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More Windmills……


I’m not done with the windmills just yet!  I have a few more before this subject blows over, lol.

This is another image from the Altamont Wind Farm.  Even though the photo was taken in the afternoon, I always get such a surreal feeling when I see these windmills, so I tried to create that here.

Altamont Wind Farm

Altamont Wind Farm


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

79 thoughts on “More Windmills……

  1. Surreal indeed. Like some Sci-fi invasion. Dystopian maybe.

  2. I love this picture! Reminds me of a stormy sea that’s kind of rolling in waves.

  3. Wow! What a sight! Only thing that concerns me about windmills is, do they disturb bird migration? Do those who plan these windmills take birds into consideration? As to your image, again WOW! (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Thank you Amy about the image. 🙂 And yes, when the windmills were first installed there were many deaths of birds. Of course they probably didn’t realize this would happen when they were installed. A new study by the Audubon suggests that the number of eagles, kestrels, burrowing owls and red-tailed hawks killed at Altamont each year has fallen roughly 50 percent since 2005. This was after extensive studies and measures were instituted which include shutting down turbines for several months in the winter when migrating birds cross the area and winds are relatively light and also replacing small, fast-spinning older models with larger ones that are easier for birds to avoid. It’s hard striking the balance between nature and the energy humans need. Hopefully we’ll get better and better with this technology and not disrupt Mother Nature! Thanks Amy!

      • Laura, you have given me Hope for human kind who thinks of Mother Nature before greed and need. Here too many birds have died due to the windmills at the waterfront of Lake Erie but I have yet to hear that anything is being done about it. I am glad somewhere in this world, a difference is being made. That reminds me. I must buy milkweed this year for the butterflies. I have a Butterfly Bush which attracts butterflies, but no milkweed that they both eat and mate with. I know this has nothing to do with birds or windmills, not that I know of, but for some reason it just sparked a “Oh I have to get milkweed”. Go figure. LOL

        • I’m glad I’ve given you hope! The Bay Area is fairly progressive along these lines and for that I’m grateful. Oh yes! Milkweed! I completely forgot. We just planted some beautiful lavender so hopefully that will help out the bees at least. Have I mentioned I’ve highlighted my hair? Since we are posting random comments……hehehehehehe Hope you’re feeling better!

          • No, but happy for you with the highlights. I do that now too and I LOVE it. I have Lavender too for the bees, how about that? I am feeling better after drinking cups of detox tea to get this bug moving!!! And tomorrow I go to Yoga and act like a windmill in the Tai Chi part. Hhehehehehehe

          • omg LOL re acting like a windmill hahaha!! I’m about to go out for the evening. Hope I make it!

          • Keeping my fingers crossed and prayers keep coming. (((HUGS))) Amy

          • I made it Amy! And it was FABULOUS!!! Magic is the best word to describe it actually. So glad I went. 🙂

          • Oh, Laura, I am SOOOO happy for you!!! YAY!!! You are on the way, my friend! You deserve this, oh so much and more. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!! (((HUGS))) Amy

          • Thank you!!! My goodness it’s been a long time coming. *kicks up heels*

          • *Happy Dance* Sure has been a long time coming!!! YAY!!

          • Sure has Amy. Thank you!!! *big grins*

          • To make that grin even bigger, either today or the morrow, a post with the flower I gave you on FB will be up, and yes, of course, I mentioned you. Lil Mac. LOL I am just SO happy for you! Please pace yourself so that you stay welll. (((HUGS))) Amy

          • Thank you Amy!!!! I just ‘liked’ it but really I love it! So sweet…and the Li’l Mac! hehehe Today I’m taking it easy. I can feel I’m not as good as yesterday so today I’m going to get a pedicure and just stay around the house. Thanks for the reminder! Hope you’re doing better!! HUGS!

          • Laura, I AM!!! Sending you an email as to WHY…… I AM SO glad you liked my post. It’s true you know. The more you focus on something, staying in the “positive” of course, the stronger that which is being focused upon becomes. *goosebumps* I pour my everything into my photography, for example, and look how far I have come in just one year or so! More coming via email short but sweet ….. LOL

  4. Surreal, indeed. Viktor is dead on with his comment. Very nice image.

  5. Awesome!
    We have a lot in our Illinois area too! It’s a great thing for our delicate environment!

  6. Nice… Interesting landscape. I know how we want renewable energy etc. it’s interesting how the mills change the landscape. They are huge structures

    • Thanks. 🙂 Yes they do change the landscape but this area isn’t really seen unless you drive on the freeway or back roads in this area. Not many people can see them from houses etc. But I know what you mean.

  7. I love the photograph which is beautifully eerie in a way, and matches the very mixed feelings I have about wind-turbines

  8. I had a comment but then I started reading about highlights and milkweed and I forgot what I was going to say. Love the photo. 🙂

  9. Brilliant capture, Laura. It really is hard to believe that you took this in the afternoon…or at any time of the day at all! There’s a haunting feel about this photos, the grey sky and the still windmills. I hear they make loud noises when they are in motion.

  10. Great shot Laura. Have you ever been over to the Mojave Wind Farm? Take care. -Max-

  11. the windmills could be aliens! Love it Laura!

  12. Laura, this is a nother fine image from you 🙂

  13. It worked. Surreal was what first crossed my mind. Love your work. 🙂

  14. Wow this is brilliant..

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  16. they are so beautiful laura. i love them.ur mesmerizing!

  17. Hey Laura, I reallt love this one, the overall feel, much emotion to this one. Can I ask what program you use for post processing?

  18. Brings to mind driving through the Mojave Desert…thanks for the memories.

  19. Very nicely done…again!

  20. Perfect. That air (no pun intended) of magic-realism is one of the reasons I love the modern wind farms. Like a whole flock of snow geese hanging in suspense….

  21. that is very beautiful 🙂

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