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Journey of a body on this earth

Autumn Theater


A drive to our local park proved to be a theatrical event!  At least through my viewfinder it was.  This shot was done in LR and no Photoshop was used.  I think this is my equivalent of saying “The objects in this mirror are closer than they appear.”  😀

Autumn Theater

Autumn Theater


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

49 thoughts on “Autumn Theater

  1. Beautiful image, great title!

  2. I love the warm tones in this image. The leaves are so detailed for being so “far away”. I LOVE fall!!

  3. I LOVE the simplicity in this image, Laura. I adore the way you highlighted these leaves to make them really stand out. YOU just encouraged me because I have decided to learn LR before the majority of PSCC. Yes, I am familiar with PS but not CC. Since I have just one brain, and that one I am not too sure of some days, my main focus is LR5. Thank you for confirming for me what I chose! You’re the best! (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Thank you Amy and I’m so glad you are encouraged. Honestly, I knew not one thing about photoshop some years ago nor a camera. Googling was my best friend haha. I think it’s a great idea to start with LR. And LR is a fantastic way to organize your photos too and now I can’t imagine my workflow without it. And again, if you ever have a question, I’d be happy to try and help! Thank you for liking the image. 🙂

      • I know already how to organize my photos in LR. YAY! That is the system I am going to keep throughout. My app on my iPad is LR Mobile and this is how I have gotten a taste of LR5. So with book in hand, I learn. I like the way PS crops, but I will give LR a try. We all have to start somewhere, now don’t we. I really appreciate your offer of help and I just may take you up on it. I also haven’t been ignoring your email, Laura. Life got crazy again yesterday and day before. I’ve been down at that magic place of the creek today to get my Peace of Mind back. Frozen toes today, LOL. Snow and cold. I brought along my iPad and yes I got a few of today. Then my battery was too low to support my camera in my iPad. But, at least I got a few. 🙂 xx Amy

  4. Bravo and encore 😉
    This little leaf taking centre stage is gorgeous Laura .

  5. Nice bit of color in the dark area – plus just the right amount in focus (and out)…I hope you gave nature a standing ovation!

  6. Love the simple but effective image, Laura

  7. A wonderful composition from an obviously talented composer. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Centre stage we have fall colours .. A glowing performance!

  9. Beautiful soliloquy, no words required.

  10. Is that poison oak? Leafs of three let them be..

  11. One of the reasons I keep coming back here is that I love your great big balloon. Just thought you should know I’m not stalking you…I’m stalking your balloon. : )

    • hahahaha That made me laugh. Thank you! I liked that balloon too and it’s why I never change it. I gave my husband a birthday present to ride in a balloon over Napa Valley and I took this before we lifted off. 🙂

  12. I’m picturing you literally driving through the park to capture this beauty. 🙂
    Very nice Laura.

  13. I love the focus. I will call it “Just you.”

  14. Stunning photo, Laura. I don’t know how you spotted that, it looks quite small. You must have very sharp eyes 🙂 Looks like it’s one of those last, lonely autumn leaves. Hope you’re keeping warm.

  15. its beautiful!! so effective, the small red leaves against the bokeh and green!!

  16. This is art! I love this picture!

  17. I’m pretty sure this is poison oak…I hope you didn’t touch it. So beautiful…to look at. 😀

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