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Prehistoric Tea Anyone?


I still have a few more photos from the Hayward Japanese Tea Garden….I think I have a couple more posts in me.  You know how I like to drag them out haha.

This time I thought I’d share a scenic shot and oddly enough it looked prehistoric to me.  Not what I would expect from a Japanese Tea Garden!  The entire place was just so incredible and I tried to get a little bit of everything in one shot.

Prehistoric Tea

Prehistoric Tea





Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

79 thoughts on “Prehistoric Tea Anyone?

  1. Great photo! Love the lighting and feel of it.

  2. Very nice colours and atmosphere

  3. Keep ‘dragging’. ‘Bragging’ is also allowed!!! Indeed pre-historic and I LOVE it!!!

  4. Lovely and yes different. Japanese gardens are beautiful!

  5. I just LOVE how you processed this one, Laura. Keep those images coming, drag it out for as long as you can, because it is those like me who will be there to cheer you on!! Thank you! Love, Amy

    • Aww thank you Amy :))))) I really appreciate your support and friendship through the blogisphere!

      • I hope you know I feel the same, Laura. *she says as she bites her nails deciding what filter to use to shoot Niagara Falls with* Hehehehehe These weather – peeps know not what they say. Keep your fingers crossed that the day we have decided to go, is overcast with barely any wind. IF that is the case, I can use my CP filter. IF flowing water is still evident, I will have to change filters to one of my ND filters ….. OH! Decisions! IF sunny I will have to use my ND400, GROAN, which I did not want to do! Butterflies in stomach ….. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

  6. You managed to capture this garden just perfect, if you ask me!

  7. It Does look like dinosaurs should be roaming in those trees – I just can’t see them! Bother these glasses! 🙂

  8. It certainly looks an amazing place!

  9. Otherworldly…

  10. Tea……the best drink in the world…..evs!!

  11. I really like the bright but not harsh center with the vignetting.

  12. The lighting and colours in this are fantastic!

  13. Amazing – certainly looks prehistoric Laurs

  14. Wonderful… I wonder if those mushroom shaped things are meat eaters.

  15. LOL … Yep looking very prehistoric. Roar! … 😀

  16. Love this shot Laura. I’m just waiting for the T-Rex to stomp out between those trees 🙂

  17. Yes, prehistoric – not quite real…or at least not of this time. I do like the shot and processing.

  18. It is unusual…Love the interesting colors and shapes.

  19. Prehistoric sounds perfect for this, that is what it looks like. Great call, great photo.

  20. Think I’d really like this place, beautiful.

  21. Beautiful shot, Laura. A bit of everything. It looks like a window, with a view of a wonderland. Love the green and brown colours 🙂

  22. yes. I hear you.
    just waiting for a diplodocus head to appear.

  23. I’m very fond of the late cretaceous.

  24. It really does look prehistoric or otherworldly! Now if you can just add in a T-Rex……..

  25. It does look pre-historic. It looks like a set for one of those vintage sci-fi movies 🙂

  26. Sorry, late here–I’d love to see an impressionist treatment of this!

  27. Jurassic Crumpets – a truly mammoth undertaking. Excellent composition. 🙂

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