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North Point

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Chris was inspired by my waterbird park post a few days ago and went to take his own shots. I’m flattered anyone would be inspired by my photography. Thank you, Chris!

baltimore county wildlife

North Point is one of those locations in Baltimore County, Maryland where the photographer can catch a glimpse of wildlife living amongst industrial settings.

Photographer Laura Macky recently took her camera to Waterbird Regional Preserve in Martinez, California and captured a stunning series of photos that show what she calls, “the juxtaposition of nature and man.”

Waterbird Regional Preserve is adjacent to a refinery, and her photos show the gleaming refinery in morning sunlight along with pelicans and wetland vegetation.

Her work inspired me to shoot a series at North Point showing a portion of the Chesapeake Bay where animals live right beside heavy industrial sites and busy shipping lanes.

DSC_0478 The shipping lanes viewed from Fort Howard, Maryland – April 25, 2015

While the lower part of North Point is devoid of industry, it does have views of Sparrows Point, the remnants of Bethlehem Steel, the Constellation Energy power station in…

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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