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Enlightenment – Monochrome Madness


My first big outing since my surgery was north of the Golden Gate on Sunday.  After we were greeted by the colorful pelican (from yesterday’s post), we went to Rodeo Beach.  It was a gorgeous day!

Many photos have been taken of the unique rock formations at this beach, but I knew I couldn’t walk that far on the sand with my knee the way it is…at least not yet.   So I started looking at what else I could come up with.  The funny thing is that often I am looking out in the distance for an image rather than right in front of me.  I think my macro has taught me to look closer.  🙂

For the entire gallery, please check Leanne Cole’s blog later today.



Please check out Leanne Cole’s blog later for the entire gallery.


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

77 thoughts on “Enlightenment – Monochrome Madness

  1. Great shot Laura, I love the way the path leads you into the image. Glad to hear you are on the mend 🙂

  2. Great monochrome image – Your words ring true as well, sometimes we are so focused on what’s in the distance, we do not see what is right in front of us.

  3. This is such a well composed photo..? Glad you are getting around more….

  4. Composition, depth, tone, and tiny person on the smooth horizon, make for a wonderful photo. Big like. 🙂

  5. Excellent!

  6. Interesting figure at the end of the path. Nice BW image

  7. I responded to your photograph with, Oh now there’s a mystery.” Which then sent me into mystery solving mode. Which then gave me a new story to write. Thanks!

  8. Very effective lead in to the distant subject, Laura

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  10. Great capture! So happy you were able to get some fresh air. The path is highlighted beautifully and I LOVE the silhouette of your husband too. Beautiful!!

  11. Lovely Laura – I love the mood of this image.

  12. This is a fabulous shot!

  13. You drive thru that tunnel right? Hey what a great day to go out!

  14. Great shot…..fantastic moody light

  15. I liked being led up this path Laura 🙂
    Very lovely monochrome !

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  17. Love this shot laura!! Fantastic 😊

  18. Very nice work, absolutely beautiful as perspective and work on the light! well done

  19. wonderful shot- it has a powerful story feel to it!!

  20. sending healing NRG to your knee 🙂

  21. Great shot, Laura! That in your face leading line just drags me right through the image to the silhouette of your husband, lol! It gives me the feeling that if I don’t get in there in a hurry I might get left behind…

  22. I really like this photo Laura its so wonderful. I want to go down that path, almost running to the man at the end, its haunting and magical and just perfect. Love the texture of the path highlighted with the lights 🙂

  23. What an incredible capture Laura, so beautiful! 🙂

  24. Awesome perspective, Laura. Incredibly powerful. Love, Amy

  25. A truly stunning image Laura… Beautiful capture.
    Wish I was right there!

  26. Great shot Laura as always. As in your photo, I usually find that where ever it is I am going there is no path, so I forge my own. Take care and be well. -Max-

  27. Stunning image- walking to the edge of the world!! I am a great believer in paths!!

  28. Great fine photo – brilliant composed with this man out there in the backlight …..

  29. Stunning! I love how the silhouette is the focus point even though it’s the furthest object 🙂

  30. That’s a great shot Laura, take care of that knee, and we’ll view you soon.

  31. the stand-alone man is a great focal point addition to this picture.

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