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Before Me – Monochrome Madness


I hope you’re not tiring of the Palace of Fine Arts because I still have some images left to show you!

This main structure spoke to me in so many ways as you probably have gathered from the last few images I’ve posted of POFA.  The light slanting in from the side looked mysterious, so I tried to capture that when processing the image.

You can really get a sense of how huge this place is when you see the people standing there.

The Palace of Fine Arts or “POFA” was erected in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exposition in order to display works of art.  This is one of only a few surviving structures from the Exposition, and it’s the only one still situated on its original site. It was rebuilt in 1965, and renovation of the lagoon, walkways, and a seismic retrofit were completed in early 2009.   For those interested, you can find out more about POFA by clicking on the hyperlink.

Before Me

Before Me

For the entire gallery, please check Leanne Cole’s blog.

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

67 thoughts on “Before Me – Monochrome Madness

  1. Wow. What a majestic building. Awesome photo and processing.

  2. Get sick of your photography? Never….

  3. Looks amazing! I may need to tweak my bucket list…

  4. Truly wonderful Laura x

  5. Stunning shot!

  6. I really like the wide and slightly low angle making the building have a feeling of imposing dominance.

  7. Reblogged this on B.E.S.T. Arts Gallery and commented:
    Stunning work!

  8. Looks like you are doing a great job with that ultra wide angle lens Laura! I’ve recently learned that if you shoot an area with a wide angle lens and angle it differently, then you can get a completely different looking shot that still contains the same content. Not really sure how to explain it but hopefully you get what I’m saying. It has to do with the natural distortion of the lens. For instance, if you shoot lower to the ground looking up it gives more distortion to the objects towards the top of the frame. Then if you were to stand up and take a shot that is more angled downwards, then the distortion will be more towards the bottom of the frame. I haven’t tested this out yet but it is something I think I want to experiment with to see how things turn out. Would be nice to know the effects so when I’m in the field I know how I want to angle the lens in order to get the look I want. Wide angle lenses really do offer a lot of variety.

    • Thank you Justin! I know what you mean though. I don’t know if you saw that shore shot i took called chromatic aberration where i intentionally added it but that gave a completely different look. The lens is indeed fun! Thanks for your comments Justin. 🙂

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  10. Excellent image Laura – You certainly were in the right place at the right time – I enjoy seeing multiple views of your locations, so keep them coming.

  11. what a fantastic building and you do it great justice. There is such an old feel to this photo. Laura is the full frame camera a type of wide angle – is it the camera itself or is it the lens? Anyway I’m jealous!! lol ( I hope I win the lottery soon) Wonderful shots! especially with architecture I think though landscapes must be just as fantastic!!

  12. Lovely image Laura… the way the building emerges out of the black vignetting.

  13. Love this entry laura! 😊

  14. Simply beautiful! I am so happy that Leanne shared your work. I can’t imagine anyone tiring of the Palace of Fine Arts; it’s one of my favorite places.

  15. Superb capture, Laura! And nothing like a new toy to get the creative juices flowing, either… 🙂

  16. You have a great eye and what a subject! Wow!

  17. Can never tire of any of your photos Laura. Great shot 🙂

  18. The word sacred popped into my mind when I first saw this. Beautiful.

  19. Espectacular trabajo….!!!

  20. I love the light in this Laura! Both how you’ve controlled it on the wall and in the sky beyond those arches. Really draws you into the image and right out the other side 🙂

  21. Laura, this image is crazy amazing! The light and shadow play here is mind blowing… you’ve done so well to bring it out. The next time I’m in SF I’m definitely going to visit this place.

  22. Nice leading lines. Great light

  23. OMG, they just keep getting better!! The stunning sidelight is fantastic! And the composition, such a sweeping view of this grand place! And the monochrome? LOVE IT!!! (Have I used enough exclamation points?) Oh, how I want a wide angle lens 🙂

  24. Laura, I am so sorry that you have to ease up on your blogging. I so look forward to your comments, but I understand that you need time to heal, and I send you prayers for your well being, that you will soon be able to be with us again with your beautiful blogs.

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