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One Year Anniversary! – Monochrome Madness 52


A year ago, Leanne and I were chatting and she mentioned it would be fun to start a weekly monochrome challenge.  We brainstormed for a title of it and came up with MMC.  I do love the “madness” of it all….more like organized chaos lol.   But on a serious note, I can’t believe it’s been one year since this fun challenge started.  Truly incredible!   And of course Monochrome Madness would never happen without all the hard work Leanne puts in on this challenge every week, so a huge “THANK YOU” to Leanne!  We really appreciate it!  🙂

The challenge asked that we share our favorite image from last year plus (if we wanted) a gallery of some of the year’s past images.  The image I chose to share is of the Palace of Fine Arts in SF.  I chose it because of the perspective and light, plus I kind of like how I processed it.   It was the first time I used my 14-24mm lens, and I was amazed what I could see with it.

A gallery of some of my previous MMC images is included below.   Enjoy and thank you for participating!

Before Me

Before Me

For the entire gallery, please check Leanne Cole’s blog.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

83 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary! – Monochrome Madness 52

  1. Laura I really enjoyed going through some of your MM photos, whilst loving all of them there were a few that really struck a chord with me and Ive commented… Just lovely 🙂

  2. I can’t believe it has been a year either Laura, some wonderful images here, I’ve loved doing this with you, it has been wonderful.

  3. Amazing photos! I love how one can feel the atmosphere just by looking at them. 🙂

  4. An awesome achievement and lovely photos 🙂

  5. Congratulations for this amazing achievement!! Because of this initiative: I discovered several sites that I continue to follow and I can see since yesterday their own presentation of their 1 year MM :-). Great initiative!!

  6. Have enjoyed your blog ever since I found it 🙂

  7. Can’t believe it has been a year. I have enjoyed it very much.

  8. It’s nice to remember some of your amazing images, wonderful gallery.

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  10. I love seeing all of these beautiful images! A whole year of MMC I can’t believe it. What a pleasure to get to enjoy your work for the past year, and your comments too!
    I remember the image you did for the first week, well maybe it was the first week I saw MMC. A lone oak tree with hills behind. It was stunning. You are very diverse in your subjects which makes it so fun to learn and enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing so much!

    • Thank you so much Carrie! I’ve enjoyed this past year so much and it’s been fun getting enjoying each other’s progression in photography. I’m amazed you remember my first image! I was so lucky to get that one. I think I took it when I first started photography, although I reprocessed it later lol.

      • Well, it left an impression on me 🙂 I have always wanted to have an opportunity to capture an image like that. There are always power lines, more trees or the background is distracting…one day it will happen.

  11. Absolutely stunning work Laura. This work by Leanne has been amazing, it’s just a great way to showcase so much talent and get turned on to other amazing blogs!

  12. Fun isn’t it to look back over a year to remember where we have been.

  13. Fantastic review of your monochrome year, Laura. Beautiful work.

  14. I really like the tangled coneflower pic!

    • Thank you Michael! That one was a fun one. I did most of it in photoshop, sent it to myself in an email and then used Tangled FX on the iPad to create that tangled middle. Now I have Topaz Glow so I wouldn’t have to do that in the future. Just all fyi! lol

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  16. Great choices for your gallery. I have enjoyed all your photos this past year. Thanks for initiating this with Leanne. Warmest wishes.

  17. Thank you both, you both are an inspiration to me. You both have such talent as do the participants. I get new ideas everytime. Love these photos…

  18. Wow one year! How fab to see these images again Laura! 😀

  19. Beautiful selection of images Laura, you are a very talented photographer. So grateful to you and Leanne for creating this feature, great to have the inspiration to make black and white images and to see the work of other photographers. 🙂

    • Why thank you Katie! I think I’m improving and honestly, seeing everyone else helps me a great deal. It’s always nice to have inspiration and help from fellow photographers. 🙂

  20. This is a gorgeous sample of all the work you did this year!

  21. Awesome shots and wonderfully grand vision. =) Congrats.

  22. It’s been the best year Laura – sharing our love of Photography and MM.. and getting to know you! 🙂
    Your work is wonderful and I love the works you’ve showcased here… The one that stays in my memory is ‘Surfer Girl’.
    So good that you and Leanne started all of this Madness 🙂

  23. A definitely mad fiesta for sore eyes 🙂

  24. What can I say except how you have inspired me!!! Thank you (and Leanne) for Monochrome Madness or I my vision may never have come to the fruition it has here on WordPress. Your images are so beautiful and your technique is perfection!! A beautiful gallery Laura and your top photo of the Palace is so classical!! It reminds me of those architectural sketches from the 1800’s. Also the butterfly and the lone tree are favourites!!

  25. Happy Anniversary Laura. You and Leanne show that monochrome can be just as dramatic and beautiful as color. Please keep sharing them. -Max-

  26. Happy Anniversary, Laura. I’ve really enjoyed this series since I found it last year. Many thanks to you and Leanne and keep up the good work.

  27. Congratulations on a full year of Monochrome Madness. I’ve loved the photos and the few times I participated were fun. I love the picture of the Palace of Fine Arts. Lovely.

    I haven’t forgotten about my goal to write a sci fi story for that amazing photo you took. I have to go back and find that. I’ve been busy with a book we’ve had some interest in. But I want to do it! I’ll let you know when I get to it.



  28. Congratulations to you and Leanne. It’s one of my favorite things about the week. Cheers!

  29. breathtaking imagery!

  30. I have enjoyed your many fine monochrome photos i Leanne’s madness – your favorite is great, I like the perspective too. But my favorittes among your photos are “Enlightenment” (the light!), Tangled Coneflower (The wonderful composition). And most of all: The last one of the amazing tree and adventurous and dramatic sky!

    • Thank you very much! I like the tangled coneflower too. That one seems to be a favorite as well as that gnarly tree. Who knows what Will be in store for Year 2!

  31. It’s been a very interesting year, Laura — there was always something to learn (even those weeks that I didn’t participate 🙂 ) Beautiful gallery picks here from this year. I’m looking forward to the next 52 weeks!

  32. Oh, how I love each of these photos, Laura, but the Palace of Fine Arts is just spectacular. I remember seeing it when you first posted it and commenting on it then! What a wonderful challenge MM has been for so many. For me, it opened my eyes to the possibilities of B&W photography and allowed me to spread my wings. Congratulations on the first year!

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