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Western Span of the Bay Bridge


Last night my good friend Dan Shehan and I met up at Treasure Island for some photos.  We had originally planned for sunset shots but the fog was too far into the bay to get a sunset.  Enter Plan B!  Up to the top of Treasure Island we went in hopes of capturing the western span of the Bay Bridge.

Dan and I stood in different spots and I think where I was standing was a lot windier.  It was whipping around pretty good up there…so much so that when my camera’s shutter was open to take pictures, I had made a circle with my hands around the tripod neck in case it fell over.

Here’s the first one of the group.

Western Span Bay Bridge

Western Span Bay Bridge

Should you wish to purchase, please click here:  Western Span Tower

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

44 thoughts on “Western Span of the Bay Bridge

  1. Laura, windy or not, this is a fabulous image!! I’ve stood where you have before – it was magical – and your wonderful photo brings back all those great memories!

  2. LM…..fantastic effort and perseverance, heck I can’t even make it out after dark. I got to start making images like a girl!!…you done good girl!!

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  4. It’s beautiful! I love all the streaking car lights. I too have stood there to making images. I’ve found when it’s was late at night there aren’t many cars crossing the bridge so the streaking lights aren’t as rich as you’ve captured.
    It’s a great view, image, and worth the trek to this spot, so worth going again, and again, and… 🙂

  5. Glad you made it back (with camera0 to tell the tale…

  6. You do take some beautiful pictures!

  7. This is such an amazing view Laura. Even with a short tripod, lol. Bravo buddy :-))

  8. It’s amazing. And I bet you had a lot of fun 😉

  9. Great photo Laura, looks very inviting 😀

  10. Beautiful view from the point your shot was taken! Beautiful 🙂

  11. ‘windier’ looks like an odd word.
    fab shot my friend.

  12. wonderful angle and spectacular lights!!

  13. Given your first two posts of yesterday’s Treasure Island outing, Laura, I’d say it’s yielding some very nice nuggets! 🙂

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