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I’ve Fallen for Fall :)


I’m really enjoying the fall season this year.  Usually we have a week or two of fall and then we’re right into winter, so there’s not much opportunity to enjoy the colors.  We are in dire need rain here in California, but while we all pray for some rain, I’m enjoying the fall colors.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

113 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen for Fall :)

  1. Wow, Laura! These are absolutely gorgeous! Cher xo

  2. These are all lovely, my favourite is the one with the fog!


  4. Beautiful, I particularly like your last perspective of the leaves.. How did you get up and down for that shot, your knee must be getting better! 🙂

  5. Thank-you for a very enjoyable visit. I hope to be back very soon. View you then.

  6. It’s my favourite time of year Laura….lovely captures

  7. Absolutely amazing! The trees are dressed in their autumn finery and you capture the moment beautifully! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wonderful Laura

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful photos.

  10. Fall is a beautiful season for photography

  11. WOW! This is so beautiful😊 Definitely does not look like this in Minnesota!

  12. I love the fall colors but I love the fog the most. All great shots.

  13. Oh exquisite photos Laura. Love the lighting and the colours. Rain … we have plenty of it, wish I could send some over. Pouring as I type!

  14. Me too your fall is something to fall for! Wow these images are stunning! 😀

  15. These look fantastic Laura, so glad you got out to capture some colour, stunning.

  16. Beautiful pictures! We had that luck last year and I enjoyed a very long fall season with all those colours. It felt like Red Riding Hood was to be met everywhere… This year we didn`t geht as lucky. Enjoy while you can! 😉 and thanks for sharing the gorgeous impressions 🙂

  17. You captured the fall season so nicely!

  18. I really appreciate how you use light in your photographs. That is one part of Fall I enjoy most, the soft deep light that lingers. Makes the trees leaves look like they are happily dancing into winter 🙂 Beautiful images!

  19. soo very beautiful fallen for fall, Laura! The lighting is incredible.

  20. Beautiful pictures, Laura. I envy you the weather. We had our first snow accumulation today.

  21. It’s my favorite time of year!

  22. such lovely colours…as we are frozen i love that you share these.

  23. Beautiful and golden autumn where you are!! Love them!

    • Thanks so much! It’s so rare to see these trees around here but I guess they planted them some years ago, so my first fall in our new place was a pleasant surprise! Since California has much more subtle fall colors than these.

  24. Nice Laura!! I love how you feel the light in these.

  25. Absolutely beautiful photos Laura. Keep them coming. Take care. -Max-

  26. The image with the fog/mist is beautiful – very romantic.

  27. Fall is great indeed and you capture it so lovely!

    Have a good Monday!

    Kind regards,

  28. Laura…. LAURA…. these are just brilliant photos… I’m enamoured by these, just love the colours you’ve managed to capture…

  29. Gorgeous shots!

  30. Beautiful, Laura, just beautiful. Thank you. Love, Amy

  31. Lovely autumnal colours and shots of course

  32. These are so lovely! The colors of Fall….rich and vibrant!

  33. Wowza. What an impact. I’ve fallen right with you. I hope you get rain soon!

  34. Fabulous ! So much colour around still … some great captures to look back on in the wintry days Laura .

  35. I love fall too beautiful pictures!

    • Thanks so much Cathy! the way, I found an AMAZING chiropractor that has helped me release adhesions in both knees. I am starting to feel really good! That’s what it’s been the whole time and why my first knee felt odd. Hurray!

  36. Lovely images, Laura! My favorite is also the view from your deck…gorgeous colors. Is that your frog habitat in the background?? 🙂

    • Thank you Katrina. Yes, that’s the frog and bird habitat. It’s amazing how many birds are here. Here is a list of birds I’ve identified so far. And there are smaller birds that I have yet to identify!

      Great blue heron
      Great egret
      Sand piper
      Red shouldered hawk
      White peregrine falcon
      Northern flicker
      Green heron, juv. November
      Northern Harrier, juv, November

  37. Such beautiful and colourful images. I cross finger for some rain for you. 🙂

  38. you making me envious beyond words. i miss the foliage. a favorite season of mine. too bad we don’t get one here where i live in south east asia. these photos of yours make me dream about being there in person to soak in the beauty of the fall.

    • Well I made it look like we are bathed in it with the gallery but here in the bay area, all these trees were planted in our area, they are not indigenous and we don’t have the fall colors they have back in New England. Some day I’d love to see the colors back there. Thank you.

  39. Absolutely stunning! I especially love the composition of the leaves with placement of the lighting.

  40. I’m loving the light on the leaves in your last photo. See girl, it’s all about the light with me!! rofl

  41. love this, Laura! 🙂

    • Thank you! All the leaves are almost gone now. We are waiting for the biggest storm in two years (which means five raindrops hahaha). So the leaves will be completely gone after that.

  42. Am I allowed to say “OH WOW?” The colors are so vibrant! Why do I never run into anything like this? 😀

    • I’m glad you gave me an “OH WOW”! We don’t have a whole lot of these beautiful colors here in the Bay Area but in this area we just moved to, there are a lot of these trees!

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