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Lucked Out – Pacific Grove, California


Surf was up the other day in Pacific Grove.  I love it when the waves are bigger.  Ahhh the mist, the smell of the ocean…I love it!   The tourists love it too, but a bit too much as you see from the second picture here where two people were daring the waves.  Unfortunately, every year many people meet their demise from doing just what they were doing.  (Please click for better quality…I’ve noticed a degradation in quality on the smaller images lately.)

When this wave crashed on the rocks, they were a little worried but still held their fists up in the air as if they’d conquered the world.  The next wave that came crashed on side of the rock and got them wet.  I couldn’t see them for a minute but then I saw them hurrying down to safety.

You can’t fool with Mother Nature!


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

43 thoughts on “Lucked Out – Pacific Grove, California

  1. I am constantly amazed by human stupidity. 🙂 But the waves are stunning!

  2. We have a few sayings here about the sea, along the lines that it needs to be respected…

  3. Thank God that’s not you out on those rocks.. Good way to die..

  4. I can just about smell the sea, and feel the ocean spray on my face. Wonderful photos, love the sea…

  5. Been there, done that. 🙂 Loving the ocean pic’s.

  6. The power of the sea is often underestimated. … it can hurt or kill… silly people

  7. Yes, too close to the edge for me…I’ll opt for a longer lens and call it a draw with nature.

  8. Beautiful shots Laura. When I see people doing that I am always amazed how many there are in the world without any common sense. Thank you for sharing and the reminder. -Max-

  9. My sister and I used to body surf while I was in law school. We’d jokingly jeer at the smaller waves, and then say “just kidding!” when we took in the smallness of us compared to the vastness of it.

  10. Stunning captures of the wave!

  11. How does your instincts not kick in, knees feel week, the power of that water is undeniable and so dangerous! People are nuts, I guess that is part of natural selection 🙂
    Beautiful waves, Laura. That blue is deep and refreshing.

  12. People, especially the young, think they are more powerful then Mother Nature. How foolish. Fantastic images, Laura! When I lived in Florida, I used to go down to the beach in a storm to sit on a huge rock (away from the waters) just to watch the show of waves and lightening and thunder and rain. Probably not the most intelligent thing I’ve done, yet the pull of the incredible Power of Nature in storms, I really needed somehow. I’ll never forget those moments …. And your images reminded me. (smile) Love, Amy

  13. You’re definitely right about the loss of quality in the smaller images, but at full full size, both of your shots are breathtaking and I left my opinion of the two youngsters under the appropriate shot. 😦

    • I’m glad I”m not the only one who sees the degradation of these smaller posts. Strange that I just noticed it. I’m glad you took the time to click on full version. Thank you!

      • I almost always do with your shots, because I love the detail in your work. As for the degradation in the small images, I first noticed it in my own galleries, and that got me started using the larger images when looking at other peoples pictures, which confirmed that it’s the same across the board. Kind of a shame really, since it probably stops a lot of people from deciding to click in the first place.

  14. It is definitely time to start thinking about the weekend.

  15. love it..tq

  16. A cautionary tale to accompany your great shots, Laura. It’s amazing the chances people take!

  17. they look young!! beautiful shots !!

  18. You’ve got that right, Laura! The power of the ocean is something that gives me chills every time I see it. Beautiful captures of the power of Mother Nature (and illustration of Darwin’s Natural Selection 😉)!

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