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Santa Cruz Surfing Museum


The other day we took a drive down to Santa Cruz, California.  Santa Cruz is the quintessential beach town complete with surfers and an amusement park on the boardwalk.  I’ve been visiting this beautiful place since my early teens for a day of fun in the sun and still enjoy going back to this day.  Included in this post are three images for your viewing pleasure.  Be sure to click on each, especially Image 3 where you can see the beach boardwalk panorama up close!

Image 1:  Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse holds a surfing museum which opened its doors in June 1986 as the first surfing museum in the world.  The lighthouse was built in 1967 as a memorial to surfer Mark Abott, who died while surfing at the nearby Pleasure Point surf break.

Image 2:  The beautiful waters edge.

Image 3:  A panorama shot of the beach boardwalk.

Surfing Museum

Surfing Museum


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

37 thoughts on “Santa Cruz Surfing Museum

  1. Beautiful – I love the lighthouse.

  2. All three look great Laura!

  3. I like the first shot the best. The color and lighting give it a nice mood. I love Santa Cruz and have fond memories. I spent several weekends there in 1970 while stationed at Fort Ord. My grandmother lived just a couple of blocks from the beach and I would stay with her. I got a free place to stay and she got to show off her soldier boy grandson from Missouri. I still have a Surf Museum souvenir hoody from 15+ years ago.

    • That is so neat David! I’m so glad you shared this with me and that the photos brought back some fond memories. Maybe we rode the Big Dipper together! 😉

  4. Great lighting and coloring techniques on the images. The cliffs behind the lighthouse used to extend several hundred feet into the ocean in the 1970’s and there weren’t any fences near the lighthouse. The sea is encroaching on the light house and will swallow it all up one day. Only the pictures and memories will keep it alive.

    • Thanks Peter about how I went about processing the image. I’m also glad you shared what’s happening to the coast there. It’s happening all up and down the coast. Very sad. I love this place and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Thanks again!

  5. Very pleasing, Laura. Your talent is wonderful.

  6. I really appreciate your work. They’re authentic and pleasant to view. You were recommended and I’m challenged to take every bit of project seriously. welldone!

  7. I remember Santa Cruz from a visit many years ago!! your photos do it justice and brought back memories.

  8. Love the second shot….great composition, light and colours

  9. Love it; just about flip about #2. thanks for bringing the ocean to me when I can’t get to it. vw

  10. beautiful and so calm and peaceful. I think this would be a lovely place to sit and take a nap by the water.

  11. Wonderful photos, Laura! The panorama is exciting…makes me want to go there, a lovely place!

  12. Beautiful shots, Laura. Loved all three!!! *sighs* How I wish I was there!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    • Thank you :-). It’s so pretty there. Oddly enough this is the fewest likes I’ve had in a very long time song was thinking they were crappy. Kinda matches my mood lol.

      • Traffic has been really down, Laura. My stats are really low, but I have not been pushing either much. I just don’t have it right now. Things will get better. In more ways then one. Yes I know it can be upsetting when the likes decline. Try not letting that get to you. I know how hard you work. Believe me!!! Hope your weekend is a good one! Keeping fingers crossed for the both of us!!! Love, Amy ❤

        • Maybe because school is letting out. At least here it is today. I’m trying to realize that the blog is not everything. It’s about my hobby which provides me so many hours of pleasure. Have a good weekend too Amy. :))

  13. Great shots. Specially the lighthouse

  14. All soooooo good. I just love the lighthouse though, the feel of that one is so great.

  15. The lighthouse is one of my favorite spots in Santa Cruz! Great shot

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