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Before and After (2 images)


So the other day I was chatting with my chiropractor and he asked me if I could take one of his images and redo it.  Well, you know me right?  I couldn’t wait to take a crack at it and I didn’t want to hold back.  Do I ever???   He didn’t want me to give credit here so I am posting his “before” image with his blessing.  The “after” (my rework) is below it.

A couple of things I’m trying to notice more is light.  I loved the structure of the barn and the birds on the original image, but it just didn’t have much light so I created through Nik Color Efex.

I also didn’t think it had much interest regarding the sky so I did a quick fix and selected the barn, inverted the selection, masked it out and dropped a sky and a tree in.  The sky is actually from one of my own images which includes the hills to the right side of the barn and I obtained the tree from a site that has royalty free images, so I blended them together into the background.

I also love textures of barns, so I “tried” to bring that out more by some sharpening techniques.  Lastly, I applied a texture and colorized the entire image so it felt cohesive.   Enjoy the blast of color!






Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

107 thoughts on “Before and After (2 images)

  1. Really beautiful! I love old barns.

  2. Wow, beautiful transformation! ❤

  3. It’s a beautiful composition. But if I could be so bold to suggest that you add a little highlight to the tree to carry the same lighting effect from the front of the barn.

  4. that is what I call great processing!

  5. OK, not bad! Just take all my youtube tutorials and toss them down the drain. Laura, I have to stop following you. I was insecure enough before. Some even called me cute. Now, I’m just neurotic! And just when I was going to begin a new feature on my site called Conversions. I might have to rethink this!

    • hahahahaha omg I’m cracking up. You are so funny the way you word things. Welcome to my world of neurosis! We should team up on something…not sure what it would be but I think it could be fun whatever it is.

  6. Woooow… magnifique ! Une vieille grange… une histoire ! La lumière, les lignes… j’adore !

  7. Amazing the difference! Beautiful. I imagine your Dr. was thrilled. 😊

  8. L……..truely a great effort. I have tried many software programs but consistently find myself going back to NIK color effects 4. Fantastic tool to have in your toolbox and you used it with an artist touch, C’est la vie…….en theos…j

  9. Wow…picking my jaw up off the ground. Great job…I’m sure they will like it

  10. Beautiful! Excellent skills you have and this is proof.

  11. Nice job, Laura! I do wish I had your skills or software or something these past few weeks when I was trying to redo the photo cover on my dad’s next book. You make it look SO easy….the explanation as well as the results! I guess we can’t all be geniuses though. 🙂

  12. Very nice conversion, Laura. Also, an interesting commission fromj the client. Don’t think I’ve run across one exactly like that before, where they provide the basic image.

  13. What an awesome process, Laura!

  14. Great job Laura “How to move things in a better place” Great transformation! 🙂

  15. Shay a stunning transformation. Great job!

  16. Super edits, Laura! Stunning end result!

  17. Wow, that’s quite an improvement!

  18. Laura, I don’t know how you do it. Image 2 is a complete transformation of Image 1. Image one made me feel depressed, not in a bad way, but it brought memories of northern Minnesota where the cold foggy days inched into winter. Image two brought warmth and love–memories of my uncle’s barn in Texas where my cousin and I played day after day.

    • Funny, I know exactly what you mean about depressing. I think it’s why I mostly do happy colors. I’ve had depression on and off most of my life and I think I subconsciously perk myself up with my blasts of color. Thank you Beth for such a nice comment. 🙂

  19. What a transformation, Laura. Jaw dropping. You brought so much warmth to the After image. I bet your chiropractor was pleased. I hope to be good at you one day editing photos 🙂 Well done 😀

  20. Impressive what can be done:-)

  21. Nice and dramatic work Laura. I also go to a chiropractor (and she’s fucking hot!!)

  22. A scene from a drama…full on…love it.

  23. Wow! What a transformation :-).

  24. Whoa! You made it amazing!

  25. Oh goodness – you’ve made it marvelous!! Did your chiropractor like it? Reaction?

    I recently posted a capture (via a twitter account I coordinate) done by the very talented Paul Arnold of the Rocks at one of my local beaches. Someone commented. ‘Sure it looks good, but it’s all photo shopped’. My response was that if you can produce an image like this, you’re demonstrating a very refined skill set and it’s an art form. Times have changed, and as a photographer, there are many things done, from lighting to after editing that transform a picture into something visually spectacular.

    You’re wonderfully talented Laura! Great work!

    Miss Lou

    • You are so right about skill! People don’t realize what goes into things like that and all The little details in skill to do it well. And my chiro loved it!! Thanks Miss Lou. I so appreciate the wonderful compliment. 🙂

  26. P.s: Do you have Instagram Laura?

    • I’m on my phone right now but on the sidebar of the blog there is a link. The photos on Instagram are iPhone photos only, no DSLR and admittedly I don’t spend a whole lot of time on them. Follow me there and I’ll follow you ok? We are starting a home remodel today so I’m a bit sporadic everywhere in media sites right now until we get it off the ground. Have a great day!

  27. Simply fabulous artwork, Laura! As always.


  28. You truly are a genius at your craft. I love it.

  29. Amazing transformation! I like photography a lot and this is what I like to see!

  30. World of a difference between both the images. As they say in India, Pukka. 🙂

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