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Screen Resolution


Things have been in a state of flux lately.  Lots of things going on not to mention my camera AND computer are out for repair.  They should be returning any day so yay for that.  I’m so glad that my computer is covered under the Apple Care plan so I won’t have to pay anything for the repair.

One thing I’ve noticed now that I’m on my old 2009 Macbook is how DIFFERENT my images look on this screen.   Compared to my Macbook Pro with Retina Display, it cannot hold a candle to it!  The images look washed out, and nothing like what I see on my regular computer screen which makes them rich with color and so sharp.  It makes me wonder how others are seeing my images.

Here is a flower I reworked the other day on my computer before it went in for repair.  Hope to be back taking pictures soon!

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Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

65 thoughts on “Screen Resolution

  1. I noticed exactly the same between the 2009 and the latest with Retina display. I’m glad it wasn’t my imagination!

  2. It’s rare but Mac does fail too. I am interested in what Windows 10 will be like, planning a visit to a computer store when it is released so I can see it hands-on. I love Mac but sometimes the proprietary thing and other qwerks make me want to switch back.

  3. The colors of this flower are gorgeous on the old PC I use at work. But I know what you mean about the different screens. The retina displays are amazing.

  4. pretty an hope you get your camera and computer back soon.

  5. I hope you get everything back from the repair shop soon. I recently purchased a Macbook pro 15 in Retina, and I struggle with processing photos for the web knowing other monitors may not be Retina. I find it difficult to sharpen properly after the photo has been resized for web viewing. I am still tweaking the process, but it is still great to have a Retina display!

    • I guess I just assume get displays will get better and eventually people will see what I do lol. A friend of mine has a dell laptop with an amazing monitor and he sees what I do. How would we adjust for something we can’t see? (Rhetorical).

  6. Hi, Laura:
    It might be of interest to you, speaking of screen resolution, to view my YouTube tutorial about it. Here is the link:
    It’s a little boring perhaps, but has some useful information.

  7. It always amazes me when I end up using an older piece of technology. The funny thing is that, at one time, we were so impressed by those machines.

    • That is sooo true about being impressed at one time. I was just talking with my husband about that a few minutes ago regarding televisions.

      • Yeah, since I’m old enough to have spent 10 years with TV before my family had a color set, I know what you mean.

      • Don’t you just miss those B&W TV sets. My best friend, growing up, his family had an early color TV. Unfortunately, all the actresses had green-tinted and the male actors had a light red tint. But, when we finally got our own color TV, it spent more time in the repair shop the first two years than in our living room. Walter Cronkite looked a tad greenish during the Apollo 11 moon landing coverage, but it was good enough for us. 🙂

        • I always remember I Love Lucy on the B&W plus the moon walking and when I was really young the funeral of JFK. Those all remind me of that old set. Now if something isn’t HD I can’t stand it lol.

  8. So cool…

  9. Nothing wrong with this one. Hope repairs are quick and effective.

  10. This is stunning!!!!!! Which editing tool do you use? Do you mind checking out my latest photography post on my blog??

  11. I remember being told by someone very wise that we can only control what we see on our monitors and hope for the best with respect to others. It all comes down to color management and type of screen. The Mac excels on both fronts. Since that’s what I finally have, your photos always look stunning, and this one is no exception! Now, what DID you do to your computer?? 😉

    • Thanks Stacy. That is a wise thing to say in general! Welllll I cleaned my screen with a paper towel once and it took the finish off. Plus food in my keyboard lol. They also noticed it needed a new battery so I’m getting a new display, new keyboard and a new battery! Yay!

  12. Hoping the best of luck regarding the repairs. My computer screen shows your images very well (with great colors and detail). I do need to get a new computer soon, probably, as mine is rather old.

  13. Gorgeous! I always wonder what my images look like from one computer to the next to others, because even viewing from my own devices, they look slightly different.

  14. Best of luck in getting back to normal quickly. Have you looked at Macphun software you may like it.

  15. That, Laura, is beyond a flower. It is super flower. Wonderful.

  16. Majestic, beautiful image! I know from time to time when I look at one of my images from my work monitor it just looks horrible, it scares me!

    • hahaha Oh I totally know Mark. Seriously…I fired up this old laptop and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have an old version of photoshop on this computer but what is the point of processing on this “old clunker”. lol

  17. I love the deep colour of this flower and it’s a beautiful image, and I often wonder how others view my images as well, as I have a high definition large computer screen which is so much better than the little laptop I used to have before, which displayed images as being dull.

    • Thank you Karen about the image. I’m not sure I would’ve ever noticed had I not needed to use this old laptop. Maybe I need to do a survey as to what type of monitors people are using LOL.

  18. A monitor survey, that sounds interesting, LOL. I’m one of those persons who like to get maximum use of their equipment. Currently, I’m using an HP 20-inch LCD, LED-backlit monitor. Using the default, factory setting in which HP says the setting is ideal for photographers who post-process and will translate into true colors when an image is printed. Whether this is true, or not, it has worked out well for personal use. I used a 15-inch Compaq CRT color monitor before it died. Clearly you could tell the difference in how an image was viewed. Surprisingly, someone bought my dead monitor when I sold it as “not working” on eBay.

  19. Wow, this image almost looks like it’s being seen in the ultra-violet, like a bee sees things. Beautiful.

  20. I see your photos very clear both at my Android Mobile and at my Windows screen Laura and they are always beautiful 😀

  21. Wow, this image almost looks like it’s being seen in the ultra-violet, like a bee sees things. Beautiful.

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