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Olive Bokeh


The other night I was sitting out on the back deck enjoying the view during a beautiful early evening.   As I looked off in the distance, I noticed reflections from the sun bouncing off a row of car windows.  Fortunately I had my 28-300mm lens on my camera, so I decided to focus on the olive branch on our deck making sure I kept the car windows in my frame.

I love bokeh!

Olive Bokeh

Olive Bokeh


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

67 thoughts on “Olive Bokeh

  1. Excellent shot, Laura. Well done. Just by looking at the photo, I wouldn’t have guessed that there lights were reflections off car windows. And love how the sunlight gently falls on the olive branch too. Perfect natural lighting. Hope you’re resting and well, Laura 🙂

  2. You have made your back deck a magical place. Lovely!

  3. So nice Laura, so crisp and clean! 🙂

  4. Who said you can’t take quality pictures even when you’re recuperating and confined to home? Great shot.

  5. I need to experiment with bokeh. You use a special bokeh lens, right?

  6. This image would have been very flat and uninteresting if you didn’t see the value of those bokeh reflections in the background.

  7. I love the beauty of Simplicity. Great shot. Thank you for reminding me of it and sharing it Laura. -Max-

  8. So glad you noticed and shared with us. 🙂

  9. Bokeh being used at its best, adding an extra sense of depth to an image. Nice work.

  10. Ahhh Bokeh, a great word and incredible effect. This is a beautiful image, well done!

  11. Great catch, Laura! Always on the lookout for the next fab photo…

  12. Good eye and capture. I hope you are continuing to progress toward full mobility.

  13. Superb, Laura!!! I love the way you framed this image! Just yesterday I saw the light from the setting sun and used those lights, just like you did with the reflecting light, for my bokeh. You’ll see it soon, I promise. It makes the rose I was shooting look as though it is reaching for the light. Awesome stuff!! I’ve been concentrating more on bokeh then the actual image lately, looking for geometry and highlights. It looks like YOU are doing the same thing. LOL Like minds and all ….. Very cool! 🙂 (((HUGS))) Amy

    • haha funny….we are bokeh hunters!

      • LOL I had coined it “geometric macro”. Hehehehehehe This is too funny because a lot of photographers don’t like bokeh. I make sure mine is soft, not harsh, as I see you do too. I’ve seen bokeh that is not very good, just too harsh. The softness and the “geometry” I see is now what I look for to complete the main focus. My painting a canvas, so to speak. I really LOVE what you are doing, Laura!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

        • Thank you so much Amy. I love bokeh too although I think I like all kinds depending on the shot. And yes yes, painting a canvas! 😀

          • I’ve got some “different style” ones coming up probably tomorrow. I have to see how I feel. I’ve been on and off under the weather. Bugs! It is so not like me not to be blogging, but I am not. So we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Just doing the post was a bit more then I could handle. Peeking in on my notifications and answering as they come in. That’s about it, Laura. Crossing fingers I will be up and going tomorrow. (((HUGS))) Amy

          • Oh yeah I meant to say I hope you feel better very soon!!!!

          • Thank you, Laura!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

  14. Brilliant photo so well composed….

  15. Bokeh and bokeh done well are two very different things…thankfully, your shot falls into the latter category. Very nice image capture from your deck Laura!

  16. Who knew car windows could be so pretty. 🙂

  17. Great shot Laura. I really like the reflections in the background balances it beautifully.

  18. You have quite the view. Nice image

  19. Lovely image Laura……works really well 😊

  20. hope the recovery is going really well.

  21. absolute art in photography Laura!! what an eye!!! Hope you are mending well!! I’m still on the road in Ireland!!

  22. So very, very cool. Love your bokeh dear. 🙂

  23. It takes a great eye to find this shot and you certainly have that. Beautiful and creative photo.

  24. Laura, I love bokeh too. Thank you for teaching me that word. Your picture is an excellent example of it.

    Blessings as you rest ~ Wendy ❀

  25. It could be the label for a bottle of high-end virgin olive oil.

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