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Hayward Japanese Tea Garden – Nestled In


I’ve been a bit under the weather for the past week and hopefully will get out this coming week to take pictures.  Fortunately I have a few more from the Japanese Tea Garden plus Monochrome Madness on Tuesday!

Hayward Japanese Tea Garden

Hayward Japanese Tea Garden







Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

39 thoughts on “Hayward Japanese Tea Garden – Nestled In

  1. an artistic impression
    for enjoying tea, laura!
    may your day be
    relaxed & warm 🙂

  2. I have to go out and shovel the weather but I’ll keep warm with your beautiful tea garden in mind.
    Hope you feel better!

  3. You really did have a productive day there. Hope you’re feeling much better very soon!

  4. What a beautiful, serene, magical place 🙂
    Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  5. Get better soon, and I hope by then the weather will have cooperated on both coasts (I hear you need rain).

  6. Laura, I think about you all the time and hope you are starting to feel better. I want to get out and take pictures soon also. I am sick and tired of cold and snow here. Come on Spring, so much to take pictures of in the Spring! Get Well Soon Laura! 🙂

    • Aw thank you Mitch! I swear, I start feeling better and then wham, I get a cold and it’s a humdinger. Hopefully it will be over soon and hope you get some spring soon!

  7. *sighs* If I ever get as talented as you are in the editing room …. Oh, Laura, this is stunning!!! FYI …. My next post on Niagara Falls I mention both you and Leanne. You will see why! GRIN! Hope you are feeling better. Love, Amy

    • Aww Amy…we each have our own talents we bring to the table. Don’t you wish we could take the good parts from all of us and make one photographer? lol I’ll look for your post! I’m off to watch House of Cards with a blanket and my cough syrup. Thank you Amy! BIG HUGS

      • (((HUGS))) and stay warm, Laura!!!! Get well! xxoo Amy

        • Thanks Amy. I’m pretty depressed about this right now. I haven’t left the house in a week. You really know who your friends are when the chips are down. I appreciate your. Concern Truly hugs

          • Aw, Laura! Don’t I know about “friends” disappearing when the chips are down. Know that one is spades. I’m not going anywhere. I’m the type of friend who would be bringing over home made chicken noodle soup for you. I wish I could. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy ….. This too will pass. Lots of Vita C and Echinecea. Hot teas. Water water water. Rest rest rest. I really am here for you!!! xxoo

          • Thank you SO much! It’s kind of depressing when friends sort of disappear and don’t communicate on the hard stuff. I should be used to it by now. Hubby is so good to me though and Im so lucky to have him in my life! I’m giving to watch tv now..,,going to the clinic tomorrow early. Big hugs Amy! Have a good night. Xoxoxo

  8. Be well soon Laura! 😊

  9. I never got into House Of Cards but it’s nice to have something to binge on when you’re not feeling well. Get better! And love the tea garden series you’ve got going on. Very soothing.

  10. Such a lovely spot Laura. I hope you are feeling better ..

  11. Hope you are feeling better, Laura. A tranquil spot. I really like the reflections in the water.

  12. Love all of these images from the garden.

  13. Such a wonderful image, it brings you right into the garden. I am going to stop and visit the next time I am in the area now that I now where it is located.

    • Thank you Charlie. It was a bonus that it was cloudy out. The light isn’t so harsh that way. Let me know when you go. I’d like to hear what you think of it.

  14. I would love to visit there!!! It’s so peaceful!

  15. Now THAT is a dreamy place! What a lovely photo. Someday, take me there in person, please, but for now, thanks for the vicarious visit!!! ❤

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