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Learning Long Exposures (2 photos)


Yesterday morning I met my good friend Dan Shehan for some long exposure lessons.  We zipped on over (hahahahah there really is no zipping in SF) to Baker Beach for some practice with the water.  In the past, I have really only done two long exposures and those were sort of lucky shots, so I wanted to know exactly how to do them from the zen master himself!  lol

While these aren’t the best, I felt they weren’t bad for my “real” first try.  I’m excited to see what else I can do.  For those interested, I used a 10-stop ND filter.

For description and pricing, [Click here]

For description and pricing, [Click here]

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Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

114 thoughts on “Learning Long Exposures (2 photos)

  1. very nice colors in the first photo

  2. Wow, that first one is exquisite!

  3. You done good (lol) Laura. What we should do next is shoot during Golden Hour or at night to get some light trails. LE can be really fun and a very expessionistic way to shoot, for sure. Cheers!

  4. Well done, Laura! So what was the most important thing(s) you learnt??

  5. Beautiful photo Laura. I prefer it in colors.

  6. Very nice Laura! both of them. (x10 ND didn’t know it exists 🙂 🙂

  7. Zipping..? Jet lag.. I’m slow on the uptake.. I know exactly where you took these…

  8. Great pics Laura! Yours give me a reason to try a x10 ND filter myself soon!. Cheers!

  9. Just superb…

  10. Two lovely images Laura

  11. Oh very nice Laura! 😃

  12. Beautifully shot, Laura. The wave effect is very dramatic.

  13. The first one is magnificent!

  14. Love the wave, well done Laura.

  15. These are beautiful and I love the flow of the first one.

  16. I’ve wanted a ND filter for ages, but never got around to buying one.

  17. I’m jealous! would have loved to have been there with you two! Love the second image Laura .. Time for me to buy an ND filter. 🙂

  18. Reblogged this on jaemeetsworld.

  19. Love the first one Laura. Hmm thinks it may be time to get an ND filter.

  20. Beautiful shots Laura!

  21. Gorgeous shots! Love the monochromatic one.

  22. Exceptional, I really appreciate the first !! thank you

  23. I think they are beautiful and a great example of going and just doing it. I liked it enough to share it on a page I help manage geared towards photographers. 🙂

  24. FAB-u-lous, Laura! IMO, these are stunning, out of this world gorgeous, PERFECTION!!! WOW! Just wow!!! I have a 10 stop filter and I KNOW how challenging it is to use it. You just cannot see. Outstanding job, my friend!!! Keep going in the direction you are. Now I am getting the itch to go back to slow shutter speeds. BUT before I do, I must clean my sensor. GROAN. It’s dirty. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    • Thank you so much Amy. 🙂 I focused without the filter first and then put the filter on and switched into manual. A bit of a chore with the mist spraying all over but it was so fun! Ah yes, the dirty sensor syndrome. I have that a lot. We all get expert at cloning out those spots don’t we lol.

      • Heheheheheh LOVE that healing tool. LOL As for exposing my lens without a filter, I just won’t do that. So yes, I struggle to SEE through that darn filter that is so dark, making only marginal imagery possible. The last time I did slow shutter at Niagara Falls ….. GROAN …. HUGE undertaking …. I ended up taking out hundreds of spots with the healing tool. I am learning how to do so in LR by inverting the image to show just the dots and to erase all of them at once …. Or at least I think I can …. tee hee …. I better stop while I am ahead or else I may show my ineptitude. LOL *giggling* (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

        • I use a combo of cloning and healing depending on what it is. I’ve never had THAT many spots though…geesh! But I guess the spray of the falls would definitely put a lot of spots on the filter. I can see why you wouldn’t want to take it off!

          • Even with the filter on, my sensor got dirty. Hubby’s camera did too, even though he did not change lenses. Oh, yes that spray/mist is SO fine at the Falls, it gets everything. 🙂
            Anywho …. your two images are really outstanding, Laura. I really really enjoyed looking at them. ❤

  25. Nicely done…something I have wanted to do, but have never quite gotten around to it (yet)…

  26. Love your first image with the curl of the wave preserved and leads me to ask what length exposure you used while still keeping the form of the wave? It is VERY cool!

  27. Well done….my first few were blurry, yours look great

  28. Hi Laura I know you’re not accepting Bloggers Awards, but I want to let you know that I nominated you for two Awards The Creative Blogger and The Liebster Awards. You deserve it with your beautiful photos and I wanted to share your Blog! Enjoy…

  29. Very nice shots! The first one is breathtaking!

  30. Simply gorgeous. The first one has a mysterious surreal quality about it. Lovely!

  31. Long exposure and water are some of my favourite things. Images like these are like taking a scented luxurious bath in my lymbic(so?) system. Thank you 😀

  32. Wow, good photography!!!

  33. Umm, not the best?? That first shot of the cresting wave is freaking unbelievable!! (is it okay to say “freaking”? 😉)

  34. Any tips for controlling/establishing proper white balance during the shot while shooting with a heavy ND filter? Or suggestions in post? I’ve recently started shooting with a 10 stop filter as well, have found maintaining a good color balance can be difficult.

    • I’m not too experienced in this area but I do know that a really good ND filter is half the battle. Cheaper ones have can have a color cast like the tiffins which have sort of a magenta Cast. I have a B&W and its a really great one. I just use auto white balance but perhaps someone with more experience than I would have more info on that. I did spot meter though if that helps.

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