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Journey of a body on this earth

From Above


Last night I went with my camera club for a “sunset” at the Berkeley Marina.  Unfortunately we weren’t provided with the opportunity for beautiful orangey sunsets but we were provided with some amazing rays of sunshine coming from an open area in the fog and clouds.  It was really spectacular!  I hope I did it justice.

From Above

From Above

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Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

98 thoughts on “From Above

  1. Great shot; love the way the light comes down through the clouds!

  2. Beautiful, really lovely shot!

  3. oh what a divine sight. Beautiful Laura!

  4. Wow…and a sailboat as well??? Time to buy a lotto ticket. Well done!

    • Thank you Robert. I was so excited. At first driving over to Berkeley I thought, oh here we go again…more FOG. And then I saw the heavens open and voila!

  5. Laura, we’ve all seen or experienced those gorgeous orangey sunsets, and while the photos are always wonderful, THIS is absolutely fantastic! Unique, unexpected, and beautifully captured. Seems to me you’ve done it justice – hands down!!

  6. absolutely stunning.. well done!!

  7. Magical, as though in a dream. 😊

  8. You are so talented…..

  9. Glorious! Well done Laura.

  10. Such a stunning shot, Laura. Like the boat is sailing into magical waters, into magical territory under that fairy cloud. Amazing capture 🙂

  11. Gorgeous! Heaven shining down!

  12. Well, talk about serendipitous timing, Laura. 😀 I may have had the colourful shots up the coast last night, but your capture of the clouds opening is really beautiful. Nicely done! 🙂

  13. Fantastic capture. Sometimes the unexpected surprise provides a better opportunity than what was planned. You took great advantage of the opportunity.

  14. funny how I get to comment twice.
    Godly ness

  15. Oh the light! Those moments are breathtaking when we see them in person but to capture it…well, you deserve a huge high-five! Awesome. The sailboat gives such a presence to this image as well, in scale and beautiful lines and that spotlight of sunlight is beautiful. I love this way more than a sunset!

    • High-five back Carrie! I’m so glad you enjoyed this image. I had fun taking it that’s for sure. I got all giddy when I came through the tunnel and saw the heavens opening up over the bay! 😀

  16. What interesting light, and what an unexpected treat to witness it!

  17. Wow, this is very beautiful Laura 😀

  18. You certainly did do it justice. Beautiful!

  19. I loooove your photos…and this one you have captured what I see with my eyes so often so perfectly ❤ hope all is well my friend

  20. Laura nice to meet someone from home. I love your photography (it makes me homesick)

  21. It looks like it would have been breathtaking to see in person! Thank you for sharing!!

  22. beam us up!! beautiful Laura!

  23. Wow! You did well—very well, Laura.
    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  24. When we lived in Mill Valley I always loved seeing the sailboats in the San Fransisco bay!!! …this photo takes me back to that time!

  25. Lovely, lovely light Laura…..great capture 😊

  26. Superb image! The light is gorgeous!

  27. Hi! This is my new incarnation from Yes Even This Too Will Pass. Toonce’s Tales

  28. Very beautiful…wonderful photography.

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