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Health Scare


Yesterday I met my camera club at the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I was looking forward to being with the group and taking pictures.

We had just gotten inside the gate, though, when one of the members felt very ill.  He was dizzy and unable to get up.  After about 8 minutes of this or so, I noticed him trying to yawn and he said he was sweaty yet his best friend who was there too felt him and said he wasn’t.  At that point I rushed to the front and called for 911.  The next thing we knew an ambulance arrived and whisked him away to the hospital.

Needless to say I was extremely worried.  😦   I asked the best friend to please contact me and let me know how his friend was doing.  In the meantime the group wanted to take pictures, so in I went in an attempt to take SOMETHING.  Frankly I just could not concentrate so these aren’t the best but I’m posting them anyway for the member.

I did find out later that the member is ok thank GOD!  He had very low magnesium levels, the hospital released him, and he’s going to his doctor to have himself checked out.  What a huge scare though!

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

75 thoughts on “Health Scare

  1. o that is scary but am glad you took the initiative and got him checked out! These flowers are breathtakingly beautiful ❤

  2. That would be very scary. Good thinking on your part and still some very nice photos. I’m glad the man is OK.

  3. I’m so glad your photo club member is okay. It almost sounds like heart attack symptoms. I’m happy it wasn’t as serious. Wonderful photos.

  4. wow! very beautiful slide show. It happened something similar to an old man in Spain he was talking and in 2 minutes he was on the flower I called and they arrived with ambulance and elicopter.Was just low sugar 🙂

    • Wow low sugar! Amazing how these symptoms can seem like a heart attack. He’s older too so I was very worried. Thank you for your comment on the slideshow. 🙂

  5. Good, quick thinking on your part…. Nice set of images

  6. Some lovely pics.
    Glad you posted them 🙂

  7. Cool in a crisis, eh? I like to hear it!
    I also like the way you’ve to used the subtle lighting at the gardens. Nice.

  8. Gorgeous photos and I am glad he is doing better.

  9. Sharp details! Love the tree

  10. So glad your camera club friend is ok. Lovely shots 🙂

  11. Well done for taking the initiative and calling 911……you can’t be too careful

  12. It is amazing how too much or too little of even one nutrient can cause so many problems! I am glad your photo buddy is going to be o.k. The fern is my favorite of these….Maybe you can go back again when you aren’t so distracted.

  13. Very nice of you to care about that ill man, Laura. Wonderful photos. Cheers.

  14. Really beautiful post for him Laura 😉

  15. I wS driving down that steep road and saw the ambulance parked at the gate of the park…

  16. Your friend can still see these gorgeous images.

  17. Glad he’s doing okay. What a scare you had ~ and the gallery is beautiful!

  18. These are beautiful images, Laura. Thankfully your friend is well. What a shock it must have been as it sounded so sudden. Good thing everyone remained calm and got him into good hands. Hope all is well on your side.

  19. Beautiful images Laura… I love the tree picture.. and so pleased to hear your friend is OK… might have been quite a scare xx Wishing him a speedy recovery. xx

  20. glad your friend was ok!! and you have some gorgeous shots here- I love the pin cushion one. What ever do they feed that Mantis!!

  21. Your concern and compassion for your friend clearly came across in these images, Laura. Absolutely soul stirring for me. Just precious, bringing tears to my eyes. I am so relieved your friend is OK. I had no idea low Mg levels could do that. All’s well that ends well!! 🙂 Love, Amy ❤

    • Aww I’m so glad it came through. I was so stressed worrying about him!! All the while feeling guilty that I was taking pictures. I kept saying to myself that it’s all for him. Thank goodness he’s ok! of my blogging friends posted here that he saw the ambulance as he drove down the street! WEIRD!

      • My attitude in general is to be grateful for this day, this moment, because you just don’t know what will come next. Life is precious, Laura. I found that out in spades when I had my NDE. I take nothing for granted now, and oh yes I do focus strongly on keep me as healthy and as strong as possible!!!

        • I understand what you mean Amy. You have a fantastic attitude! It’s infectious. :-)))

          • Friend, IF you knew what goes on in my Life at times you would wonder how I do maintain my smile. I have a post that I made up, not sure if I am going to post it though, about my husband and how he just keeps on holding on to war. It’s a powerful post, yet it is very very personal as well. There will be left no doubt in anyone’s mind what a challenging life I live. Hmmmmm ….. Now that I am writing this, perhaps when seeing this post, my positive attitude will be treasured even more. H mmmmmm …… ❤

          • I also have my battles. I leak it out sometimes here but I really do t like to have to explain to people or update people in my life. But that’s me. Everyone does what’s best for them publicly. I know you will do what makes you feel best! Big hugs

          • Laura, IF my Heart guides me to put this post on Petals it will be because the words and yes the images too, will reach out to others who are struggling at leaving their painful past behind. My hubby just is hanging on so tight to Nam that he honestly does not see the good life he has NOW. It is so sad, and so frustrating, but he has to be willing to let go. His couselor I could just shake because he enables hubby by allowing him to sit and sob away. Really? Why not get a bit tough with hubby and tell him to knock it off because he is so lucky to have the life he does and more importantly, he is alive. *sighs* I’ve been helping him for our entire marriage, and still he plays the pity party which I just will not even get into. I don’t know what it is going to take, but I have FAITH that one day, the walls will come down, the healing tears as well, and hubby will free himself from Vietnam. 🙂

          • I remember you once mentioned about your hubby and his nightmares. I can’t even imagine how it must feel to be him or to be you and having to deal with all of it. 😦 Everyone handles things so differently. It’s a blessing to find just the right counselor that can allow a person to release yet help them get better. I was extremely lucky to find someone who could help me. I PRAY your hubby finds something that clicks with his heart and mind to pull himself up so he can leave the past behind. Something so horrific must be difficult to deal with. I had a friend who went there and saw the most evil things. 😦 Who knows what he deals with behind closed doors. You’re a wonderful person to hang in there with him. For better or for worse. BIG BIG HUGS!!! And many prayers.

          • Laura, I really thank you for your prayers. I am honestly lately at the end of my rope. If I were able, I really would no longer be subjecting myself to the misery this man projects. How sad that his Heart with so much Love around him, is still so closed and empty. How sad. And lately, I just want to grab Life so much and run with it, enjoying every single moment! To live with someone who is always miserable is so so not easy to do. Good things outside of my marriage have begun to happen, so with time, things will fall into place, my friend. One of the good things is meeting a woman from my Yoga class and over the months we have develped a wonderful friendship. She loves photography and is now wanting to buy a DSLR. I will be helping her and we do plan on going on shoots together. For now she has an I-phone that she is constantly using. The pics she has on that phone …. Oh wow! I even told her to imagine us starting a photo club. Dreams do come true! 🙂 Love you, my friend. I am so thankful for your prayers. ❤

          • Spread your wings and fly Amy! You deserve it. I will say a prayer for your husband that he may some day be able to put the past behind him and live in the moment without fear and that you are able to have joy in your life. We all deserve that don’t we???

          • Yes, Laura, we ALL deserve JOY in our lives. I honestly have JOY for I have learned how to tune him out. After my Dad passed, I did loose my JOY, yet just recently OH THANK GOODNESS, it has returned. I make my own happiness, and this is what hubby must learn for himself. Together we will spread our wings and fly! I’ve got things here on the east coast and you over on the west coast got it, with everything in between us up for grabs. LOL Heading for bed ….. what a day!!! I didn’t even stop today to put my feel up for 5. *from the bug queen* Hehehehehe

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  23. I’m glad that your co-member is okay. Hopefully he was able to view your beautiful series so he could at least have been there your viewfinder!

  24. So scary! I’m glad you acted so quickly in what was a stressful situation. Super glad he is okay. Beautiful images, btw.

  25. Hey Laura … very sorry to hear of your companion, that would have been scary. Glad to hear that he is ok .. And your images are lovely 🙂

  26. Glad he is ok. You couldn’t take a bad picture 🙂

  27. Love your pictures! Colors and definition are great! — I like the praying mantis especially. Laura, thank you for taking the initiative and getting this friend to the hospital — I hope he is feeling better.

    • Thank you so much Donna about my pictures! That praying mantis is so funny. A nice architectural touch in the gardens. Yes he is doing well and I will see him next week in fact. Thank you for your concern!

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