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Sedona, Arizona


I am in love with Arizona!  My previous post attempted to show the beautiful pastel landscape of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Today we are heading up to Sedona, Arizona where the main attraction is its array of red sandstone formations. The formations appear to glow in brilliant orange and red when illuminated by the rising or setting sun.  Please click on an image to see it larger.

Sedona is an absolutely stunning place.  We are going back next year and spending more time here.  One day is just not enough.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

60 thoughts on “Sedona, Arizona

  1. Beautiful pictures of a place I would love to spend a month just exploring, I really like the moon rising picture harks back to Ansel Adams but in colour.

  2. I think I might be in love with it too! Photographer’s delight … 🙂

  3. Ah, Arizona! The four quarters – my favourite US destination – a little Arizona, a little New Mexico, a Little Utah and a little Colorado – heaven! Especially love Mesa Verde.

  4. Sedona is beautiful. It’s certainly a place I hope to return to. Your photos really capture and convey the rich colours.

  5. Impressive lighting. Wonderful photographs.

  6. Beautiful colors and a perfect sky. I love it.

  7. Love how you captured the majesty of the mountains, sky, and the moon.

  8. What is the location of the first photo? I visited Sedona at least 10 years ago, but would like to go back.

  9. The Moon Over Sedona is gorgeous! Makes me want to visit Arizona.

  10. I do understand your love, it is so very beautiful Laura 😀

  11. A desert rat in the making? It only took me a one week vacation to know I had to move, back in ’83. You know, last century. 🙂 Gorgeous photos, Laura.

  12. That’s another classic “Western” movie landscape. It’s also a lot greener than I had imagined Arizona to be. Nice work Laura.

  13. Lovely images of a lovely place

  14. Sedona is not only a gorgeous place, but you have captured it beautifully in these images.

  15. This is an incredibly beautiful area, it reminds me of Monument Valley – to see this landscape in (1995) was an unforgettable experience for me!

  16. Awesome scenery, captured beautifully Laura.

  17. Beautiful photo Laura, just like the Sedona area.

  18. Beautiful photos

  19. How did I miss these? My reader never shared these beauties with me until I happened to scroll down too far…well I am glad I did! So beautiful. The lighting is gorgeous and that moon! Sedona is quite a picturesque paradise. Great time of the year to visit!

    • Funny I’ve had problem with the reader too not sharing people’s blogs. Must be a new feature lol. Thank you so much Carrie! What a place. I didn’t have much time there so we’re going back next year and spending a few days there. I’m glad you like the moon!

  20. Gorgeous shots, Laura. It’s a special place.

  21. David Hawkins used to live in Sedona.

  22. Rich and powerful photos with Sedona showing her colours Laura ! I can imagine you’d like to return as would I . Visited very briefly only a few years ago but at a time when I took just *nice holiday snaps Lol 😉

  23. wow…This is beautiful. Thanks Laura

  24. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I’ve actually seen similar aspects of Arizona when I was a teenager and in fact, still to this day, I have sand from the Painted Desert. Nostalgia is very strong as I deeply gaze at your images. Thank you, Laura. Thank you. Love, Amy

  25. I love Sedona. These are just stunning Laura.

  26. and you’ve captures it’s grandeur and mystery beautifully!!

  27. Fascinating pictures, Laura! The majestic beauty, light and colors of the mountains and the desert are spectacular!

  28. Some say Sedona is more beautiful than the Grand Canyon. Both are incredibly gorgeous! Oak Creek below Cathedral Rock is where I feel in the creek last fall….haha!


    • OHHH! We didn’t see Oak Creek but next time for sure. You can’t see Sedona in a few hours unfortunately. We did our best though! I think I remember that fall!

      • The creek is amazing, especially during fall color! If you want to hike in Sedona, West Fork Trail north on 89A is the most hiked trail in the state and gorgeous even after the fire a year ago.

        • Thank you for that info. I think we will be back for spring twining again next year. I’d like to go back to that Mcdowell desert preserve. I’ll be able to walk on the uneven surface by then. And monument valley! I’d love to see that. Oh and Bryce Canyon and and and…. That part of the country is so beautiful!

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