo!! Tee hee …… I asked him to join me by buying another camera body, but um no, he won’t, so hey his loss. He really is a talented photographer, Laura. He has it in his head he must do all these repairs on the house (God bless him!) instead of having some FUN. Men! Need I say more???? GRIN!

          • I’m doing my best to have a better balance because sometimes it really is too much. I found that out after he gave me a dose of his own medicine when he nonstop talked about golf for hours. lol

          • Um, I’m learning to be quiet and just “succumb” to the man talk. Hehehehehe Keeps the peace that way better. 🙂 Besides I talk here SO much anyways. LOL (((HUGS)))

  22. Hope your paw feels a bit better and less swollen… Then you can bound about the Bay Area!

  23. Wonderful to see that your recuperation hasn’t daunted your creativity; glorious photos. Best wishes for your ongoing recovery 🙂

  24. What a cool idea. Hope your recovery is moving along and that before you know it you’ll be chasing the pictures once again.

  25. Sweet and dreamy, Laura. 🙂 No way could I pick the best.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to you, Uncle Tree

  26. Atmospheric! I like # 4 best with #5 a close second. Get well soon.

  27. Great chair! Good photographer also. 🙂

  28. so dramatic.
    hope things are going really well with the recovery.

  29. Great as always. I actually think that being restricted helps creativity.

  30. Already close to 100 comments… Wow! I like the “panorama” and the fact that you feel enough better to get the old trust lens out again.

    • Geez…I hadn’t even realized there were that many comments until you mentioned it. Half are probably me responding though. 🙂 Thank you for your kind comment on my photo!

  31. Lovely! Hey, let me know if you ever decide to sell your house.

  32. What a beautiful view! Glad you were out enjoying it with camera in hand. The results are gorgeous.

  33. Lovely images, Laura. Lucky you had your camera in hand, despite the lens. These photos look like paintings. So many colours swirling around together, looks like a colourful milkshake in the sky 🙂

  34. Wonderful sunsetimpressions

  35. You can’t even move and yet you are able to take better sunsets than I am capable of taking? That’s it. I quit!

  36. Ah, the surprising versatility of a macro lens. Great work on these sunset shots.

  37. What a great idea for a challenge (even though it was forced). The colours are great.

  38. Such lovely shots. I really love them! Macro lens might be the way for us to go in the future. Thanks for mentioning that.

  39. Lovely Laura and glad you’re doing well.

    • Thank you Edith! Hmm…have you done your big post broken up into smaller ones? I have been awful about following regularly because of the difficulty in sitting in my chair with the computer. By the time I process an image or two I’m done! Ping me back with the link if you have. I’d love to read it!! Thank you so much.

  40. Beautiful shots Laura. Hope your personal “fog” is lifting a bit. Good to have you back at it 🙂

  41. Did you mention the focal length of the macro lens? I am curious.

    • I’m not sure your question? I can’t see but what you typed. What do you mean? I used my macro lens to shoot these photos which is a prime lens, fixed focal length of 105mm.

  42. I do love sunsets (and sunrises). Thank you for sharing your beautiful views.

  43. God bless you, Laura! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and panorama though you are quite limited at the moment due to your condition. 🙂

  44. Wow, they’re beautiful! Reminds me of scenes from Lord of the Rings.

  45. I adore that last photo! Just how close are you to the golf course? I hope you have some thick windows!

  46. I’m sooo glad you were able to capture the tropical clouds that floated over that day Laura. And I’m also excited that you’re getting back into your photography and wonderful processing after your surgery. Welcome back PB 🙂

  47. My my!Its breathtakingly beautiful!

  48. beautiful sky.

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