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Monochrome Madness Year 2 Begins!


I can’t believe it’s already the second year of MMC! Amazing.   For this year, Leanne is going to be taking the helm solo and steering us into more wonderful monochrome fun.  I’ll still be here posting as usual so have no fear!

This image was taken on Mt. Diablo in December.  I had to dig into my archives to find an unprocessed photo.  Hopefully I’ll be out soon taking more pictures!

Fog Peek

Fog Peek

Please check Leanne Cole’s blog out later today for the entire gallery.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

53 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness Year 2 Begins!

  1. Another solid photo from you, Laura. Love the clouds smack in the middle. They look like fluffy pillows, almost looking like a gigantic bed. I also spy a bit of sunshine shining down on them. Brilliant capture. Hope you are doing well, Laura, and that your week has been good 🙂

  2. Yes! I had a feeling it was mount diablo!

  3. Superb mood and depth.

  4. This photo is so good in Mono… love it

  5. What a gorgeous sight and a beautiful mono image Laura.

  6. I hope you will be able to Laura

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  8. this photo is nothing to sneeze at Laura! 🙂 Hope you’re feeing better soon.
    Love the photo. ~ Dave

  9. A stunning photo. Almost feels like it’s captured in moonshine.

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  11. This is magic. Beautiful.

  12. So cool. It looks spooky yet awe inspiring all at once.

  13. Beautiful image Laura. I love the God rays streaming through.

    • Thanks Hannah….what’s funny is that this was taken on my old camera with that crummy 18-200mm lens. I don’t have that lens or camera anymore and I can see a huge difference in the shots! I need to get out and take some pics lol.

  14. Stunning image, I wish I was standing there right this minute.

  15. Great shot Laura. So another year begins. Must remember next week 🙂

  16. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

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