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Monochrome Madness 2-3 – Niles Canyon Railway


This weekend I posted a color image of this caboose from the Niles Canyon Railway and today I thought I’d show it in Black and White.  I kind of like this in black and white.  What do you think?  I’ve included the color image too in case you missed it in my earlier post.


Western Pacific Railroad

Western Pacific Railroad

Please check Leanne Cole’s blog out later today for the entire gallery.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

56 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness 2-3 – Niles Canyon Railway

  1. Normally I would opt for the B/W of this scene, but the colour, especially the happy juxtaposition of that of the train and the T-shirts, makes the boy stand out

  2. Looks good in both. Great shot!

  3. The B&W works way better IMHO and the child and adult really make this shot. You have captured the innocent adventurer with the loving but fearful guardian. MM 🍀

  4. Wow that converts so well… beautiful…

  5. I wondered how this would look in b&W…I do like the red (not a bright red) of the color, but prefer the rendering of the sky in the B&W – a bit less light fall off that surrounds the caboose. There you have it, a reply without answer the question 🙂

  6. I prefer the color in this case. IMO the impact if the lighting is lost in the B&W and the subjects are not isolated as well as in the color version.

  7. While I like them both I like the colored one better. I reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting, which I always liked. Well done!

  8. I like them both too, but prefer the color version which looks more like a painting than a photo. It definitely has that Norman Rockwell appeal.

  9. When I saw it in BW I loved it. Yes, the little boy is not as vivid but it settles into monochrome beautifully. What a treasured moment you captured 🙂

  10. Great photo! I like both.

  11. Great photo! I like both!

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  13. wonderful in monochrome and I love the image!!

  14. I am a huge fan of big trains and I found the B & W treatment of this subject to be very eye catching.

    • I’m glad you love trains Charlie and find this image appealing. It’s funny, even though this was a very red train, my original thought was B&W but I did color first because my husband likes color. 🙂

  15. OK, you asked for our thoughts, and I believe in an honest answer. The original image is quite striking and has the immediate appeal of a very carefully-choreographed HDR treatment. The monochrome version has a different and more powerful impact, with a much-less intimate rendering of the people, and is overall more inviting to imagine oneself stepping into the picture. In both images, however, I feel that the heavily-burned vignetting is overdone, and I’d like to see a more gentle treatment. When I first began to look at them, the monochrome drew me in more, but as I considered, I find the color version more friendly and appealing. The inclusion of the man and boy add a wonderful spark of life to an already satisfying still life image.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. Normally I don’t post photos to be analyzed but in this case I truly wondered which people preferred. I think that heavy vignetting in the color version should be reduced. Infrared Robert pointed out that the sky in the monochrome version looks better because you can see the clouds around the caboose. Thanks again! Much appreciated!

  16. Nice shots, Laura. Cool.

  17. From one bottle of well-aged wine to another, I like them both….. I cannot figure which I like more..

  18. I will not choose, not this time, Laura. Both are perfect! I LOVE them both. HA! I just saw what Raj said! Good! I am in good company then!! Hehehehehe Love, Amy

  19. I prefer the mono version… compliments the subject perfectly

  20. Both are spectacular… but the b&w really speaks to me… great work as always!

  21. Hi Laura, B&W all the way for me. I just feel it’s more dramatic and has more depth overall. Have a good 10 days off!

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