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In Flight – Monochrome Madness


This week I dove into my archives and found an image I hadn’t worked on and thought I’d see what I could come up with.  And no, I did not dive in the pike position.  😛

My husband and I were walking along the beach at Half Moon Bay and we saw a flock of seagulls standing along the shoreline.  They were perfectly content to stand there as we walked by, but I really wanted the birds in flight, so my husband gave them a mean look……….just kidding!  LOL.  My husband actually jogged through the flock so they would take off in flight and I fired off a few shots.  We were just helping them work off their breakfast.  🙂

I’ve seen these gulls all my life but I’m not exactly sure what constitutes the darker-color except they could be younger.  I know the adults have the whiter face, neck and breast, but I’m honestly not quite sure whether these are a totally different type of gull.  If there are any birders out there in Word Press Land who could give me a positive identification, that’s be great!

Please check out Leanne Cole’s blog later for the entire gallery.

Seagulls In Flight

Seagulls In Flight




Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

74 thoughts on “In Flight – Monochrome Madness

  1. Beautiful capture Laura, well timed, I love it 🙂

  2. Very nice. I love pictures of birds in flight and you captured these guys at a great point.

  3. Could see this in an exhibition easy 🙂

  4. Fabulous shot! Love your treatment of the image too. Hello 🙂

  5. Well, the seagulls near me always pick up scrap (junk) food off the ground, so making them work it off is doing them a favour otherwise they’ll get too fat! 😀

  6. There were quite a few of them…you could have playing the part of Tippi Hedren in this one 🙂 Nice shot from the archives!

  7. This is a great find Laura. Love the motion depicted in your capture. Bravo!

  8. Beautiful picture! Hope your knee is doing well!

  9. Wow, what a capture!!! In flight, love it, Laura!

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  11. White healing light coming to you:) How’s the paw? Hopefully less pain…

  12. Very appropriate, Laura, as summer too prepares to take flight yet again.

  13. The photo has such a dream-like quality, almost like a vision from Manannan mac Lir. Lovely execution, thank you very much for sharing 🙂 And a thank you to your helpfully-jogging husband as well! 😀

  14. Reblogged this on Click And Color and commented:

  15. Just Love this, Laura. Your editing techniques just keep on getting better and better. Love, Amy

  16. Laura, you do so well at this.

    I am reminded of a shopping mall near where we used to live that had the seagulls in the parking lot all the time. Someone told me they keep coming back to wetlands where they are used to breeding and that mall must have been built on such a place. Sure enough… a few years later, the buildings began to crack and show signs of deterioration. Obviously the lake or whatever it was must not have been filled in properly by the builder. The buildings have been abandoned for a while now and still the poor birds come.

    • Thank you for the compliment and sharing that observation. It’s an amazing story about instinct isn’t it. It’s the same thing as humans though….through all natural disasters, we still stay and rebuild.

  17. This is such a great photo Laura, I love it! 🙂

  18. The dusty brown gulls are young birds that will progress to the grey white feathers when they become an adult. Nice action in this shot, really brings it alive.

    • Thanks Ben…I thought that was the case but I wasn’t sure. You’d think I would be sure having lived amongst seagulls all my life! Thanks for the compliment on the action too. I like that I created it…or my husband did lol.

  19. Another magnificent shot .. None of that pike stuff either Laura 🙂

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    mysterious flock ~ ominous weather ~ wonderful capture!

  22. Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds came to mind – the dark mood, flock of them, the intensity of the picture. Great editing and capture.

  23. Wonderful shot Laura, and yes, a little help from your photo assistant doesn’t hurt sometimes.

  24. You’ve got to love the helpers we have in life hey dear? Bless your husband. He cooks, cleans and chases seagulls. What more could you want in a man? 😛

  25. it’s interesting with this vintage look of the shot. kinda like ‘a look into the past’ sort of picture.

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