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The Wall – Grand Canyon


Believe it or not, I still have a couple more images from the Grand Canyon, Arizona.  I’ve been so busy with everything else at home lately that I am just not here as much as I used to be.  Hopefully it’ll calm down soon, but in the meantime….this photo was taken from a helicopter which flew us over this beautiful National Park.

I’ve been trying to push the envelope with photoshop and learn some new things.  I hope I succeeded.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

37 thoughts on “The Wall – Grand Canyon

  1. There is a majestic quiet power to this image that I love. I also really like the similar colors in the sky and into the bottom of the image. It highlights the light and layers so well. Beautiful, Laura.

  2. wow.. what an experience.. and a fantastic shot. The layers are so beautiful. You’ve captured it beautifully

  3. That is beautiful!

  4. That doesn’t look photoshopped

  5. This is absolutely breath taking.

  6. i have also taken a helicopter ride over the grand canyon and yes the windows are dirty LOL. you shot is great and the edit is wonderfully moody.

  7. Does the Grand Canyon need photoshopping? This looks a great photo of a magnificent place

  8. Hey Laura … lovely! It sure is ‘grand’!

  9. Super!from this pic you can ‘smell’ the air

  10. Majestic wall, Indeed!!

  11. Nice image. Would like to see the original just to appreciate the process

  12. Dreamy….Just gorgeous Laura!

  13. Definitely succeeded Laura…..beautiful sumptuous colours.

  14. Amazing beautiful Laura 😀

  15. Wonderful moment with this light, the place is fabulous

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