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Nikon D750 Service Advisory


Well, it turns out my camera has a service advisory out on it by Nikon, so I had to ship it in for a free repair.  I will be without my camera for probably about two weeks and unfortunately I did not keep my previous camera as a backup.  Not the smartest move I’ve ever made but right now life is busy so I don’t mind going “camera-less” for a couple weeks.

Fortunately I still have some photos left to post from my outing at the Berkeley Marina.  Hope you’re not tired of this location!  These were processed in Lightroom only.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Berkeley Marina

Berkeley Marina

Berkeley Marina

Berkeley Marina

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

45 thoughts on “Nikon D750 Service Advisory

  1. L…..if you get in a bind or need, I have a spare Nikon D-300s that I would gladly loan & ship to you until you get your 750 back…..en theos….jim

    • You are so sweet Jim! Thank you so much. 🙂 Right now we are getting ready to remodel the house and I’m taking my normal computer in for repair, so I won’t be able to do much with photos anyway. I REALLY appreciate your thoughtfulness! 😀

  2. Hope your camera makes it back quickly but you sound like you have plenty to do in he mean time. Love these photos and would love to be out on that bridge in the fog.

    • Thank you for the quick camera return wishes. And yes we are definitely busy right now so it works out. Hurray! Glad you like the photos too! I so rarely just process in LR, it was kind of fun to do actually.

  3. Nice mood created in both pictures. Now would be the time to get out the smart phone and see what you’ve learned about photography vs. what you’ve learned about cameras over the past year or so. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to try that but I don’t have the confidence in myself and am afraid I will miss some great opportunity because I did have a “real” camera and lens with me.

    • Thank you David. I do have some more pics from Berkeley to post and some others to carry me through though until I receive my camera back. I think! lol If I weren’t so busy this next week, I would gladly drag out my smartphone and take some “serious” photos with it. I do some instagram with my iPhone only, no DSLR pics posted here.

  4. I’d be having the shakes sans camera…what is the recall for BTW? Great shots though.

  5. I love these pictures !

  6. Beautiful pictures Laura. I love the mood on the first one! Imagine how excited you’re going to be in two weeks time when your D750 comes back! 🙂

  7. Enjoy your time Laura and amazing photos 😀

  8. Remarkable images! Enjoy your time without camera, Laura.

  9. I hope you get your camera back soon Laura, u click one of the best pictures i have seen

  10. Enjoy your computer/camera break, and I hope all goes well with the house.

  11. Hello Laura,
    Oh, that is a bummer 😦
    We had a D750 recall here as well. Fortunately, my model was OK, but I know a few who had to send in their cameras for the repairs. I like how you keep a positive attitude in spite of the inconvenience, and hope you enjoy your ‘camera vacation’ 😀 And beautiful photos as always!

    Warm wishes,

  12. There’s nothing new under the sun anyway! Good luck with the remodeling! 🙂

  13. your photos are amazing and pushes me to purse my dream of being photographer so thank you for that 🙂

  14. Gorgeous shots! Good luck with the remodel! Four years ago, we remodeled our MD house before selling it, and this place just after buying it….I’m done 🙂

  15. That stinks about your camera, but it sounds like if it had to happen that now is the time. I hope your remodel goes well. Your seal picture is wonderful. They have such soulful eyes…

  16. Hola Laura, siento lo de la cámara. Que problema tiene? Me la quiero comprar en unos meses pero oigo comentarios malos sobre ella. Gracias

  17. I heard they were having issues. At least it will be checked and services for free. Nice images as always

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