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SF Photowalk – Your Vote Requested


This image was shot with my 14-24mm lens.  I haven’t used it all that much but when I do, I realize I need to use it more.  It definitely provides a unique look that my other lenses don’t.  I’ve processed it in color and black and white and would love to know which one you like best and would really appreciate the vote in the poll I’ve included at the bottom.


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

80 thoughts on “SF Photowalk – Your Vote Requested

  1. The BW version has so much more depth and character.

  2. Great shot Laura. My eyes are drawn to it because of the depth, light and shadow. It’s almost as if it pulls me into the photo. Thanks for sharing it. -Max-

  3. I love the photo in both variations, but lean toward the BW one because I can sink into it a little better. With the color version, my eye doesn’t know quite where to land …

  4. I voted for the colour version, Laura. Both are Wow! but, when having to choose I thought the halo/vignette in the bw detracted a bit from the wonderful lines.

    • Thank you Lynne. Glad you liked them! The vignette wasn’t actually a vignette but light in the center of the image. A small point but I didn’t add a vignette. Probably didn’t process that the best.

  5. Black and White… I believe that’s the old Shackley building… Long gone I believe

  6. I voted “Doesn’t matter” because…

    The image and scene is that great that it in fact doesn’t really matter if in colour or not. Both images look dramatic… I like them both! 🙂

  7. I vote B&W because the light is behind the 2 building so the eye go to the center of the image where as in color one, the eye return to the yellow reflection. So I prefer the B&W version because we enter in the image and we say in.
    Beautiful picture btw 🙂

  8. I like the black and white, and I echo Sophie’s comments!

  9. Unusually, the colour version seems to provide better contrast and definition

  10. Looks like we’re all up in the air. I like the B&W because it draws me in (down?) to the depth. The color version kind of stops me at each floor.

    • I think I blew it on the sky with the color. I think if I processed it like I did the other one, the color would be a clear winner. I love this because I’ve learned a valuable lesson!

  11. Liked the colour one best – I preferred the dark background which gave a nice contrast to the blues and whites of the building.

  12. Interesting. The comments are heavily toward the B&W, but the votes are favoring the color.

  13. Both versions are awesome, Laura. Both of them will be drawing lots of attention.

  14. Laura Is not easy to decide I love them both! But I did vote for the color because I feel the contrast it’s deeper and the blue color in reflection is beautiful! I almost feel I am flying up to the sky. My eyes do catch the the light and yellow reflection, but they do not stop there my eyes still going so I love it! 🙂

  15. The color one! The Blues, grays and that bit of yellow work really well together and make the image more interesting than just the lines and angles which the BnW one emphasizes.

  16. Voted color but you can’t go wrong with either.

  17. I voted for the B&W version 🙂

  18. Really nice! Ordinarily I would go for the B&W for architecture but the stunning blue with a pop of yellow is stunning.

  19. Definitely the color for me. The gradient in the b&w is slightly distracting to me. I love what you did with this building btw – one of my favorites in SF 🙂

  20. I like both. Without the reflection of the building on the left into the one on the right I would hove chosen for the BW version.

    Herman 😉

  21. I am a black and white junkie – but in this shot I feel that the color version is stronger and has intensity. Both are good but my eye prefers the color.

  22. I voted for the color because the reflected building becomes an added subject and is more noticeable than in the bw image. Both are wonderful!

  23. The subtle variations in color make the shot much more interesting to me. Love the shades of blue and the gold!

  24. love the graphic image but somehow the colour seems to have more punch especially as the yellow detail adds another dimension

  25. Colour is best with this image, Laura. Cheers.

  26. I like the color one more. It adds more to the feeling of grandeur, infinity and high-tech 🙂

  27. B&W all the way Laura, both are wonderful, the lines seem to suck you in to the centre of the image. 👍

  28. the colorful reflections are nice, but the lines in the bw draw my eye much stronger into the sky, right in the bright center.

  29. This was very hard Laura. I honestly love them both and I studied them both for a long time. In the end the colour won out. The blue of the building against the dark background is just striking but it was the reflection of the golden building that did it for me.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to look at these Edith. I really appreciate everyone’s input! I tend to agree with you. i do think I could revise the color image to make it definitive though. maybe I’ll do that in the future.

  30. I was surprised to find that I actually voted for the color one. I was expecting to chose the B&W one, but the contrast and detail in the color one is amazing!!

  31. Black and white, hands-down. But then again, I’m partial 😉

  32. I love the monochrome!! It has more depth I feel!

  33. Both are uniquely beautiful in their own special way!!!!!

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