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San Francisco Skyline


Since a few of you have asked, I thought I’d do a post on my header.  Most of you are probably familiar with the balloon I had as my header for a couple years, and the bad joke I like to make about changing the header is the balloon was getting a little flat.  Yes, I know that is a pathetic joke but I’m easily amused.  🙂

The photo was taken from Fort Baker, on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge, which provides a nice skyline view of SF.  The bridge you see on the left is the Bay Bridge which connects SF to Treasure Island and then from Treasure Island to Oakland.   If I had turned the camera more toward the right, I would get a nice shot of the Golden Gate.  I’ve taken one of the bridge there before and I’d like to go back to get another shot of it now that I know a little more about what I’m doing.

The image was a long exposure and that’s why the water is smooth and the buildings look like they do.  I hope you like the new header because I think it might be here for another two years until I get tired of it and come up with some pun to change it.  lol

SF Skyline from Fort Baker

SF Skyline from Fort Baker

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

109 thoughts on “San Francisco Skyline

  1. Reblogged this on Simple Moments Blog and commented:
    Remarkable blog header by photographer Laura Macky. I don’t think you should ever change this one, Laura, how could you ever get tired of that scene!!

  2. This is such a gorgeous shot Laura!

  3. so serene and beautiful

  4. I love the new header… such a beautiful skyline

  5. One of the best city skyline-pictures I have seen in a very long while!!

  6. I have lived in the Bay Area 30 years and know the SF skyline well, the Headlands too. But I could never quite figure out this angle on your stunning photo. Glad to know now! 😀

    • Wait….you live here Jet? We should get together! It is a great angle. I think there’s a restaurant in Fort Baker now. Not sure how good it is though. Thank you for your comments as always!

  7. I like the header and you’ve given me an idea for a future blog post – thanks 🙂

  8. All the new building just north of The Bay Bridge are incredible. The circular green glass apartment condos are incredible and that Salesforce weird shaped building is amazing…

  9. I hadn’t seen your joke about your old header but somehow I can imagine you saying that. 🙂
    This one of the skyline is really good but then I think all of your bridge shots are awesome.

  10. Wowh…wat mooi Laura. verdiend 5 *****

  11. Amazing photograph and heavenly colors, Laura!

  12. Very nice image. I don’t think I have seen this perspective of SF before. Love the drama going on in the sky. Fiery!

  13. I thought the joke rather good 🙂

  14. Laura, I don’t think anyone will tire of this breathtaking shot. I love the moodiness of it. The blue in it goes well with your site too.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  15. It’s a cracking image Laura and definitely worthy of being around for a couple of years or so.

  16. Reblogged this on My Choice and commented:
    I’ve been there once and now I want to go again…. Thank you Laura!!!

  17. Beautiful header, Laura. I reminds me of an Edinburgh skyline.

  18. Love the header! Magnificent shot, Laura!

  19. San Francisco is such an amazing and beautiful city…You did a wonderful job of capturing that.

  20. You funny lady you…thanks for the information.

  21. That’s a beautiful pic 🙂

  22. It’s been one of my favorites of your shots (that I’ve seen) since its arrival, and I hope it remains for a good long time to come. Why mess with such beauty?

  23. I left my heart in San Francisco. I spent 9 months there in 1967 and didn’t take enough photos. I absolutely love your header.

  24. This header is so perfect, you are going to have to come up with a pretty clever pun when you decide to change it. But, I’m sure you think of something when the time comes. Until then, I’ll love seeing it every time 😊.

  25. I’ve always loved this as a header photo, but honestly love it more in it’s full form. 🙂

  26. a change of header is good.
    we all need a change now and then 🙂

  27. I quite like your header its really striking Laura, I admire it every time I come for a look 🙂

  28. Beautiful photo Laura. 🙂

  29. Fab stuff Laura. Have an awesome weekend.

  30. Dear Laura, love your exquisite capture. As an outstanding photographer you always capture and tell a wonderful story!!!!

  31. It’s a great header, Laura. I like how the cool blue colours and the warm orange hues somehow go very well together. Love your work, as usual. I’m sure you’ll be able to go back soon enough and snap this place again 🙂

  32. I love this header. Your old one was cool but this one is off the charts cool.

  33. Beautifully done, one of my favorite views 🙂

  34. what an image!! It’s perfect, colour and harmony of lines and tone.

  35. Always enjoyed this header, Laura! You remind me I definitely need to take the camera out exploring some new vistas of San Francisco…

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