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Is the drought over????


With all the rain here in the bay area I haven’t been out to take pictures lately and hope to get out sometime in the next day when it starts to dry out although the pattern looks very wet for the next week except for tomorrow.   It has been unreal here!  The lake out our backyard has overflowed, our window was leaking yesterday and there have been road closures, floods, and mudslides throughout the Bay Area.  We went from dry as a bone to needing a canoe to go to the store, lol.

Yesterday when we were on the freeway on our way to see my dad for his birthday, I shot this with my iPhone.  That’s all I got folks!  Hopefully new pictures will be coming soon.

I’m not complaining though.  One day does not rectify years of a drought here, so bring it on!

Kicking up the Rain

Kicking up the Rain


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

79 thoughts on “Is the drought over????

  1. Great shot on-the-go Laura. Hope things start to improve for you. Best wishes

  2. Great capture! Oh man, I saw your area has received 11 inches of rain, what??? Is that true for your direct area? That is so much rain! And yes, one storm isn’t going to really put a dent in the devastating drought we are experiencing….but it will start to make things green and fresh once everything dries out. Man, I hope you stay safe and the lake in your backyard stops rising.

    • Thank you! And yes…this is crazy! Is it raining up there for you too? I thought you guys would be drenched.

      • It is raining, yes. But not like that! I think we have accumulated about 3 to 4 inches total. The clouds are incredible! I may need to get out of the house and take some photographs…just have too much to get done at the moment.

  3. Great shot and boy do we ever relate out here on the Washington Coast.

  4. I’m impressed you went out yesterday!

  5. Wow this great and amazingly good for an iPhone, Laura! Hope you had a smashing party and that the weather is better now.
    Have a wonderful, cozy weekend, Dina Xx

  6. I’m with you on this Bay Area rain! I’m getting itchy for a bike ride or a long hike, but whew, I think I’ll appreciate all the rain and wind from indoors for now! At least I’m writing and catching up other projects. Like you, I look forward to some ‘clear time’ so I can get out with the camera.

  7. Great catch with the truck tires. Those mud flaps are doing the job. Glad you are getting through the deluge, it’s windy but no rain in Vegas.

  8. You were brave to get out in that weather. It would be nice if you did not have to experience such extremes.

  9. It is really interesting seeing this after hearing a talk from a scientist about the San Fransisco Bay and the different problems they are encountering when it comes to sea level rise. He said he was on one hand glad he was in Europe missing the storm and on the other hand he was kind of sad about it 😀 But I now have a better idea about how it is over at your place!

  10. love those wet wheels and sense of wind!!

  11. It has definitely been wet in the North SF Bay Area and is still raining as I write this.
    I really like the contrast between the red and blue. The spray from the tires adds a softness but an intensity to the image. Nice capture of what most of use take for granted and dislike when following one on such a day.

  12. fab foto & the rain finally arrived here!

  13. Rain, how wonderful!! Great shot, Laura!

  14. The extremes are a bit scary, even the Chinese are saying we need to reduce the burden we are placing on the environment so he can heal.

  15. I’ve been wondering just how you were doing with all the rain…now I know.

  16. Got a rain barrel?! lol We’ve been suffering through a very long drought here too. Not that I want a flood, but would sure love to have some of the moisture you’ve been getting. Chances for snow on Sunday look good in the forecast, but we’ll see how much we end up with. Stay safe there! By the way, I LOVE that photo!

  17. I don’t know what they use to decide a drought is over, but here it is usually consistent rain over a period of time. It is nice to get some rain when you haven’t had much or any for while. I love it, seems to cleanse the place.

  18. Nice capture. I hope your weather settles down to normal. If you have a normal.

  19. I guess you are experiencing that old adage, “When it rains, it pours!” I like the structural aspect of this shot.

  20. This is good news! The waterfalls guy I follow is ecstatic and so are the folks in the High Sierra

  21. Great shot Laura! Those iPhone’s can really capture some nice images but of course it’s the person behind the camera that makes it all work.

  22. amazing photo Laura.
    Love it.

  23. After such a long dought I am glad to see you all are getting rain!

  24. Love this capture. The effects of the motion is fantastic!

  25. We’ve had good rain here over the past few days also and the grass is green again and the lawn actually requires mowing however the ground is still hard an inch or so down.

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