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Chromatic Aberration at the Beach


Most of the time I’m trying to eliminate chromatic aberration (CA).  Whether it’s in HDR or non-HDR, I’m always zooming in and trying to remove this dastardly beast!

Sometimes though, I think CA can be used in an artful way…at least in my humble opinion.  Here’s a shot I took the other day at the beach in Pacifica, California, which I intentionally created a bit of chromatic aberration in post processing for effect. For example, you can see the blueish/purplish areas in the foam and also where the water is pulling back from the beach.

What a glorious day it was there!  This city usually lives in the fog…it’s so rarely clear down there but when it is, it is special!

CA in Pacifica

CA in Pacifica


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

68 thoughts on “Chromatic Aberration at the Beach

  1. Indeed a nice one. CA is a pain and few tools reallly work when you need them. Especially when the CA is combined with out of foucus haloing.

  2. That is a beautiful image. I love the jewel colours in the sea.

  3. used to such good effect

  4. Happy new year Laura 🙂 I hope it’s a great one for you and your beloved ones!

    I love the composition of this photo. You timed the waves perfectly! And the shutter speed used created a fantastic effect. Honestly I am not a big fan of this type of HDR, but that’s okay, as long as you like it 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this photo and your point of view!


    • Thank you for your comments Tieme. I really appreciate it. I like many styles of photography and it’s so funny when someone says “OMG this is your best” and someone else says “it’s just ok” LOL. Seriously, it’s all good and everyone has different likes. I just enjoy trying new things. And btw, the original shot was sharp as a tack. 🙂 Happy New Year!

      • You’re welcome 🙂 I am not saying “it’s just ok” 😉 I think the photo has a lot of potential!

        It’s surely good we all have different tastes, or it would be just us liking our own pictures. As long as we respect our differences, and don’t be offensive 😉

        Thank you, you too!


  5. Happy New Year, Laura, and — wow! — that’s a terrific banner photo of the SF skyline!

  6. Very dreamy in character.
    Removing chromatic aberration is the hardest correction, but is an artifact in practically everything that uses a lens system.

    P.S. Like that SF skyline header.

    • Thank you David. I’m glad you see dreamy. So did I. It’s so funny, I thought why not ADD some CA for a change. I didn’t even know people did that but now I see there’s a whole art dedicated to increasing CA! I guess I’m not as much of a trail blazer as I thought lol. Regarding removing it, I’m getting better at it for sure, but I agree it is not the easiest and it takes varied ways of doing it most of the time. Oh and P.S., I’m glad you like my new header. 🙂

  7. Well, I’m not into photography so don’t know what a chromatic aberration is, but I love the photo. So in my amateurish opinion…Good job! Looks like you’re having really nice weather there after all that rain.
    Happy New Year!

  8. Gorgeous Laura … looks like someone should be sitting on the beach sipping on a glass of bubbles. Happy New Year 🙂

  9. Wow, what a great idea. The image is incredibly surreal. And the new banner is wonderful.

    • Thank you so much Robin. 🙂 I decided to try something different…I think you can tell I like to do that lol. Glad you like the new banner too…the balloon was getting a bit old.

  10. That is gorgeous!

  11. i find Lightroom very good for removing it.

  12. so beautiful! Happy New Year Laura! ❤ ❤ can't wait to see more of your lovely photographs this year 🙂

  13. Such a beautiful photo, Laura. The beach and ocean look as one despite the juxtaposition of colours. Looks magical and the effect’s natural. Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing more photos from you this year 🙂

  14. I am transporeted yet again to a beautiful fairy tale land where everything is bold, colorful, and magical. I like these joirneys!

  15. Reblogged this on Vichet and commented:
    Chromatic Aberration at the Beach

  16. I get it all the time around the window panes when I’m shooting very dark interiors – vexing to say the least…

  17. You make me want to be there! Beautiful!

  18. Yes, it works beautifully here 🙂 Plays havoc on some of my wildlife photography but a couple of my lenses are great for eliminating it!

    • Glad you like it Sarah. I realized after I did this that there is a whole genre of art doing just this! Adding Chromatic Aberration. Who’da thunk it!

      • I know, I’ve seen it as a filter in some programmes! Personally I don’t get it. If you get an effect occuring naturally that really works with the overall image that’s great, but of all the post processing effects one can add and play with it doesn’t seem worth it. Each to their own though!

  19. bluish purple is a fine aberration!! Love it Laura!

  20. Really gorgeous Laura – Happy New Year 😀

  21. I think CA worked brilliantly here!



  22. Not only did I get to view your lovely photo, I also have a better idea of what chromatic aberration is now 🙂

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