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California Spring!


Spring has sprung in the Bay Area!

A couple weeks ago my husband and I took a drive out in the east bay hills and it was velvet green everywhere…mustard grass and lavender adorning the hills.  Winter and spring are the seasons for green here in my beautiful state.  In the summer and fall, California is brown and is why it’s called “The Golden State”.  The green doesn’t last too long around here either so these precious views are something to enjoy while they last…and especially now because we are in a severe drought.  In the meantime…enjoy the velvet!


Green Hills of the East Bay

Green Hills of the East Bay



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

81 thoughts on “California Spring!

  1. Too beautiful… I love the little, winding lane.

  2. Great shot! 🙂

    Here’s link to an old Jethro Tull song, entitled “Velvet Green”:

  3. So pretty!! I love it when spring is about to begin and you start to see baby animals and daffodils and plenty of green grass!

  4. Beautiful green! Looks like there is some interesting geology going on in those hills…pretty place for a drive!

  5. So pretty we are not that green down here! Wish we would get rain!

  6. That is absolutely LUSCIOUS looking! In my state of CO the greens aren’t even this green when we’re not in a drought…and we’ve been in a drought for over ten years now. SO tired of looking at brown! Lucky you for getting to see that gorgeous sight!

    • Last year we weren’t even green because we had maybe one or two days of rain. We’ve had more this year but we could sure use more. This green will be gone in a week I’m sure. Glad you enjoyed the luciousness! 🙂

  7. Beautiful Green Hills! Great photo, Laura!

  8. Love the colors. Hoping to be out there in a couple of weeks and experience it anew. Way better than the 105″ of snow we’ve had here in the Boston area.

    • Wow Audrey….yes, I’m sure it will be a lot warmer than Boston is. I hope it’s still green by then. If we don’t get anymore rain it might not be. But there won’t be snow. That I can guarantee! lol

  9. Wonderful photograph! Spring is arriving in this part of the world too…

  10. Wow, just a beautiful scene.

  11. Great scene, perfectly composed. I’ve never seen that green color in all the times I’ve been to that part of California, it’s always the golden brown.

    • Well I’m not surprised since we haven’t had much rain lately in the last few years. It used to last at least a few months but now it’s here for a few weeks and then “poof” gone. 😦 Glad you enjoyed seeing it!

  12. Beautiful green road!! It reminds me of Ireland!!

  13. Great shot as always, Laura and thanks for the reminder to make the most of out all too brief ‘greening season’.

  14. I liked this in your other post (Green Hills of the East Bay, also. 🙂

  15. Oh those green hills are wonderful ..

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  17. Beautiful capture, beautifully framed, beautifully edited. This image I actually groaned out loud as I viewed it. Just seeing the GREEN and then looking out my window and still seeing white … must I say more? Thank you for giving me this image of Spring to hold on to, Laura. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Thank you Amy! I have to admit I cracked a small smile and chuckle that you looked at your white after the green. But hopefully it will be ending soon for you. You guys really got pelted this year! Glad I could give you a bit of the green velvet! 🙂

      • Gee, so happy to make you giggle, Laura. Honestly, if I could, I would be making arrangements to high tail it out of here. Just the thought of another winter makes me groan out loud. Enjoy YOUR velvet while it lasts. Drink it all in, Laura. It is really gorgeous!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

        • I would be happy to have you visit!

          • I would LOVE that, Laura. Yet to step out of my Life is just so darn difficult. If it were just me and hubby, no prob. Wow, I am really touched!!! So much of my Life is for others and I honestly don’t have the “freedom” to come and go as I would like to. (((HUGS))) Amy

          • hugssss you are beautiful amy!

          • Some days I examine my sanity to check and make sure it’s still there. LOL I hope I still have oomph in me when this “phase” of my Life is over, and it will be some day, (Truth is I dread saying goodbye to all these precious babies of mine … gulp!). That is when my dream of travel I HOPE comes true. Until then, I finish what has been begun here, and in the meantime, try teaching Vets that there is more to medicine that pills and surgery. And then I squeeze in my passion for photography. I’m like a time zapper. LOL I dive in between time in order to do all I do. Yep. Sure do! GRIN!

          • I learned a LOT about feline nutrition when I had my beloved Hobbes (sniffles). He always had health issues and honestly a lot of it stemmed from the crappy dry food I was feeding him (at the recommendation of the vet!). It gave him megacolon and a host of other issues. I learned that they protein, real protein so I switched him to Wellness Wet chicken food and he did so much better after that but alas he was older and a bit too late. He lived a good life though and made it to 18! I’m glad you take care of the kitties but I’m sure it’ll be nice to get out and travel too! 🙂

          • Laura, one of my FLUTD’s when he was 2 years old, blocked and had to have surgery. The horrors I witnessed with just that … and then the Vet recommended dry food, the WORST thing you can give a FLUTD cat. I trusted the “experts” but one day came, when this cat, who loved to eat, dragged his fanny to his dish and just picked and said in general, “I HATE this stuff.” That is when I jumped into action and did a LOT of research at which point I learned cats are obligate carniovores. Vets know diddly squat sh&t when it comes to nutrition, THE most important aspect of a cats’ life, if you ask me. To this day I buy what I deem as top shelf food. Yes that same cat is still alive, and looking SO healthy. I also do NOT vaccinate any of my cats, convinced that the vaccines compromise and injure their immune systems, thereby causing disease. I had one cat die as a direct result of a Rabies vaccine. I’ve had some hard lessons, believe me, and I no longer trust easily any Vet. The ones I do have now, after what they saw us do with Rusty, respect us finally and speak to me as if I am one of them. They know I know medicine, plus I have much knowledge about alterative medicine they do not. People are so blind, and it takes forever to convince anyone that what they declare as medicine and truth, is really not. I have a sister, who when told by me that she is feeding her cat all wrong (dry food) was told “Oh, but it is organic.” Even in telling her cats eat ONLY meant, she was still insistent because this cat hunts, she is getting her protein. Wow. Really? Anyways … LONG story short, I’ve been up the lake down the river with trying to educate others that what they are doing is wrong and that there really is a better way. Yes, Laura, those hard lessons we learned we never forget. Do we? (((HUGS))) Amy

          • I completely agree!! Hobbes only made it to 18 because I finally did some research and switched his food when he was about 10. The vets are not taught nutrition much and are marketed that garbage dry food from companies that make that stuff like “Science Diet”. Science my foot! I remember the first day I gave Hobbes wellness wet chicken food and he scarfed it up and looked at me so satisfied! I swear I could see it in his face. Glad we both learned the lesson. I’m ready for my next pet now!

          • Good for you, Laura. It always takes a while for the massive pain to subside, and when you get to a day when you are ready, you know. That is how Karma came into my life. I had just lost a cat called Alpha, due to doing just about everything wrong (talk about hard lessons!) and about 6 months after we had to put her down, I was sitting on our couch and I had this powerful feeling to get another cat. I forget who I called but I was told that day a “kitty wagon” would be in my whereabouts. So, I went. That is where I met Karma, this tiny bundle of orange and white, who, upon smelling me, went CRAZY! He cried, he frantically clawed at the cage, and when I picked him up, he clung to me. Laura, I swear he was Alpha come back because honest to Pete, it was like he KNEW me and NOTHING was going to stop him until I took him home. I took him home. *tears* To this day, 16 years later, he is my Karma, my King, and I do not know what I will do when he is no longer with me. That’s the downside to having fur family. We outlive them, and they become SO LOVED it becomes heart breaking when we have to say goodbye. So I understand totally what you have gone through with Hobbes, and when your Heart directs you, YOU will again probably be with Hobbes, just in another form. Love never dies …. I have a few cats like that. The rest no. LOL There is this feeling, a recognition of energy that brings you to the acknowledgement that once again you are with a BeLOVED. Call it nuts. But that is what it is. I am SO excited for you. Please keep me updated! Or who knows, another totally different “spirit” will be ready for you to take home. It depends on whether or not Hobbes is willing to stay at the Rainbow Bridge. Some of mine who have come back, I shake me head saying why couldn’t you have stayed on the Other Side? Having as many as I do … it gets tough. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

          • Awwwe I love this! I speak to Hobbes daily and have a picture of him in a frame in my nightstand :). We are remodeling the house this year so I’d like to wait when this has settled down. But I think we will be getting a dog this time. Hobbes will guide me…I know it. I came about him a similar way as you did with karma (love the name btw). I picked up Hobbes and he didn’t want to leave me. So cute. He was soooo shy at first but quickly became a mama’s boy. :))).

          • Then it sounds to me like Hobbes will be staying where he is to guide you. How attached we become and how quickly. So small my Karma was he was smaller then this tiny PINK hhehehehe teddy bear. He seemed so sad and I picked up on he was missing his Mama. So I gave him Buddy (teddy bear) which he still has to this day. I made the mistake of washing Buddy ONCE … I’ll never do that again. LOL Karma was so angry at me when I washed all those good smells off, that he wouldn’t even look at me, not giving me the time of day, for about 3 days. Funny what I remember and to think Hobbes came into your life in a similar way. Something else we have in common. 🙂 Oh, and Karma weighs about 13 pounds today so he is a lot bigger then Buddy. He still to this day cuddles with him. I NEED to get a shot of that! Yep, I will! 😀

          • I think Hobbes is staying there too. What an angel he is! And oh dear! You dared to wash that teddy bear! They are so funny how they let you know they’re displeased lol!

  18. LOve your image, Laura. You shoot great pictures.

  19. So beautiful ! Where ist there?

    • There is at a regional park called Black Diamond Preserve where there is a coal mine from the 1800’s. I rarely go to that area but I saw it on the internet somewhere and thought it would be cool to see. The mine was closed that day though so I took pics of the hills.

  20. Beautiful green velvet hills! The few times I have been in Northern California the hills have always been golden.

  21. Just stunning! 🙂

  22. Exquisite photo, and oh so inviting. 🙂

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