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Here Comes the Bride


Another shot from a day out with my buddy Dan Shehan in SF, this was taken at the Palace of Fine Arts.  It was CROWDED!  I rarely go into the city on a weekend since I don’t have to and wow, lots of people.  I think we saw three or four different wedding groups there all taking pictures around the famous structure.  One of the brides was in hot pink which stood out to me and looked very pretty in the lighting.

I’m really enjoying my new full frame camera and new lens!  It makes processing all the more fun!  🙂   The high res image can be here:  Here Comes the Bride.

Here Comes the Bride

Here Comes the Bride


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

41 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride

  1. Excellent image, totally different from anything I’ve seen of this location.

  2. Lovely photo — inviting, like a painting.

  3. Beautiful shot… Of the place I used to drink at in high school. Ha! It is a beautiful picture truly.

  4. It looks like a fairy tale picture. Beautifully captured!

  5. Gorgeous. I love the angle.

  6. How did you get the circular look to this image, Laura? Is this a fish eye, wide angle, or did you do this in editing? Absolutely fascinating image, one that just pulled me right in. Love, Amy

    • Well….the 14-24mm is the awesome new lens I got for xmas. It’s the one I took the previous image with, that arch. It’s a very wide angle and it can look distorted at times depending on the angle I’m shooting. I kind of like this distortion for this type of image so I worked with it lol. I’m SO glad you like it Amy. I know heavily processed images aren’t for everyone, but I really enjoy making them!

      • I really did enjoy this one, Laura. I have a 17-55mm lens, and I know sometimes there is a slight distortion when I use the 17mm. Thank you for answering my questions. ((HUGS))) Amy

        • I’m glad you liked it Amy 🙂 That’s actually the lens I wanted for xmas for my D7100 (crop sensor) but hubby didn’t know there was a difference, so he bought me the 14-24mm. It started the ball rolling and then i went and bought the full frame camera. haha.

          • Tee hee …. I played Santa myself, Laura, buying me my Samsung. LOL Yes I would love a full frame DSLR camera. When the time is right, I will have one. I would also love a desktop Mac. Yup. That retina screen has got me good and spoiled. You have no idea the extent I go to right now to get my photos looking as they have been. I got it down though so it is a smooth transition. I am working with both windows and iPad. LOL …. The best of both worlds …. (((HUGS))) Amy

          • Good for you! Have fun with that new Samsung! I’ve been spending my afternoon trying to figure out color space management between LR, PS and printing at different labs. Ugh, not what I want to do but it must be done. Prints come out looking weird sometimes if things aren’t all in sync. Not that I know *anything* right now…just enough to get more confused haha. Have a good rest of the day! 🙂

          • Good luck, Laura. I’ve been told if everything is set to sRGB that the colors will be coordinated. Don’t listen to me though, because I am just a wee kid in a big store not really knowing which way to go. Happy New Year, my friend. Love, Amy

          • Same here really…it never ends…the more I know, the less I know! 😀

          • Tee hee …. Now I don’t feel so bad. Sorry to be laughing, but that is exactly how I feel too. LOL (((HUGS)))

  7. I like your new lens too. 🙂 Gorgeous job on these.

  8. It looks as though it is a still from a Tim Burton movie. Alice in Wonderland perhaps?

  9. Oh I love this Laura. Your photography is going into another dimension now! Wow …

  10. Based on this and the last post I’d say that your new camera and lens are bringing out the best in you. Really nice photos.

  11. I love this….all those distorted angles and what a great sky

  12. So very nicely done, Laura. I love the ambiance. It would make a great novel cover for a mystery called: The Lady in Pink.

    Blessings for 2015 ~ Wendy ❀

  13. A hidden wedding photographer you were. 🙂

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