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The other day I drove to a nearby area that used to be extremely rural only to find it being overrun with subdivisions.  Just a few years ago I remembered the area as horse and cow ranches, one after the other, amongst beautiful rolling hills.   I used to call it “going the back way” when leaving east from the bay area.  Unfortunately, the ranches of horses and cows has significantly diminished as developers gobble up land and build houses.

Every once in awhile I’d see a glimmer of “what was” like these airstream trailers which brought a nostalgic smile to my face.  😀   Tip-toeing over the fence to get the shot and wondering if there were any people inside these trailers, I remembered a time when these were almost unsightly behind a fence.  Now I smile as I fondly remember a day gone by.


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

52 thoughts on “Survivors

  1. So That’s where old trailers go to die! Lovely shot 🙂

  2. Sad but true almost everywhere. Love the photos.

  3. Great shots and I remember when Air Streams were the most expensive one could buy.

  4. good photo.. like movie photo

  5. A silvery caravan wonderland…

  6. I love the look of the near new look of the trailers and the bare winter landscape behind. Beautiful.

  7. Sad what civilization has done to nature, Laura!

  8. Like the look of those trailers Laura, MM🍀

  9. So-called “progress” tore down the beautiful and scented orange groves to build gas stations or parking lots here in Southern California. We receive oxygen from plants and trees, yet seem determined to replace them with asphalt and brick and mortar that give us nothing to survive. How odd is the thinking of corporations.

  10. Airstream trailers are still manufactured and prized.

  11. Ron is right, those trailers are jewels!

  12. Nice nostalgic images and thoughts. Well said.

  13. They look lovely all huddled up alongside each other Laura ! I’m not surprised you had to have a peep and click 😉 lovely shots .

  14. ‘Tip-toeing over the fence’….
    still makes me larf and larf.
    i fondly think of my good friend Tress Pass. lol.

  15. Ah yesteryear. Wonderful images Laura .. I can see you over that fence 🙂

  16. I prefer color photos and I really like the retro color thing you did in the first photo, but your B&W rendition really does justice to the aluminum shells of these trailers. Bright shiny aluminum: that’s what they’re all about and what was so impressive when they were new.

    • I prefer color as well as you can probably tell from my images but I agree with you about the black and white for the trailers. it really does bring out the gleam. Thank you so much for your insight David. And I don’t know what happened here. I just had to refollow you.

  17. You didn’t by any chance come across a lot of elephant tusks there did you? 😉 Both shots are equally beautiful though.

  18. Amazing how much the world can change in just a few years! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  19. Things are changing so fast here too! I miss the trees. 😦 Great find Laura and I love your processing!

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