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Effect of Dreams


I’ve been playing around a lot in photoshop lately.  For this one I tried using the Orton Effect, via an action, which creates a bit of a dreamy feel.  It was actually quite strong when I applied the effect so I reduced the opacity on the layer containing the effect which was directly top of the original…well, the modified original lol.  Naturally I did some other things to the image but the slight blurry look came from the Orton Effect.

I wish I could remember where I downloaded the particular action but they are easily obtained by googling.

Effect of Dreams

Effect of Dreams


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

55 thoughts on “Effect of Dreams

  1. I read about this Orton effect in a photo book and tried it out on a photo (manual labour in Photoshop), but it’s not really my taste, so I just deleted it. Anyway it’s fun to try out techniques and play around in Photoshop.

  2. Very nice. Anyone interested in the Orton Effect should have a look here (PS action download included):

  3. Beautiful! I learn so much from what you do Laura! Now if I could only get out and get some inspiration to start messing around with PS and LR and take some great pictures. Y really make me want to get out there and find pictures to take. Love your blog posts!

  4. I get lost with my layers – well done Laura keeping some control !
    Lovely .. looks like the effect of dreams enabled you to walk on water 😉

  5. I adore Orton, it is one of the effects in PicMonkey. If used properly, it can really add that dream-like quality to the image. Usually, after I use Orton, there is still some slight adjustment to be made, because it can make an image too dark.

    • Yay, an Orton fan! It definitely was too dark at first hence my layering and reducing opacity. I’ll have to pay attention to see when you use Orton. Thanks for the comment!

  6. OnOne software has a PS plugin as well as a standalone application that has the Orton effect as one of the filters.
    Nice processing, I use an Orton filter quite a bit – sometimes as you did, often I selectively apply it to bright areas on my image by using a layer mask.

  7. Congratulations !!! I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award for the excellent content of your blog. 😀

    Follow this link

  8. gosh Laura, I wonder if I should be glad i don’t know about the Orton effect and layers, or not? lovely photo:)

  9. eeeeek!……….what happened to my smileyface in the previous comment????????
    🙂 😛

  10. I’m a new photographer and still haven’t conquered Photoshop Elements (heaven help me), but the guided mode in Elements 12 actually has a one-click Orton effect button which you can then tweak with blur, noise and brightness sliders.

  11. It gives the picture a really soft, gentle feel that I find very appealing. Thank-you.

  12. There are quite a few ways to create an orton effect. It was all the rage a year or two ago, it seems. I think it looks good in the right images, as with any effect. I like when its subtle, and applied selectively 🙂

    • I’ve created it manually too after reading up on it. The action was much easier though haha. I like to try new things all the time just to keep myself fresh and looking at things new ways. Thanks for your comment, David. 🙂 Hopefully I applied it subtly!

  13. it has a very soft and beautiful effect!! Yes, I think it’s subtle too.

  14. Great dreamy result Laura. Like you I love to play around with all the amazing effects you can create with Photoshop (Elements for me). The solitary figure on the edge of the image completes the dreaminess. 🙂

  15. Water always works with me, love this

  16. Nice work. Very peaceful capture and end product!

  17. Wow it does look dreamy…. beautiful… I think I’d enjoy being in your dreams, you choose such lovely places to dream about…

  18. Incredible image; definitely one of dreams!

  19. It does feel D.R.E.A.M.Y….but I must stay awake!

  20. I love actions and my go-to ones for basic editing are free from MCP. But I also found some knockout free ones that I’m not sure who made.
    One day I want to have enough money to buy some more of MCP and a couple of sets from Paint the Moon. 🙂
    Oh. Nice shot btw. 😉

  21. the scenery looks peaceful. i would love to take a walk there.

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