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My Two-Year Anniversary on Word Press! – Monochrome Madness


Today is my two-year anniversary on Word Press!  I can’t believe how time has flown by!   What a better way to celebrate what being here means to me than to post an image of my good friend, and fellow blogger,  Dan Shehan.  A few days ago we took a drive up Mt. Diablo and it was glorious!  It was a quiet day on the mountain since it was a weekday and my favorite shot of the day was this one….Dan doing what he loves to do!

Mt. Diablo Factoids:  The mountain is 3,864 at its summit.  In the winter, once or twice it will get covered in snow and all of us down here in the valley can “ooo” and “ahhh” over the beautiful picturesque mountain covered in snow without having to live in it lol.  Yes, I am a wimp when it comes to snow.  (Spoken like a true San Francisco Bay Area native.)

I’ve met so many great people here through Word Press and have learned so much about my hobby through others here.  It’s not just sharing my photos, it’s meeting others who have similar passions and seeing the world through others’ eyes in a community sense.  I’ve always believed that we are all teachers and students and that’s how I feel here, so thank you.

Composing a Masterpiece

Composing a Masterpiece

For the entire gallery, please check Leanne Cole’s blog later today.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

117 thoughts on “My Two-Year Anniversary on Word Press! – Monochrome Madness

  1. Congratulations on two years, Laura, may you have many more!!

  2. Congratulations Laura, that is quite an achievement.

  3. Congrats on 2 years here and the photo.

  4. Congratulations, Laura! Two years is a wonderful accomplishment. And I love your comment about being students and teachers – no better place than WordPress to be welcomed as both. Thanks for your wonderful photos, your knowledge, your comments, and for just being you! Cheers to many more years!

  5. Two years creatively spent; well done! Happy two year anniversary!

  6. Sheer excellence as always, Laura. Congrats on that anniversary too!

  7. Congratulations – and I like the thought that we are all teachers and students.

  8. Congratulations Laura…many more to come I hope?

  9. Congratulations!! And a great shot. I remember Mt. Diablo from my time out there. It was nice to see snow while living away from the mountains of Colorado.

  10. Happy anniversary, Laura. ❀

  11. Happy Anniversary! This is a great capture…I like getting a glimpse of creativity at work and the SKY!!! I always enjoy your posts, and light hearted lease on life, it makes me smile. I also appreciate your support and comments, you really do a beautiful job of staying connected. Thank you! Here is to many more posts and photographs 🙂

    • Thank you my fellow Northern (wayyyy Northern) California friend. I really appreciate it! YESSS the sky! We had great clouds that day. I do love to connect. To me, it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t chat up most everyone eh? LOL Thanks Carrie.

  12. Congratulations on your milestone…Love your B & W photos.

  13. Congratulations on 2 years on WordPress! I have love the photos you put up, you really are a great photographer. Keep up the good work and have another good blogging year ahead 🙂

  14. Time flies when you’re having fun…. congrats…

  15. Happy 2nd birthday Laura.

  16. Congratulations! Time flies when you’re having fun 🙂

  17. Congratulations on your anniversary Laura! What a fabulous photo, and so nice to see Dan photographing! 🙂 Lovely thoughts about blogging, I agree with all you’ve said. 🙂

  18. Congrats, Laura! I feel the same about the community here and I am so happy I found this little place aka the WordPress family in the big www 🙂 Will have my one year anniversary soon!

  19. I always love the b/w. A lovely photo, and congratulations on the anniversary.

  20. Hey Laura .. I’m a great fan of Dans. Would have loved to have been there with you both! Congrats on the 2 years. I agree .. Students, teachers and blogging buddies 🙂

  21. Congratulations Laura ! Great to share so much on WP with Blogging buddies and then in the real world too if possible . Super photo shot ‘ in the moment ‘

  22. Congrats, Laura. I feel so lucky that I stumbled upon so many wonderful, friendly people like you, Leanne, Stacy at the beginning of my blogging journey. I learned so much from all of you and I truly appreciate your willingness to share and support others.

  23. Cogratulations Laura, a fine milestone and another cracking image, love it:-)

  24. Congratulations on the anniversary – I could not agree more with all that you have said here. I hope to see the shot that Dan was taking at some point too 🙂

  25. Congratulations, Laura. A great milestone. I agree with you about the sharing of experiences with others. I have learned a great deal in the short time I’ve been doing this. Looking forward to seeing more of your images in year #3.

  26. Hope you have an amazing Blogaversary Laura!!!
    Love your photography and can’t wait for more, more, more!!!
    Now your in your Terrible Twos!!!
    Happy Blogaversary! 🙂

  27. Congratulation, Laura!!

  28. Congrats, Laura, and isn’t it nice that this anniversary sees you out and about again, doing what you love!


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    • Thank you for this Carrie. You are so sweet. I LOVE the image of your son with the apples. It is SO cute! By the way, you’d think after two years I’d know how to pingback! How did you do this? lol

  30. Woohoo! Congrats Laura 🙂 That is a great portrait of Dan! Evocative of some of his work too. Like you, I’ve really gained so much from being a part of this community 🙂 Inspiring each other along the way is such a positive part of blogging!

  31. I’m blushing (and flattered) right now Laura, hehe. Thanks for sharing the day with me and super congrats on two years.

  32. Wonderful – shot and congratulations on two years! I also have “met” along the way (two years for myself as well) so many who are really wonderful inspiration. I really love your work and look forward to seeing more as you continue on!

    • Thank you so much! And congrats to you too. I never thought I’d be still doing this when I started but these blogs are so fun after you get going. Thank you for the lovely compliment. I hope to get better and never look back!

  33. congrats! and a great photo, lovely movement in the clouds

  34. Many happy returns (this saying finally makes sense).

  35. Congrats on getting to two years…….here’s to a few more

  36. Congratulations! Glad to know you, Laura!

  37. Congratulations Laura. What a treat to have got to know you through our mutual love of photography, life and art. Look forward to many more happy on-line moments. With warmest wishes. 🙂

  38. Happy Anniversary Laura!! 😀
    So great to see Dan in action, as you say and I love the snow comment.
    Really like the old fashioned feel here.
    I couldn’t agree more about being inspired by like minded people… we do have a wonderful community here.
    So glad we met.

  39. Happy Anniversary Laura. Lovely image and even lovely words. This is a great community and I’m so glad to have “met” you 🙂

  40. Long may you blog Laura and share your glorious images

  41. Here’s to many more creative, learning- and teaching-filled ones, Laura!

  42. Congratulations, Laura! Many happy returns and blog posts.

  43. Did you have a nice thanksgiving??

  44. Happy Two Year Bloggiversary, Laura! Looking forward to what year three brings. Cheers!

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