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Coneflower Good-Bye


As fall envelopes us with its cooler evenings and the fog rolls in off the bay more often, our flowers are fading away till springtime.  I’ll miss seeing them because they are so fun to photograph and are so colorful and perky.  Yes, some flowers are perky to me.  🙂

Coneflower Good-Bye

Coneflower Good-Bye


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

67 thoughts on “Coneflower Good-Bye

  1. Looks like we are both saying good by and prepared to miss something. 🙂 This is a beautiful capture!

  2. Beautiful image. I love how you’ve captured this flower. It is almost hypnotic with the green swirl swir, swi, sw, s…………

  3. A killing frost comith. Nice photo as always. 🙂

  4. oh wow!! that’s electric!! wonderful again!!

  5. Hey Laura, I adore flowers. I have them planted in my veg gardens for colour, cheer and those beneficial insects. Yay

  6. So gorgeous. I love this. And, I love your macro lens.

  7. I understand the perky flower as there are also sedate flowers – very nice capture, sorry to seem them go as well.

  8. That is one beautiful flower…. And made even nicer by a talented photographer.

  9. Dearest coneflower.
    I shall miss you 🙂

  10. and this one definitely perky… lovely capture…

  11. Wonderful pattern and colors.

  12. Fabulous, Laura. These colors look surreal. Wow! Love, Amy

    • Thank you! I’m loving this Macro lens!

      • I love my macro lens too, Laura. I’ve not been using it, trying to get used to my other lenses and feeling like I do them as I do my macro. Big adjustment. And I am not having a whole lot of luck with my Autumn pics. Trying again today. Hmmmm…. Usually when I PLAN I don’t get anything. When I don’t PLAN that is when the magic happens. I am just grrrrrrr’ing right now. But still smiling. Love, Amy

        • Well the magic is the fact that you have those beautiful leaves! We don’t have that here. I love them, so keep shooting!

          • Again today I attempt to do so, Laura. I’ve gotten some, but not as many as I would like. Life has been too busy for me to be able to relax. Perhaps that is the reason I have having struggles. OK! Off I go again to see what I can do. For real, these puter problems I have been having lately just leave me wanting to scream, I QUIT! And dealing with “other stuff”. I turn to Mother in a park I know, to get Centered and drink in the beauty. (((HUGS))) Amy

  13. This is just gorgeous, the vivid colors, patterns. great macro.

  14. So pretty! Hope your knee is doing well!

  15. As others have said before … This is SO much more than perky !! It is awesome and electric Laura! Thank you 🙂

  16. I don’t think I have ever seen a cornflower in these colours. Simply gorgeous.

  17. I must admit that it is a very unusual flower. So pretty in a different kind of way.

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