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“Explore the Elements Travel” Challenge


I have been challenged by my friend Sue Jones to participate in the “Explore the Elements Travel” challenge.  Thanks for the nomination and challenge accepted!  The challenge is about publishing photos that represent the four earth elements, fire, wind/air, water and earth.  I decided to go back into my archives and show some older photos.  If you hover over the image you can see the description. Drumroll please!……..

Part of the challenge asks me to nominate five people.  I think it all ends tomorrow, so my apologies for this late nomination!

1.  Amy @

2.  Pam @

3.  Hannah @

4.  Carrie @

5.  Sarah @


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

54 thoughts on ““Explore the Elements Travel” Challenge

  1. I absolutely love the photo of water at Point Lobos State Park.

  2. Fun idea for a challenge. I particularly like the water image.

  3. Great selection of photos. Perfect for the challenge.

  4. it’s challenging
    but i think i
    see you up there 🙂

  5. Wow. That balloon shot puts mine to shame.

    • Thank you Sue! I took my husband on a balloon ride in Napa Valley for his birthday a couple of years ago and brought my camera. It was such fun and very special one that other balloon got close enough for a shot. 🙂

  6. Fantastic work, I love that balloon!!

  7. I saw Point Lobos for the first time last autumn and I agree with you. What special place. And there were otters!

  8. Very nice, but I half expected you to post a single image of “Shining Star”…actually I must add Point Lobos to my must visit list 🙂

    • Shining star? I’m not sure I understand? That’s the point Lobos, that is definitely a must see if you come to California. I will be going there later this year and my photography is a lot better than two or three years ago when that was taken. Although I did revamp the photo earlier this year. 🙂

  9. Oh sure you nominate me NOW when all my posts are finished for the week. Your images are GORGEOUS, Laura! Fantastic job all the way around. As for me participating, I would LOVE to, but you really know I’ve been under the weather. I am SO touched to be nominated, and I thank you from the bottom of my Heart. And to be first on your list makes me *blush*. Wow. Love to you, my dear friend! (((HUGS))) Amy

    • I wasn’t sure if you wanted to do this or not while you are getting over the cold. But I thought I’d give you the option. 🙂 Thank you for looking and making such nice comments! :))))

  10. An interesting idea and great photos

  11. Drumroll !!! Excellent response to the challenge, Laura!

  12. Wonderful group of photos Laura, especially Point Lobos. Did you see my Point Lobos paintings:

  13. How splendid you had perfect photos to fit the challenge Laura ! We all seem to just LOVE Point Lobos 🙂

  14. Laura, you have represented them all pretty well

    • Thank you Ravi! I had fun picking the photos. That Yosemite photo is one of the original photos I took about 4 years ago when I started photography on my very first camera.

  15. Laura, you have portrayed the four elements beautifully! I would have loved to do this challenge, but I am out of town and didn’t bring my computer 😊. Thanks for the nomination.

  16. Wonderful series, absolutely fantastic!

  17. Wow…Gorgeous images! Really exhilarating!

  18. Beautiful pics .. Love the balloon

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