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Journey of a body on this earth

Somebody Loves Me! :)


This image was created from a macro shot of some flowers my husband brought me.

My husband has been so incredibly wonderful while I’ve been recovering from this knee replacement.  He brings me flowers, cooks my meals, brings me little surprises, and is there for me when I have my bad days to lift my spirits.  I’m not quite sure what I would do without him.  So thank you honey for taking care of me.  🙂


White Roses

White Roses

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

74 thoughts on “Somebody Loves Me! :)

  1. You have a fantastic marriage!

  2. Have a good recovery, Laura!

  3. That’s beautiful Laura … he sounds like a top guy. But you know what? I reckon you deserve it 🙂

  4. Beautiful image, Laura! 🙂

  5. Beautiful roses, Laura. Hope you are soon recovered. 🙂 Sylvia

  6. Beautiful photos. I hope the recovery continues well.

  7. u r so lucky.
    such a soft image.

  8. What an elegant image! Your husband is a keeper!

  9. How sweet! He is a keeper!

  10. So nice that you thank him here… mow we know you have a good man…. hope the bionic knee is up and normal soon…

  11. Beautiful image Laura. Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙂

  12. Beautiful flowers and shot, Laura. I hope the flowers smelt great. What a lucky girl you are, your husband going all out to make sure you feel like you’re on top of the world 🙂

  13. Such a wonderful husband! 🙂 I hope your recovery is going well Laura. Beautiful roses, what a lovely “dreamy” photo!

  14. Beautiful shot and yes, it is during difficult times when a true partner shines.

  15. I hope for a successful recovery.

  16. I am sure MANY love you. 🙂 these are so delicate and lovely…

  17. The photo of the roses are absolutely beautiful and reflects the tenderness, sweetness, and love from your hubby. Thank you for sharing.
    Get well soon, Laura!

  18. A beautiful homage to your husband. Sounds like you have the best partner! Otherwise I hope you will have a smooth recovery. Wish you all the best.

  19. Beautiful. Wonder example of how depth of field can make an image so appealing – foreground in focus and the soft focus in the background.

  20. A soft and delightful photo Laura 🙂 I’m glad you have a hubby who sounds as great as my Simon is! He’s baking at the moment 😀

  21. I do… what a lovely atmosphere in this photo

  22. What a beautiful tribute! Another stunning photo from you.

  23. I thought they were pink roses at first. I love the editing you have done to create such a beautiful and soft image. And you are such a wonderful person. How could hubby not spoil you?
    That reminds me. One day I should share the photo I took of the roses I was given on my birthday. 🙂

  24. aww what a beautiful gift 🙂 this is late but hope your knees are feeling better…for some reason your blog had not been showing up on my reader, but glad to have come here and see the beautiful photos I had missed ❤ ❤ Feel Better!

  25. What a good guy Laura! He’s a keeper 🙂
    Beautiful flowers from your lovely man and a stunning image!

  26. Christian husbands are a gift from God. I am blessed with one too.

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