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I’m Baaaack!


Well it was a fantastic 10 days at the San Francisco Giants Spring Training in Scottsdale, Arizona along with a stop over at Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  The latter two were a whirlwind but we really enjoyed the beauty Arizona has to offer.  I really can’t wait to go back!

I wasn’t camera obsessed on this trip, mainly because we were mostly busy with baseball.  🙂   We attended a special BBQ after one of the games and their photographer took a photo of us which I included in the small gallery below.

We saw so many beautiful places but I really didn’t get out my camera until we got to Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  I did take quite a few iPhone photos and posted a few on my instagram which you can see by clicking on the sidebar where it says “Instagram”.    Even in Sedona and the Grand Canyon I didn’t take that many pictures.  We really did these two places in kind of a whirlwind but I do have some pics which I’ll be posting over the next few days.

The two landscape images are quite different but they are the first two I started working on.  I had to start somewhere!  One is of the Grand Canyon taken from a helicopter.  What a great way to see the enormity of this incredible National Park.  The other image is from the Sonoran Desert Preserve in Scottsdale.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

69 thoughts on “I’m Baaaack!

  1. welcome back.. and Happy Easter 🙂

  2. Nice to have you back 🙂

  3. Welcome back, great pics and love your smile! Have an awesome Easter you two. 🙂

  4. Welcome back and beautiful photos. Have a blessed Easter tomorrow.

  5. Yay! Hope you had a fantastic time! Beautiful photos btw – and I just love the pic of you both! 😀

  6. I need to come back to really get into these images. OH how I can just fall into all 3! Laura, you look radiant, and I really mean that! Healthy, happy, the best I know you have felt in a very long time! The helicopter shot is amazing as is your second one. I have barely been online but I still missed you. I bug bit me … here it has been weeks of fighting it off, and boy did I get whammed! High temps I have not seen since a kid and other nicities. You really didn’t miss too much over at Petals. Happy Easter to you and your Loved ones …. especially Big Mac! LOL Sending Much Love to you, (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Oh wow you are still sick! You probably had what I had. 😦 I hope it leaves you soon. I hope you’ve seen the doctor with your high temps. I had it for six weeks! Crazy!

      I hope you have a Happy Easter too and that you can enjoy it a bit even though you’re sick. Much love from Little Macky (and Big Mac too!). 🙂

  7. that canyon is amazing.

  8. All three good shots. Welcome back! 🙂

  9. I don’t know what Instagram is, but I like the result

    • It was first developed for mobile photography only but people post their regular pics on there. I choose to still use it for mobile photography only just because I then have a place to store all those images. 🙂 Thank you Derrick!

  10. Welcome back Laura! I admire you for taking the helicopter – but the resulting image was worth it – the Canyon is so difficult to get “right” – mostly due to haze and you did manage to capture the magic of the light in the desert around Sedona…

    • Thank you Robert! There was indeed a lot of haze and taking it through the window was even harder. Not all of them came out, especially when we were into the sun. I’m looking forward to processing some more. And from Sedona too. 🙂

  11. A fellow Giants Fan! Thank Goodness! I love Sedona!

  12. Welcome back and Happy Easter ! I love the picture of the curvy river 🙂

  13. So glad you are back what a great pictures!

  14. Welcome back. Sounds like a great time. That’s a wonderful aerial image of Grand Canyon.

    • We did! Thank you about the image. It was challenging as there were a lot of reflections in the window. It was so incredible being up there like that. What a view!

  15. Beautiful photos, Laura, but I have to say my fav is the last one 😉. I’ll be sure to visit you on Instagram too. So glad you had such a marvelous time!

  16. Lovely portraits of the Grand Canyon and Sonoran Desert , Laura. And the baseball training sounds really fun. Go Giants. 🙂

  17. you look so happy!! Beautiful shots and a wonderful time was had by all ( it sounds!). Happy Easter!

  18. Welcome back! Glad you had a good time. Your pictures are wonderful. I need to take a trip out west. I definitely want to see the Grand Canyon, but I really want to go to Wyoming and photograph the wild mustangs 🙂 Near the top of my bucket list…

  19. Laura, you have a wonderful talent. Great pictures.

  20. beautiful Laura and you look so radiant! ❤

  21. Nice to see you Laura 😀 Really great shot of the canyon and I’m glad you had some time out to just enjoy the ride!

  22. I’m glad that you’re back (or, that you’re back too I might say) and it’s also good to hear that you had a great trip. I tried to read your post from my phone at first, but I quickly realized that photos of Grand Canyon needed a more proper screen!

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