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Monochrome Madness 2-4 – Monochrome Mayhem


This is a scheduled post because I won’t be around today, but I didn’t want to miss this week’s Monochrome “M”.   The challenge was to take a photo of something to do with the letter “M”, so I chose Monochrome Mayhem.  I will respond to comments just as soon as I can.  Thank you!

This image was actually taken on my iPhone from the car one night in San Francisco.  I looked out my window and saw this amazing display of graffiti.  It filled up the wall space so well, including the garage door, that I felt it was “in your face” or chaotic so I thought the word “mayhem” would fit.  🙂

Monochrome Mayhem

Monochrome Mayhem

Please check Leanne Cole’s blog out later today for the entire gallery.


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

11 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness 2-4 – Monochrome Mayhem

  1. Interestingly, I have chosen monochrome for my pics today

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  3. It is sometimes difficult to ponder what is in the mind of some of today’s artists. Whomever did this “painting” is amazing. To take an everyday blank wall and create something that will no doubt make others stop in their tracks….again, amazing. Thanks Laura

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