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Journey of a body on this earth

Expanding my horizons….


Okay so I’m deciding I like landscapes and flowers.  Have you noticed?   haha   This was taken with my 105mm macro in my little pop up studio with my speedlight.  Don’t I sound professional?  I’m really enjoying the flash work actually.  I’ve been reading all about ways to create shadow for effect and it’s pretty interesting.

The other day I had a conversation with a friend of mine about style and how it’s important that when people look at a photographer’s breadth of work, there is a style to be seen.  Sometimes I bounce all over the place because I like trying new things, but I’m trying to be a bit more aware of maintaining a style so when you see a picture of mine you “might” say, that’s me!  At least for now lol.



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

82 thoughts on “Expanding my horizons….

  1. Really like this Laura. Great texture to it.

  2. Interesting shadows and color.

  3. Is that a sunflower?

  4. Great texture, nice shadow!

  5. I understand the concept of style. I’m trying to establish my own. But, at the same time, that can inhibit you orlimit how others see you. Maybe it’s good to have a style but to also mix it up ocassionally. Keep everone on their toes.

    • “But, at the same time, that can inhibit you or limit how others see you”…honestly? I think people see a variety of things in the same image which is so weird. The other day I posted a hydrangea and one person would say it’s soft and lovely and that’s not at all what I saw when i created it lol. So even if I stick with one image people don’t see the same thing! funny

      • I do understand what you’re saying, but I’ll stick with my definition. It would be nice to have a style that people could say, “that looks like something Emilio Pasquale would take”, or “that’ looks like an Emilio Pasquale processing technique”! But at the same time I’d like to surprise people. And you know what? I just came to the realization- and haven’t thought it out well, yet- that to surprise someone you have to give them something they are not expecting. So maybe you do need your own style in order to shake it up every once in a while. And people will never take away the same thing in a movie, an opera, a book, or a photograph. They will read their own emotions or sensitivities or life into your work. Oh, what am I going on about? Thanks, Laura, for all the amazing art work, and pleasure, and incentive you give me!

        • I understand what you’re saying Emilio….and maybe that’s what your style *is*! It’s to surprise people! Nothing wrong with that. Everyone has to do what they think is best and operate from the heart. I think one’s feelings come out best that way. You’re awesome and I love your photos! :-)))))))))) Thanks Emilio. I really appreciate the fun discussion!

  6. beautiful and great shot.

  7. I’m rather partial to flowers myself, so I love this shot. I like the play of shadow and light. I enjoy using my macro lens and speedlight flash for flower shots. But what is a pop up studio? (I apologize for always asking you tons of questions. Please feel free to tell me to stop :-))

  8. The colors, details, lighting, shadow are all so perfect in the photo. Exquisite!

  9. Laura, I love this shot! The flower and the effects you gave looks beautiful, so the colors and lighting! Make me wanted to paint it…ahah I know what do you means when you say you’re deciding…it is the same for me. I love landscapes, seascapes and flowers…it is a difficult decision! 🙂

  10. I love it Laura .. The tones are exquisite. 😊

  11. It’s wonderful to experiment Laura … don’t stop 🙂
    Lovely flower photo with your processing !

  12. Stunning…Really love the colour and texture xx

  13. An established style does identify your work, and there is some value in that identity–part of the value is when you step out of you established style and do something different–if it is good too, then people will realize that and admire your for your flexibility. Win Win.

    • That makes sense. I think as long as one is not bouncing all over the place all the time and has a certain style to begin with it makes sense. Great discussion! I appreciate your comments. 🙂

  14. This is wonderful Laura, I think you have already developed your style.

  15. Really beautiful image. Great use of the shadows here.

  16. Fantastic………….good point about style, I jump around a lot too. But then I am only starting out and I don’t sell my stuff. I love the feel of this image, so strong, yet soft at the same time

  17. Late comment, but just wanted to say how much I like this image too 🙂
    I especially love the deep colours and the feeling that I might just be able to touch the follower if I reach out into the screen.
    It’s the rainy season in Japan, which means that Hydrangeas are in bloom and look so pretty with all the raindrops on the petals. I managed to make some shots yesterday.

    And while I don’t have nearly the experience that you (and other folks who’ve already commented on this post) do, I also think about ‘my style’ (what would I hope for it to be?) from time to time… 😀

    Best wishes,

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments here. I’m glad the image came to life for you! Can you send some rain out way? We are in a horrible drought. I’d like to visit Japan some day. One of my dreams!

      • I’d be more than happy to send some rain to you if I could! I’m sorry to hear about the drought in your area 😦 Even here, in spite of it being the ‘rainy season’ it’s still relatively dry compared to past years. Must be the affects of climate change, etc… I hope you have a chance to visit Japan someday. There are some nice places here, especially the places away from the touristy areas 🙂 I hope to visit the West Coast of the States someday. You make your city look so beautiful.

  18. This is such a beautiful shot, Laura. Just love how the way you shadowed it…I think that’s very your style 😉 I’ve thought about my photos and whether they have a style or not…I don’t know since I haven’t been using my camera for very long. I suppose style comes out of our feelings and what we want to convey through our photos, maybe stemming from our personality, what we stand for and what we believe in. Difficult to describe it 😀

    • Thank you Mabel. I’m glad you see my style. I see it sometimes but like you, I haven’t been taking pictures all that long. I think it’s something that takes awhile to evolve. Thank you for such kind words. You know what? I haven’t seen you in the reader at all lately. I don’t see some people in there for some reason. 😦

      • I think you are right. Photography style takes time to develop, as it is time to get to know our equipment and what we like to shoot. Always love your photos, be it on here or on Instagram.

        Very observant, Laura. I haven’t actually posted in a month. Some time off to enjoy life and to work on my book…but there will be a post up this Thursday 😀

  19. For the most part I can tell who has done an image with all the people I follow here – bit of a game really to start my day enjoying seeing what has been posted.

  20. I love the effect and the light here Laura!

  21. Oh wow, Laura!!! My jaw is still dropping. How you framed this image and then processed it, had me staring at this flower for a long time. It is gorgeous beyond words!! Tremendous job, my friend, just tremendous!!! I really am enjoying seeing you evolve to develop your style. Good for you! YOU GO!!!! I use the sun for shadow. Now you have me thinking about a light …. OK, another item on my wishlist at B&H! LOL Love, Amy ❤

    • I love it when your jaw drops!! :-). I took this inside Ina little pop up studio. Natural light is beautiful and probably more conducive to beautiful flower shots but I wanted to try lighting via my new flash. It was so fun! Glad you were staring at it for awhile! Look into my petalssss. You are getting sleeepyyyy very very sleeeppyyyyyy. Zzzzz

      • I’m asleep and my subconscious is writing this. Zzzzzzz … gulp … snore ….. ooops …. of course only Zzzzzzz …..
        So GOOD to see you with your laughing shoes on!! YAY for you! And as far as this flower goes, you ROCK, my friend! I really LOVE your style and where you are going. It’s exciting to watch!!! ❤

        • My laughing shoes hehehe. That is so cute! Yup, they are never very far away. I hadn’t slept much in about a week and it kinda wears on me after awhile. FINALLY I slept last night. So much easier to laugh! 😀 😀 And thank you for watching my style evolve! hugs!

          • Wow I too slept last night GOOD for the first time in a LONG time. I agree that it is not easy to laugh when you are so tired. Yes, I really absolutely am enjoying you and your work, Laura!!! ❤

  22. Reblogged this on Amazing Fine Art and commented:
    nice light and work

  23. It’s always a great thing to expand our horizons — great photo Laura~ 😀

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