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Shocking Surrealistic Snow Storm Shots (13 iPad Images)


Please pray for all those in New York who are suffering as our fellow blogger Amy is.  Falling snow is not the only worry.  There is roof collapse from the weight of the snow and then when it melts, there is flooding.  Not to mention medications can’t be obtained for those who need them.

Regular snowplows can’t even plow the roads.  Big cat equipment is being moved in to move the snow…but where do you put it?  It has to be carted off to a designated place to dump it.  Plows usually just plow the snow to the side but that can’t be done here.  There is literally nowhere to put the snow!

We hope everyone is safe Amy.

Shocking Surrealistic Snow Storm Shots (13 iPad Images).


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

50 thoughts on “Shocking Surrealistic Snow Storm Shots (13 iPad Images)

  1. thanks for sharing amy’s photos. Could not comment on her page (comments closed), but if I could would say “Hang in there Amy, we are all thinking warm thoughts for Buffalo!”

  2. Praying for all those affected by this disaster!

  3. Oh my. Warm thoughts and prayers for those affected by this early and awful snow.

  4. I grew up outside of Buffalo (and then, silly me, went to college in Rochester) – so I am painfully aware of lake effect snow storms. The people there are hardy, but homes can only take just so much weight on their roofs. Now you understand why I live in CT 🙂

  5. Wow! They do need to get the roofs cleaned off. This is one of many reasons we left Michigan.

  6. Thank all of you for praying. To John, we cannot get up on our roof …. just not possible. We are preparing our basement today for the flooding that is yet to come. Laura, God Bless you for this reblog. I am really touched. (((HUGS))) Amy

  7. Wow that is difficult to believe… I thought all the experts say the climate is getting hotter.?? Can it be with scenes like this…???

    • Well I know here it’s getting hotter. California is in a horrific drought! It’s amazing how one side of the country can be pummeled in snow while we sit here in a drought.

  8. We’ve been seeing it on the news here! Scary stuff 😦

  9. Its pretty bad. They got an entire winters worth of snow in a week. I was in Pittsburg and was lucky I did not get stuck. Praying for those in that area

  10. I will send them m best thoughts.

  11. I saw that Amy had closed her comments the other day and am sure she has enough going on without them. I think she knows that we are concerned for her and hope all is well. At least they have electricity, so far. This post was a really good idea, Laura.

  12. Oh dear Laura .. Thinking of all these people and praying for them.

  13. Wow…yes they need prayers!

  14. wow that is scary!!! Prayers for Amy and New Yorkers!

  15. A prayer sent up. Thanks for letting us know. Those snow pics are scary. Dear Lord, please protect Amy and the other New York people. ❀

  16. Cool storm! I love stuff like that!

  17. Amy is certainly in my prayers every day, as are all those affected by the storm. (Amy just gets a little extra : )

  18. Snow is beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Buffalo gets more than its fair share, but this was extraordinary. And why I have a love/hate relationship with winter. Take care, Amy!

  19. I have watched this on the news. I said to the GG “They are going to have flooding”. I’m sorry that they did.
    Isn’t it amazing how something so beautiful can be so deadly?

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