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Expanding Horizons – Sense of Depth


Hey everyone!  This is my first installment of “Expanding Horizons” and I hope what I have to share is interesting and informative and maybe even sometimes inspirational, if I’m lucky.  I know not everyone has photoshop, so not every post will be technical in that way, although I do plan on posting tips and tricks done in Lightroom and Photoshop on occasion.  So let’s get started!

One of the things I try to keep in mind when composing a photo is to create a sense of depth that makes the eye wander.  I’m definitely not always successful, but it’s something I consciously do when I’m composing and also processing an image.

As an example, here I’ve included an image of the Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Baker.  When I took the photo, I loved the yellow flowers in the foreground.  For me, these flowers dictated how I would compose the photo because they provided a nice anchor for the image and a place for your eye to start as it meanders back along the shoreline to the first and second towers of the bridge.  The line your eye travels along from the foreground to the background creates a sense of depth in the image.

Some people are really masters at this and I admire people who can consistently do this.  For me, I’m just a beginner on this journey but I hope I can once in awhile inspire someone or share things I’ve learned that can be helpful.

Golden Gate from Fort Baker

Golden Gate from Fort Baker

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

79 thoughts on “Expanding Horizons – Sense of Depth

  1. it’s really great to see how you are expanding your blog Laura 🙂

  2. This is such a beautiful, peaceful place. I would love t be sitting on the shore just breathing and relaxing.

  3. I’ve not seen
    that view
    look so
    deep, laura 🙂

    • Well hello there! I haven’t seen you in my reader for a long time although I haven’t been there in a couple days. Will be heading there soon. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Such a great tip and thank you showing an example of exactly what you mean. This photo really is stunning.

  5. I really enjoy the angle of the Bridge – I haven’t seen this one before. also really like the depth of field and the wildflowers as the beginning point for the eye to start wandering…

  6. thanks Laura.
    I used to have a friend that did this with his work.
    For me it’s not how i take photos (mostly).
    because i do it to please myself, not others… my attempt to be a commercial photographer failed, as I was interested in taking photos for other people. D’oh !
    I still have an ABN, but don’t used it 😦

  7. kind of a pity to waste my talent, i suppose….

  8. My wife and I used to live just through the tunnel in Mill Valley! We loved living in that area! We call the bridge “our bridge”.

    • Hi Charley 🙂 That’s right…I remember you telling me that. It’s a beautiful area. How funny that you and I both have bridges! 😉

      • We can share 🙂 We loved to turn right, after going through the tunnel, and take the drive through the headlands for “free dates”! The last time we got to do that, before moving away from the area, we didn’t have our camera! ….we missed the most amazing shot of the bridge. Sun was setting over the Pacific which was covered in a thick layer of fog and you could look back and see the bridge rising out of the fog!!!….. Oh my…..

  9. Nice shot with depth, Laura

  10. Great pic ! I would like to be there, on the shore…

  11. Well, you really accomplished what you set out to do. Those flowers are a smart contrast in color and texture to the bridge and work so well in grounding your work. Excellent.

  12. Very beautiful capture and treatment. Often you don’t know where to begin when faced with shooting something this majestic. You did well. I see why you are liking my 3D Urbex shots now 🙂

    • Thank you Robert. I did a long exposure here awhile back but a different vantage point. It was fun seeing these yellow flowers by themselves there. They needed company. 🙂

  13. Your photo has beautiful depth!

  14. Breathtaking image! Love the angle you took, Laura.

  15. Well done Laura and great explanation of your creative process! 🙂

  16. Nice, Laura. I can see big things ahead.

  17. You made my eye wander! Absolutely great composition.

  18. Beautiful, Laura!!! I tend to go for the layered look to do exactly what you describe here …. depth. I am really working with the 3-D look by how I compose my images. It is fun and it is challenging. Looks like we are on the same page again. I recently took some pics of waterfalls that will just blow your mind. They did mine!!! Those will be coming …. LOL …. soon. GRIN!!! Love, Amy ❤

  19. Laura, I deleted the WP post. It was getting me so upset. I am just so done with the lies and manipulations. They are going to do what THEY want to do, regardless of how paying customers feel. I am choosing HAPPINESS over misery!!! ❤

  20. You have perfect timing Laura. I am so bad about taking the time to really compose my shot. I look through the viewfinder and that looks cool lets shoot it. Lately, I’ve been trying make myself pause and frame the photo. This post reminds me to also remember to play with the depth of field. Great post 🙂

    • Thanks Kirsten. :). I used to do that too. Heck I still do it lol. I think the best piece of advice I got was not to zoom in so close so I have room to crop. Hope this is readable. I’m dictating my comments.

      • My dad has tried to teach me that from the get go. He is an expert cropper. I am still learning how to do that :-). You comment was perfectly readable. How cool that you were dictating your comments!

        • How great your dad taught that to you. It took me a year before I stopped cutting it too close. I love cropping now. :). My mac and my iPhone both have dictation capabilities. Thank goodness! I have some issues with my neck and hands that don’t allow me to type all the time so yay for Siri!

  21. Laura this is just stunning!! Sorry I can’t comment a lot for awhile- notebook is so slow!

  22. Wonderful photo, Laura. The yellow flowers (looks like wild mustard) really do help anchor — lovely. 😀

  23. What a beautiful picture!
    Such a peaceful place

  24. I’m guessing you got your camera back. Great shot. Nice angle. I don’t think I have seen many like this.

    • I did but I haven’t taken pictures yet. I’ve got a lot going on right now but hope to take some soon! Thanks about this angle. I love this angle of the GGB.

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