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Coneflower Convert – Monochrome Madness


Photo manipulation is so handy for me in two ways.

Number One, I can create art through photoshop.  Hurray!   For centuries people have been painting and drawing and now that the digital age is upon us and photoshop (or some variation of editing software) is on most people’s computers, we can now let our imagination fly with pixels!

Number Two, when I haven’t been out to take a picture for this challenge, I dig through my previous shots to see what I can convert to monochrome lol.

For the entire gallery, please check Leanne Cole’s blog later today.

Monochrome Coneflower

Monochrome Coneflower


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

100 thoughts on “Coneflower Convert – Monochrome Madness

  1. Nice job Laura, A very artistic effect. I’ve been doing some Photoshop stuff myself lately. Its amazing what can be done with the right tools and some creativity 🙂

    • Thanks Eddie! I know a lot of tricks and putting them together now …. having that “ah-ha” moment is kinda fun. 🙂

      • Cool, I have only had one or two of those moments to date, and am only scratching the surface on what these various software suites can do. My editing is really basic, but as they say ‘its the journey and not the destination that matters’ Perhaps one day though I might get to master some of your mad wizard skills in the digital darkroom 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on HUNGRY CUPCAKE. and commented:
    It’s so nice ❤

  3. I really like this

  4. Big wow.
    Yes. Love editing software.

  5. this is awesome! not only is it my favorite flowers, but that it is monochrome just elevates it a whole different level. this would look great about 5′ x 5′ on my wall.

    • Why thank you so much! I noticed that I need to redo it so that the black goes around all the edges but I didn’t have time. If you really want it, you can purchase it off my website…when I finish it that is lol. It’s up there now but it’s this version. I was thinking of getting one myself! Anyway, I didn’t want to ignore you if you wanted it. Just contact me via the link at the top of my blog if you do. No worries if you don’t!

  6. I really like this. There’s a sense of motion. I think I could stare at this for too long.

  7. Looks quite like solar flares in a nearby galaxy 🙂
    A real beauty of a shot and I do like the way you have handled the processing.

    • Oh that’s interesting. It does have a celestial feel. Thanks Robert. I’ve been out and about lately and am backlogged in blogs. Sorry if I appear aloof because that is not my intention.

      • As long as you are doing well – that is all that matters – I don’t take anything personally – I know all too well how things (other than the blog) crop up – you’re my pal and I know you will get to things when you can. Often it is all I can do to get a post up on some days 🙂

  8. Beautiful capture of the Fibonacci Sequence! Lovely!

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  10. now your imagination can fly! As a keen photoartist I know that purists disdain but it still takes a quality shot to start with – as with this. The flower is seemingly spinning for joy ❤

  11. I commend the original image, Laura. No matter the capabilities of PS, if the original composition is not interesting PS can’t make it better.

  12. Amazing! Looks like it’s pulsating.

  13. Laura, this image put my Heart up in my throat. It is GORGEOUS!!! I “envy” you your knowledge of PS. I am studying LR5 right now, slowly heading over to PSCC. Count yourself very fortunate that you have the time to put into learning. Getting back to this image …. honestly, Laura, it is incredible!!! Stunning stunning stunning!!! Love, Amy

  14. I love this shot! Very abstract! The monochrome gives it a 3D feel. I can almost feel it move as well!

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  16. Unbelievable Laura. Just amazing macro work. Love the focal point. Wow…

  17. A great shot. Thanks for the view.

  18. A beautiful rendered flower. Yes, it’s hard to imagine how it would be without Photoshop or any other picture editing program these days, isn’t it!

  19. MesmerIsing. Gorgeous and stunning!
    I love the movement you’ve created in this ‘still’ flower Laura.
    Coneflowers are so intricate and interesting.

  20. Beautiful! The sharpness and dream-like blur make a lovely contrast.

  21. Very clever, Laura! You should have titled it Vortex…it just spins you around and sucks you in!

  22. Hi Laura, this is lovely work, I too am torn between the “pure” photography and the digital art we can create from our images. Your might be interested in reading a little about Pictorialism
    it seems the photographers have been torn between the two ideas since the beginning!!!
    once again I love this image the fine detail in the middle, and the soft delicate leaves whisping about!

  23. Wow….stunning….draws me right in!

  24. Very nice editing. Like the motion of the petals agains the center.

  25. There is also a little trick of the eye as whenever I first look at this or click it appears to move outward!! Or is that just me. Any way it’s a wonderful process you have done.

  26. Now, I love me a good coneflower – but you’ve turned a simple coneflower into spinning monochrome fireworks! Awesome. 8^)

  27. Love the deft artistic touch demonstrated in your image…I like that you produced is a B & W image.

  28. Laura, this image is INSANE! I love it… but it also makes me a touch nauseous 🙂

  29. Love it. Wonderful image.

  30. This is simply fabulous!! Wonderful art Laura!!

  31. This is stunning – you did a fantastic job creating this!!!

  32. WOW! I am in love with this shot!

  33. i really like this. the fact that it is black and white helps to bring out the details of the middle part of the coneflower.

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