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Rufous Hummingbird


As you know, lately I haven’t been able to get out much because of this dastardly cold.  I do feel like I’m inching my way to wellness though, so yay for that!  In the meantime, I was out on our deck yesterday late afternoon and noticed a Rufous Hummingbird enjoying the food I’ve put out so I hurried inside to get my camera.  I fired off 6 shots and came inside to load them onto the computer.  I was really happy to see I got this one.  He is flying proud!

They are dynamic little birds!  They migrate such a long way!  I’ve also noticed I can HEAR the difference in the way their wings flap vs. the Anna’s Hummingbird I posted a few weeks ago.  I’ve included a link to a fascinating article about these hummingbirds that you might want to check out:  Rufous Hummingbird Article

Bird Pride

Bird Pride




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Journey of a Body on this Earth

130 thoughts on “Rufous Hummingbird

  1. Wow the lens thing is fast…

  2. Gorgeous shot! We don’t have these flying jewels here in England.. the closest we come is the hummingbird moth. Those I get every summer… but not quite the same 🙂

  3. You’re humming captures are amazing Laura. Those feeders really come in handy, don’t they 🙂 Bravo my dear!

  4. What a great shot Laura! ❤ Feel better sooon! ❤ ❤

  5. That’s a really wonderful portrait! We usually see ruby-throats in Minnesota; I’ve only seen the rufous variety in photos, but yours is the best I’ve seen yet. Woot!

    • Oh wow thank you! He was in a perfect position…showing off I’m sure. 😉 The ruby-throats?? I’ll have to google them. We have Anna’s too and they have an iridescent colored throat too but more deep purple.

  6. Stunning shot, Laura!!! My mouth dropped open. Good grief, you are good!!! This hummer is absolutely priceless! When see this close up, these birds are like magic in of themselves. Thank you for doing this!!! And I am so glad you are feeling better. Love, Amy

  7. I love the hummingbird photo!

  8. Absolutely amazing Laura. Glad you are improving

  9. Fabulous photo! Glad you’re feeling better.

  10. nice how she
    stayed still
    & posed for you 🙂

  11. Fantastic shot Laura

  12. Good shot! Congratulations on getting another humming bird image and for just getting out!

  13. I adore these little birds, probably my favorite. my mother fed them every summer in Michigan when they would return by making her own mix for them. On any day, I can sit on my stoop and here the distinctive chirp they make, not long before they visit the flowers near me. Hummmmmmm!!

    • I love them too John. It’s nice to have memories like that! Their wings also have a distinctive sound. Different than the Anna’s Hummingbirds we get here too. They are just adorable and so tiny! Hummmm!!

  14. What a truly lovely post and awesome capture of this beauty, Laura.
    Glad to see you are improving, get well soon.

  15. Because the Anna’s and Rufous are both so fast, I find listening to the wingbeats is an excellent way to quickly differentiate and identify them. I’m glad you are healing, Laura, and taking in what surrounds you. And your photo, as always, is a work of art. 😀

    • I’m glad you recognize the different sounds as well! They are indeed fast little birds. Thank goodness for the continuous burst on my camera lol. I really appreciate your comment Jet, thank you. 🙂

  16. Definitely one to be proud of Laura 🙂 These little beauties must be about the best medicine for you right now!!

  17. Oh.. This is a wonderful capture Laura – what a precious little fellow 😃

  18. Wow Laura … what a neat capture. He is very proud indeed! Sorry to hear that you aren’t well … damned colds!

  19. Nice shot! they are difficult to photograph since they move so fast.

  20. Great brightness in the chest and great choice of shutter speed MM🍀

  21. Great capture of a beautiful bird.

  22. I was hoping to hear that you were 100% better!! That stinks that the cold keeps hanging on. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. This is an amazing capture, Laura! The colors are exquisite. Do you mind me asking what your camera settings were? I’m trying to work on shooting fast subjects. And one last question, what kind of lens did you use?

    • I’m feeling infinitely better tonight thank goodness! Yay! As for the photo, thank you! I really love these tiny birds. :). I used my 28-300mm @ 300mm 1/800s, f/5.6, ISO 400. 1/800s allows for blurring of the wings. I prefer that rather than freezing the entire bird because I like to show motion. I also had my 51 point focus system set to only 9 focus points and used spot metering. The photo was aggressively cropped too. Hope that helps! Ping me back when you post yours ok? Sometimes I miss posts in the stream. Thanks !

      • That helps a lot, Laura. Thank you for answering my questions. I have a 16-300 mm lens, but the aperture is a bit higher at f/6.3. Now I just need to see if my friend who has lots of bird feeders has a hummingbird one :). Glad you are feeling better tonight!!

  23. Exquisite little bird, beautiful capture, Laura! Love their little feet.

  24. *sniff. So beautiful. At a lost for words. Well done, Laura. Love how the bird looks happy going up as well ❤

  25. One feels the zest for living in this beautiful shot Laura ! Hope you’re having a great day out with that camera today 🙂

  26. Excellent photo, Laura.

    If you have a bright, multicolored or flowery shirt (you know, the one you bought in Hawaii and won’t wear in public or even admit to owning) they come right up to you to check out the colors and you can feel the hurricane force winds from those little bitty wings. Yes, they sound differnt, for sure.

    Do yours yell at you if the feeder is empty? We had a few that would chatter until we paid attention and filled the empty feeders. Yes, feeders, 3 once upon a time, along with the regular bird seed and niger seed for the goldfinches. It used to cost us $50/month to feed all those flying dinosaurs

    • Flying dinosaurs hahaha. I don’t think all of them have found our feeders. We have two up now but they seem to feed one at a time with an occasion fight with them dive bombing each other. And yes! They do have a little hurricane force! One came under our large umbrella when I was out there and literally was a couple feet from my face. I could feel it! He was just staring at me. So funny! And thank you about the photo Robert. 🙂

      • They learn all about you by staring at you, i think, at least as long as it has to do with their food, Rufous are very territorial. We had to move our feeders further apart to keep them all from fighting. We had rufous and anna too. If you can get photos or video of them dive bombing and fighting you might see some of them flying up side down, that is really cool! 😛

        • Oh good idea about the video. That would be so cool! Probably hard to do though. They are definitely territorial! I’m outside now and there was a fight at the feeder.

  27. What a fabulous capture, Laura! Taking my breath away…

  28. Fantastic capture Laura!

  29. Fantastic shot, Laura! Sorry to hear about the cold… Hope you get well soon.

  30. Clever. Quick off the mark. Wonderful picture.

  31. lovely photo. made me smile – brought back fond memories of waiting til spring for their arrival.

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