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Hayward Japanese Tea Garden


I took my camera club to the Hayward Japanese Tea Garden a couple days ago.  What’s funny is that I thought this garden should’ve had flowers but found out later that traditional Japanese tea gardens are all about the bonzai not the flowers.  Once I figured that out, I knew I’d be looking for patterns and colors of the foliage.  It was an amazing place actually.  I’ve been around the bay area all my life and I never knew this place existed.

I think everyone had a lot of fun judging by the amount of photos that were uploaded into the club’s website.  Here are a couple from that day.  I’ll post more later in the week.





Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

44 thoughts on “Hayward Japanese Tea Garden

  1. Love the symmetry and serenity of Japanese gardens. Nice captures, Laura.

  2. that copper colour is stunning!

  3. You’re amazing Laura. These are really terrific!

  4. This type of garden is so restful. so often people just expect to see a mass of flowers in a garden – I just love architectural plants with a range of variety of shapes of leaves and many different hues of green with just a few places with more traditional flowers

  5. Really beautiful and tranquil, I too live in the Bay Area, and never knew this place existed, you say Hayward I think Good Guys Car show. LOL! Will have to go visit. Thank you for the eye opener!

  6. Beautiful photographs. I’ve never been in a Japanese garden. I’ve been in the Japanese gardens of British stately homes but not an authentically designed Japanese garden. I look forward to seeing your other photographs.

  7. What an exquisite garden. I can imagine sitting and wandering around for a few days soaking in the peacefulness.

  8. Just beautiful!

  9. I have been through that area hundreds of times and never new there was such a gorgeous garden there…Love your photos.

  10. Japanese influenced gardens are always a fun shoot.

  11. I love Japanese gardens!! Beautiful Laura!! Such a feeling of a flowing serenity !

  12. I love the composition of the first picture ! this is gorgeous !

  13. Beautiful compositions. And no snow or ice, that is always a plus. 😀

  14. I love the muted colors and light in these shots!

  15. It looks like a movie set for a fairy tale. It’s so beautiful… 10/10 would wander through that garden too 🙂

  16. Stunning and serene all at once.

  17. A truly sublime location. Beautiful work.

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