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Waterbird Regional Preserve


This morning I took my camera club to the Waterbird Regional Preserve in Martinez at the crack of dawn.  There’s a refinery right across the way from the preserve, and I’ve always thought it was such an interesting juxtaposition of nature and man.

I didn’t get anything spectacular but it was a fun outing!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

105 thoughts on “Waterbird Regional Preserve

  1. Great use of reflections, bokeh and the natural light hitting the industrial structures.

  2. I think they are all spectacular, especially the first one. Love them.

  3. You had some fabulous light and reflections Laura! Lovely images as always!


  4. The first one is my fav, they are all top notch shots!!

  5. OMG Laura…these are fantastic captures. I know you do, but I love your camera too, lol. Bravo!

  6. all the right angles
    & colors of Martinez!
    even the gas tanks
    look marvelous 🙂

  7. I think it’s pretty spectacular just getting up at the crack of dawn! 🙂 Your photos are amazing too! Love them all.

  8. Wrapped up, all in a ball. Wonderful pictures.

  9. beautiful pictures…:-)

  10. You didn’t get anything spectacular? Sorry but I disagree! These shots are amazing!!

  11. Great outing, definately worth getting up for.

  12. All of these photos are absolutely breathtaking.

  13. Quite a few residents have cancer from the hydrocarbons around there .

    • UGH 😦 Yeah I’m not surprised. I can hardly stand to be around propane let alone that.

      • I wrote that post a while back about the guy who I fixed his internet and he had some rare form of cancer and his brother was “brain challenged” they lived there their whole lives….

        • I believe those things happen. Some people are genetically set up to be more sensitive than others to different things. I have an ACUTE sense of smell and cannot even sit 30 seconds around propane, detest perfume, cleansers, smoke, ash, etc. The list goes on. What really drives me nuts are people who don’t believe this can happen and slough it off.

  14. Prachtige foto’s Laura.

  15. very beautiful Laura,really beautiful!

  16. Yes, quite the interesting contrast…nature amidst man – certainly we all have to remember that each expedition does not necessarily yield us photographic gold, but that’s OK – it is enough to get out, practice and bring back some beautiful images to remember the day with.

    • I enjoyed trying to find shots there. My lens isn’t quite long enough to take decent bird shots (the pelicans were cropped significantly), so I challenged myself to come up with these. You’re right…practice is just fine and I loved being with other photographers most of all. Thanks Robert.

  17. Where have you been hiding, Laura. It has been a while since I have heard from you. Nice galley here.

    • Thanks Ron. I’ve been trying not to be so obsessive with the blog and all the other social media I do. It gets overwhelming at times. But I have been taking pictures! 🙂

      • You certainly have been practicing the art. The first two months of this year I saw a steep drop in viewers despite posting lots of new travel photography. Most of the decline was from other bloggers here at WP. Things picked up about 6 weeks ago, but I really don’t know where they are coming from. I have resumed posting at flickr and I get a lot of viewers. I do 2 or 3 images per day there.

        • Thank you. I actually was so obsessed with the numbers in all my social media platforms and then I wondered WHY? What do I really gain from it? Nothing. It’s very obsessive to me so now I’m just not going to focus on the numbers. WP and the Nikon FB group is where I focus most of my time. I like it here but even still..sometimes it can be overwhelming with the amount of blogs I follow. Thanks Ron.

  18. Very nice photos of the nature Laura 😀

  19. Love the tones in these Laura

  20. Beautiful light and color in these, Laura! I like the first one and the blackbird in front of the refinery best!

  21. gorgeous light and colour!! pond 1 and 5 and the bokeh are magical!! But even the industrial shot is poetic!!

  22. Love them all! I keep looking and re-looking.

  23. So if they are not “spectacular” for you say so, how about ‘impressive”? The red wing backbird, the pelicans, those little yellow flowers with the sun lighting the clouds? I’d say you are getting pretty darned close to spectacular, perhaps nudging it just a bit, Laura (yes, I even checked definition). 🙂

  24. Gonna have to take you to task on this one Laura, the images are good. I think I know what you are trying to say, but the images really work for me, particularly the last one and pond2. Sometimes if they look too dramatic they just don’t seem real, but here you have turned the ordinary into something that little bit more and create the interest in a much longer lasting way. I like them anyway…and I hope you understand what I am trying to put into words, MM 🍀

  25. OH, come on now, Laura. You say you didn’t get anything spectacular and then you post these jaw dropping images. Your very first one blew me away right out of the water. Are you serious when you say you didn’t get anything special? The unique way you grouped these photos together, each so diffferent from the other. NICE! I know, this is just your way of getting attention. A-huh …. Yep, say oh this aint nothing and wham you hit us with drop dead gorgeous images. The ones of the factory I Love the way you processed them. Very cool, Ms. Laura, indeed. With that, I am hitting the hay. You are one of the lucky ones who I came to visit seeing you are my Lil Mac friend. LOL Love, Amy … with cracked dry hands, blisters, sore shoulders and knees, and buggy eyed with fatigue …. ❤

    • Your comments ALWAYS make me smile. Seriously I am cracking up! I honestly didn’t think much of the images but maybe they’re not so bad after all. :-). I hope you feel better tomorrow! I know that ultra heavy lens of yours is work! Hehehe. Omg btw,,,one of my camera club members has a 300mm 2.8 lens. I thought it was a joke when he pulled that sucker out. It’s a HUGE lens. No thanks. I’ll stick to my regular 300mm zoom. Sheesh! Oh…and I’ll stick with my 105 macro. Whoops. Did I say that????? lol. Feel better Amy! Nite 🙂

      • 300mm? *eyes bug out* For real? I suppose if I were rich I would just out of sheer curiosity buy one of each lenses that appeals to me. And of course I would have so much TIME in order to PLAY because I would be able to PAY others to do all that I do. And you. Mentioning that 100mm + 5mm lens. Sure, rub the salt in the wound. A-huh.
        OK. I really must give credit where credit is due because I honestly saw genius in your images. The dichotomy is just this. What you and I THINK others will really oooh and ahhhh over, seems to fall flat. Then those images that you and I THINK aren’t all that great, folks go nuts over. Go figure. Hhehehehehe
        It’s raining here today SOOOOOO I must dash out today to bring in some food into the house and attempt to catch up on some cleaning. I have to let the blogging go a bit for now. These gardens are taking everything I have and then some!!! Much Love, even though you are a um brat. LOL Love, Amy ❤

        • It is so true! The images I think people will like, they are kind of meh and the ones I think aren’t so great people like. Go figure! I’ve been letting blogging slide too a bit. I’m trying to find a better balance in my life. Sometimes this occupies way too much time y’know? I might take some macros in a bit! You’ve inspired me!

          • Laura, it feels so good not to be blogging right now. I’ve worked so hard getting Petals “known” and improving myself in every way, helping others here as well, and to just not do what I have nonstop for 2 years, yep, feels wonderful. I too am finding Balance in my Life. I shall succeed. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

          • Boy do I relate! hugs!

  26. Laura,

    I liked this series of photos a lot!

    I shoot a lot of wildlife shots in the urban areas of Baltimore County, Maryland, but I have been doing most of it with a 300mm lens and just focusing on the animals.

    Maybe it is time for me to back off on the tight shots for a while?

    You’ve given me some ideas about how to show how animals live among our factories and cities.

    I think I’m going to try capturing the, “juxtaposition of nature and man” on my blog very soon.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  27. How gorgeous….You’ve captured this place beautifully!

  28. I love the lighting in the first one. And the pelicans are one of my favorites – although I’ve never seen one’s with bills quite like that! Beautiful as always, Laura.

    • Thank you Kirsten! I’ve never seen those either. I just googled it. They are American White Pelicans and those bumps are horns. Here’s what wiki says: “The bill is huge and flat on the top, with a large throat sac below, and, in the breeding season, is vivid orange in color as is the iris, the bare skin around the eye, and the feet. In the breeding season, there is a laterally flattened “horn” on the upper bill, located about one-third the bill’s length behind the tip. This is the only one of the eight species of pelican to have a bill “horn”. The horn is shed after the birds have mated and laid their eggs. Outside the breeding season the bare parts become duller in color, with the naked facial skin yellow and the bill, pouch, and feet an orangy-flesh color.”

      • How cool is that?!? Isn’t it amazing how unique things like that happen in nature! I didn’t even know there were so many different species of pelican. I’m obviously sorely lacking in my pelican knowledge 🙂 thanks so much for looking that up and giving me the information. I find stuff like that fascinating. Can’t wait to show my dad your picture and give him the info.

  29. I like the photos! This could be an environmental poster! lol 😉

  30. Like previous comments I have to disagree about the ‘didn’t get anything spectacular’ comment too! The sunlight reflecting off the refinery is beautiful (which is probably a sentence not used very often!)

  31. Great photo! Loved your work so far

  32. This is just sublime Laura 🙂 Peace and tranquility even with the industrial backdrop!

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  35. Very beautiful! … Magical…
    Wish man would take better care of our beautiful Nature… You really show us much more than Beauitiful Pictures here…

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