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Getting to Know – Noir


Lately I’ve been looking at more black and white photography to see what others see.  I consider myself someone who works primarily in color but I really adore black and white and I love it even more when it’s someone who is unique and talented like Gavin from Noir.

I asked Gavin if he’d be interested in doing one of my interviews and he graciously accepted.  The first thing I was attracted to is the “apparent” simplicity of his work, but the more I saw it, the more I realized what a great eye he has and how he uses light in such a great way.  The images have a sort of “smoothness” about them that I just love.  I asked Gavin to pick the photos he’d like to share with you, leaving me one pick.  I know you will all wonder which one I picked but hey, a bit of mystery is kind of fun don’t you think?  Gavin is like no one else I’ve seen and I hope you enjoy the way he sees our world as much as I do.

Interview with Gavin from Noir:

1)  What part of the world do you call home?

Australia. (South Australia – Adelaide City)

2)  How long have you been taking photos and what inspired you to start photography?

June 2009.  Before this I had no interest in photography.  I was a victim of crime (at the time) and needed to get evidence for police.  My mobile phone took crap photos so I bought a cheap point and shoot camera, about $120.  I soon discovered I enjoyed it and had a flare for it as well.  I soon started taking pictures of rust and anything “grungy”.  This is what became my ‘trademark’ sedge808 for several years.  I then got a bit sick of rust and branched out into street photography and night photography.  Several friends were disappointed about my lack of rust, but that’s life.

3)  What do you try to convey with your photography, either in style and/or emotion?

My blog is called Noir mostly because it’s primary content is black & white photography.  But I also wanted to convey ‘film noir’ style to my photography…As you will see many post titled ‘light & shadow’.  This is not always easy to do with every post, but it is what I strive for.  Light & Shadow Post

4)  If you had to choose one lens, which one would it be and why?

I use both a Carl Zeiss lens & prime Canon lenses, but I would love to use Leica lenses.  This would be my choice if I had the money.

5)  Tell us a fun fact about yourself that has nothing to do with photography, but you’d like people to know.

I’m actually rather an eccentric person. Some call me odd, strange, nervous, dark etc. (So most people either accept it or not. There is no in-between).  So knowing me is knowing how silly I can be, and how much fun I like to have.  I’m doing my best to ‘grow up’ but it has taken me time to do so.  They say that abuse & trauma tends to ‘set’ the age of the person in time…so I’m probably still a teenager.  So if you like having fun and being silly, we will probably get on well *:) happy


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

49 thoughts on “Getting to Know – Noir

  1. I am primarily a B&W guy who stumbled into colour

  2. Thank you for sharing this – his work is wonderful.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Leanne…Gavin has a great eye for shapes and shadows…I’m off on a trip to Noir….. 🙂

  4. amazing work! thank you for introducing him.
    these shots were taken with passion and tenderness

  5. Thanks for sharing Laura. Great images. I love black and white

  6. Excellent post, Great photos.

  7. I think it is the graphic element of most of the images that I like which draw me into his works. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I started in B & W so I really appreciate your great shots.

  9. I can see how you can be inspired by Gavin, Laura. Really nice work and super interview.

  10. Fabulous intro Laura. Gavin’s work makes me think of Max Dupain’s photography. Im off to visit. Thank you 🙂

  11. thank you Laura.
    Such an honor.
    Hugs, Gavin.

  12. This was a great interview and maybe you should do more… his work is fascinating, but as you know I am primary a colour photog specially for my birds… great post…

    • Thanks much! I’ve done a few of these but only maybe 3 or 4. I’m also mostly color although I do the MMC every week. I love your blog…don’t change a thing! 😀

  13. I love when you introduce someone who is new to me, it’s so great to look at the world through other people’s lenses. Thank you.

  14. wonderful work Laura!! Like you I have become quite enamoured of Mono!! Thanks for introducing Gavin.

  15. And you do black and white so well! I love your keen eye for contrast and texture!

  16. Great Pictures!!! I love black and white pics 🙂

  17. Thanks for the introduction Laura to Gavin’s work. It’s wonderfully creative and very theatrical. 🙂

  18. I like many of his photos and his use of line and light. 🙂

  19. The gentleman’s work is excellent. Thank-you for your help in letting us get to know him, and we’ll see you soon.

  20. his black and white pics are simple awesome.

  21. Great interview with a great photographer. 🙂

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