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Why I Blog – Inspired by Leanne Cole


I loved Leanne’s prompt of Why I Blog, so I thought I’d go ahead and take her up on the suggestion that we give it a whirl.

My blog was actually started as a knee replacement blog in November 2012.  (Some of you may have read this in an interview of me done by Leanne over a year ago, so my apologies if you’ve heard this before.)  I was going in for my first knee replacement and thought I’d blog about it.  Not that many people followed this blog back then, but I diligently posted something almost every day from animated surgeries to charts of my progress to fun iPhone photos.  I even posted from my hospital bed.  It was something to propel me forward and to help me remain positive.

While I was recovering I decided to create a website for my photos in April 2013 to house the few photos I had taken up to that point.  That’s where it all began.  I needed SOMETHING to do while recovering so I worked on my website.  Once I was able to go out with my camera, I started posting those images on my blog.  I think people liked hearing about my pictures a lot more than my knee replacement, LOL.  Can’t blame anyone for that, I would too.

It’s very important for me to always feel like I’m moving forward, learning and doing new things.  Blogging is now the springboard for exactly that and I really enjoy it and I love our blogging community. 🙂  The support I’ve received from friends here is incredible.  I would probably never have started my own camera club or entered photos into competitions if it weren’t for my good friends here.  Some days when I find it difficult to type or I get frustrated with the new format here, I just remember the value I get from all of you.  That keeps me going, so thank you!!

I’ve compiled some images over the last two years in a gallery here.  I posted one from every other month, so they are shown from the earliest to the most recent.


Please check Leanne Cole’s blog out later today for the entire gallery.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

41 thoughts on “Why I Blog – Inspired by Leanne Cole

  1. I will be sure to check Leanne’s bog. These are beautiful photographs. Worth seeing more than once.

    • Thank you Victor. I really feel I’ve improved over the last two years. And a lot of it comes from being a part of this community. Thank you! I consider you one of my inspirations.

  2. Fun post Laura, always good to look back once in a while and remember what keeps us going forward! You see beautiful things, thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. Fantastic story, I have only been following you for just under a year but I always enjoy seeing your photos.

  4. Lovely to read this – the evolution of your blog 🙂 We all start for some reason or another, and often it changes as we go 🙂 Wonderful photos 🙂

  5. Hi Laura!

  6. While I find Leanne’s blog very inspiring, I would venture to say that you are an inspiration to me also. Thanks for blogging 🙂 ~ Dave

  7. I’m glad you decided to share all of your photos with us and their stories. You are a talented photographer and I’m glad to you have as a part of this community as well.

  8. Thanks for the story….. and the images

  9. Oh laura just beautiful images ..i love the shot of you and Dave! I feel like i have just met you but know you so well. Lucky me 😃

  10. I already follow Leanne, and I see a lot of similarities between the two of you- You both take wonderful pictures and you’re both really great writers. I think I might do something along the same lines as this post as well. Thanks ^.^

  11. I understand how blogging keeps one motivated…nice to see the growth of your imaging in a few selections posted – The blog is a good place to see just how your images have matured during the time since you began posting.

  12. Wonderful post. So happy you blog and share your wonderful photos.

  13. I am new to your blog and blogging myself. Your photos are amazing! I enjoy learning something new every time I look at other people’s photos and read their blogs. ☺️

  14. Fun to hear how you began. Sounds like a very different blog back then. Glad that you now share your inspiring photography.

  15. I remember all these photos!! some of which I saw on Flickr at one time!! You are a wonderful inspiration!

  16. Hi Laura, fantastic images and a great re-cap to how it all started for you. You have some wonderful images, I look forward to dropping by as often as I can to see your new posts.

  17. You can certainly see your progression with your photography Laura. Very beautiful. Loving the photo of the Arum Lilies and the bokeh on the cactus flower in particular.

    • Thank you Sue. 🙂 Those were my favorites at the time as I recall. I’m glad you can see some improvement. I hope that in another year I’ll look back at the images today and feel the same.

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