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Here Comes the Velvet!


The other day the clouds parted, it stopped raining, and I took a trip with my hubby up Mt. Diablo.  I’m loving the rain these days for two reasons….one, we are putting a dent in the California drought and two, the hills around us turn so green that they literally look like velvet when they are completely green.  The green velvet is coming….it won’t be long now.

Here Comes the Velvet!

Here Comes the Velvet!

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

51 thoughts on “Here Comes the Velvet!

  1. If you think of it, you should document that transformation over the next month or more with an image a week (or what ever suits you) from the same spot. I bet the transformation would be stunning. Love that fresh green carpet, well worth enduring the rain!

    • That’s a good idea! If I can remember that is 😛 I love it when it snows although when it does you can’t get up that high. Probably once a month would be good I think. Thank you Carrie. I’ll make sure Leanne gets to that spot as well when she’s here.

      • She will appreciate that view I am sure. I can see an interesting layered application with all those months of images. It just struck me when I saw it, beautiful. Oh and I am sure that is gorgeous when it snows!

  2. thanks for hiking
    up Diablo and capturing
    this beauty, Laura 🙂

  3. Breathtaking! I can almost feel the freshness 🙂

  4. Beautiful; I want to be there 🙂

  5. Its been pouring here in Sonoma. Finally

  6. How beautiful, absolutely breath taxingly beautiful. Amazing shot.

  7. It will turn into that emerald green velvet that carpets the entire range. So beautiful on any day!

  8. Lovely shot of the green hills and the rolling clouds. Simply marvelous. You live in a very beautiful place. It really is a jaw-dropping sight. When you mentioned the word ‘velvet’, I instantly thought of red velvet cupcake. That would be a great treat to enjoy with this view 🙂

  9. Laura, now I can comment and there is a huge WOW coming from me. How LUCKY you are to be living where you are! These hills are so beautiful and the way you edited this image you really brought the velvet effect to the forefront. NICE!!!! Thank you for sharing your part of the world! Love, Amy

    • I’m so glad you like it Amy. 🙂 Just wait till the full-on velvet occurs which should be in another month or so! It is amazing! I can’t wait till that happens. Last year it really didn’t do much in the way of velvet because of our drought which now seems to be tapering off. 🙂

      • California is definitely on our list of want to live areas when we finally move, Laura. Would you recommend California, or at least where you live? And where DO you live? I honestly don’t even know. I know you have been showing mountains, but alas, I don’t know where in California those mountains are. From what you are showing, I am SO there!!! GRIN! I am SO done with snow! (((HUGS))) Amy

        • We are in the Bay Area Amy. East of SF. Email me and I can let you know more if you’d like. I have to admit I love it here! I was born here and never left. 🙂

          • Thank you, Laura. Would it not be so wonderful IF I lived close to you someday? Dreams do come true you know! We can fall down and get old (er) together. Hehehehehehe (((HUGS))) Amy

  10. oh those beautiful california hills!!!!

  11. Finally a moment I can comment…Beautiful shot with the sun spot – hazy, but still enough detail in the clouds – hope you are drying off.

  12. That picture is absolutely amazing. The lushness of the mountainsides are astounding.

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